inventory management system

Strategy in business plays an important role and brands have a handy tool like an inventory management system to deal with manufacturing and processing the product. An automated tool would do the rest of the things so now the focus should be on developing the working strategy. Before heading on to developing new rules, check out the existing golden rules that will help you to build a successful brand. 

Today’s efforts will bring the best result tomorrow!

Here are the golden rules that an entrepreneur should not ignore to build a successful business 

  • Rule of seven – 

In this rule of seven – potential customers must see the message or advertisement of a particular brand before purchasing any product from them. This kind of regular message makes up their mind and compel them to buy at least once in a lifetime. The psychology behind is – our mind couldn’t forget a thing if it comes several times in front of the eyes. 

  •  Rule of three – 

In this rule of three – the brand needs to share the message with the customer in three different styles or forms in order to impress them. There are different forms to express thoughts and if a brand is sending a single message in the visual, speech, or video format. Then it becomes simple to understand what a brand wants to do and this rule of three always works. In most of our favorite series, there were three legends who made the story interesting. Examples like the Harry Potter Series, Vampire Diaries, TWILIGHT series, and many more. 

  • Rule of 70:20:10 – 

This is another effective rule that an entrepreneur should remember while creating content on social media platforms. In this rule – 70% of the content should have a purpose to attract the customer and helps to attain the profitable ROI or conversions. The purpose of building the brand solely depends on this 70% content and a brand needs great research for bringing such kind of impactful content. Now 20% of the content is cream of milk from the rest of the content and people eagerly waiting for this content, this content could change the game of the brand. The rest 10% of the content could be an experiment after reviewing the new audience and their interest. This content should not be in a maximum number on a feed than the rest of the content. 

  • Rule of “SMART” – 

SMART means specific, measurable, authentic, relevant, and timely. Let’s explain each and every word to define the whole rule – 

  • Specific – 

A brand must be specific with its purpose, vision, and target audience because if you have not planned these things then it would be impossible to achieve the milestone. 

  • Measurable – 

The analytics of the brand must be measurable and if a brand is not able to measure the insights or metrics then it becomes impossible to develop a robust strategy. 

  • Authentic – 

In today’s time – genuine and quality product is something that people always look for in every brand. But if you are meeting their desired expectation then keep the rest of the worries aside. 

  • Relevant – 

The audience has no more interest in the boring stuff and if a brand is sharing relevant stuff then people will never ignore and they will refer to others as well. 

  • Timely –  

Time plays an important role and this comes with research about the exact time of the target audience. Social media marketers prefer to research the time of the audience before posting content. This time game could make or break the brand because if your audience is not active then you will not get the same result.

  • Rule of Thumb – 

The rule of thumb is simple – for brands, it makes the complex subjects in a simpler form so that others could stick to them without making any errors.  

  • The first rule of marketing – 

Rule of marketing – explains that the brand should focus on the audience. The main purpose of building the brand and product is to add value to the life of the people. If the prospects are not happy after purchasing the product then there is no meaning in putting the efforts into the same. A brand must prefer marketing over anything else and try to do it in an effective and fascinated manner. The more effective marketing would be the better the brand will perform in the market. 

Golden Rules for Starting a Successful Family Business

It’s frequently said that success doesn’t just be; you must make it be if indeed you ask it. However, you must be deliberate about it, If your desire is to run a successful family business and leave a lasting heritage for your family. However, you would realize that the authors have certain attributes that are common and they ensure that they put all that’s demanded to make the business to that position, If you probe about family businesses that grew from the scrape to getting a business conglomerate.

A successful family business is any business that involves the participation of all stakeholders ( family members). It could be active or unresistant participation, but the major decisions timber and crucial areas in the handling of the business are done by family members. As a matter of fact, the bulk of the shares of the company is reserved for only the family members.

Whether you run your own business or you’re hired to manage one, you have one major goal – to keep the business alive and ensure that it doesn’t fail.

But this goal is not so easy to achieve, even if the business is small; achieving it requires diligence and hard work.

Since a business would succeed only when it’s properly managed, it’s very important that you know how to manage a business the right way.

Every profitable reality must present its financial information to all its stakeholders. The information handed in the financials must be accurate and present a true picture of the reality. For this donation, it must regard all its deals. Since profitable realities are compared to understand their fiscal status, there has to be uniformity in the account.

Type of Accounts?

A Real Account is a general tally account relating to means and arrears other than people accounts. These are accounts that don’t close at time-end and are carried forward. An illustration of a Real Account is a Bank Account.

A particular account is a General tally account connected to all persons like individualities, enterprises, and associations. An illustration of a particular Account is a Creditor Account.
A Nominal account is a General tally account pertaining to all income, charges, losses, and earnings. An illustration of a Nominal Account is an Interest Account.

Wrapping Up – 

A brand must focus on effective marketing strategy and customer research because the rest of things would happen automatically. Means to say – here the role of the inventory management system comes into the picture. So that is why brands don’t need to focus on anything else than these golden rules mentioned above.


All deals of reality must be reckoned for. To regard these deals the reality must pass journal entries which will also summarise into checks. The journal entries are passed on the base of the Golden Rules of account. To apply these rules one must first ascertain the type of account and also apply these rules.

disbenefit what comes by, Credit what goes out
Debit the receiver, Credit the giver
disbenefit all charges Credit all income
These lay the foundation of account and hence are called the Golden Rules of account. They’re like the letters of the English alphabet. However, won’t be suitable to use the language, If one doesn’t know the letters he can not put words and hence. also for an account, if one doesn’t know the golden rules, he can not pass journal entries and hence won’t be suitable to directly regard for the deals.


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