Good to Know About Using Insta Hashtags


Good to Know About Using Insta Hashtags

Whether in your private life or for your business: it is always possible to use hashtags. It’s just important to use a thoughtful strategy, in order to get the best results! The main purpose of hashtags is to increase engagement with your posts, making it easier for users to find them.

By using hashtags strategically, you increase the visibility of your posts. By also improving engagement with your audience, your posts will be treated favorably by the algorithm of the platform you are using. In this article, Buy Instagram Followers explain how Instagramhashtags will help you increase your popularity on the internet.

Instahashtags: types and tips

A hashtag is actually one or more words that are preceded by a hashtag. This set allows Instagram content to be “tagged” or referenced, helping platform users find content that is linked to that hashtag. You could say it’s a kind of keyword. There are several types of hashtags: specialized hashtags (for very specific niches), general hashtags, and “bullshit” hashtags.

General hashtags are keywords that you can use in almost every post. These are simple words that relate to the published content and which will allow you to attract a very large audience. Specialized hashtags, on the other hand, are geared towards a smaller target audience, but probably more inclined to be interested in your posts.

There are finally the “bullshit” hashtags: these are just hashtags that are very popular and trending at a particular time, without really relating to the content you are posting. Indirectly, all of these hashtags allow you to get more likes and more followers.
Some tips for using instahashtags properly

Since there are several types of hashtags, each with different results, it is good to balance their use. For example, you can combine general hashtags with specialized hashtags in different proportions. If so, we advise you to do 30-70.

You will then have to find a good place for your hashtags: Some are placed in your biography and others in your captions, in your stories, and in your comments. Instagram stats tell us that posts that come with hashtags get many more likes than those that don’t. The same goes for comments that contain hashtags.

On the other hand, you have to be careful not to saturate your content with too many hashtags. So many users want to know how many hashtags should be used in their Instagram posts in order to optimize them. This question is difficult to answer exactly, as many parameters define the answer. What is certain is the limit of 30 unique hashtags per post. You will therefore have a lot of freedom to choose the hashtags that will accompany your publications.

But need to be so extreme: Some studies have shown that you don’t need to add so many hashtags. A dozen hashtags are enough to generate more engagement. As long as they are well chosen.

Also, note that it will be necessary to add hashtags instantly to your publications so that they are detected by the algorithm. Adding hashtags in post-edit will have no effect. Also, avoid modifying your hashtags within hours of your publication, as this may directly penalize engagement rates.

Finally, we give you one last tip that will save you time: instead of researching new French hashtags for each new post, you can simply create a list in advance with the hashtags relevant to your niche. All you have to do is select the ones you want to use. You will also need to have a list with regular updates for the instahashtags that are the most popular at the moment. Some current examples: #style, #bestoftheday or #instacool.

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