Have you been debating between a gaming chair vs office chair? To help you decide which is best, we’ve compared their key features.

The centerpiece chair can make or ruin a room, whether you’re redecorating an office or a gaming setup. The choice between a gaming chair vs office chair is a significant one, and not one to be made hastily.


You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in whatever you’ve chosen, whether it’s because you work from home or because you’re hunkering down for those lengthy gaming sessions, so make sure it’s one that you like. This will help you prevent long-term issues with your back and neck. Purchase gaming chair on Gaming Chair Black Friday.

Thus, even the nicest gaming chair may not be enough to guarantee proper posture. Office chairs are meant for extended hours at a desk. Before you start searching for the right seat, there are some distinctions between the two.


Gaming chairs and business chairs are usually simple to distinguish. Gaming chair vs office chair Gaming chairs are more noticeable than office chairs due to their vivid colors and wider frames. However, there are some important differences between a gaming chair and an office chair.

Racer-style gaming chairs include tall winged backs, bucket seats, and elevated seat edges. Lumbar and head support cushions and three-way adjustable armrests are generally offered. Gaming chairs recline farther than office chairs and include rocking and tilt locks.

Office chairs reduce noise. Flat cushions with wingless backs frequently have fixed lumbar support. Tilt locks will prohibit reclines and armrests will only go up and down.

We’re evaluating regular PC seats, not floor-based rockers like PS5 and Xbox One’s finest gaming chairs (opens in new tab).

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  • Superbly wing-backed
  • Convenient storage compartments
  • Seats with a lip that rises up beyond the surface of the
  • Full lumbar adjustment
  • Armrests in 3D
  • You may lay back as much as 180 degrees!
  • Patterned with vivid hues


  • Seat with a flatter back and less back support
  • Style without wings
  • A backrest that can’t be removed or adjusted
  • 1D arm rests
  • To a maximum of around 110 degrees of reclining
  • Crafted with a refined minimalism


Gaming chairs are made to last, thus they often utilize more universally pleasing materials. Seat cushions made of memory foam are more common in the entry-level price range, as is cushioning that extends up the backrest and under the armrests. Gaming chair vs office chair Because of the thinner material used in most office chairs (unless you go all out), you may find yourself needing more frequent breaks throughout the course of your workday.

Gaming seats are frequently wider than office chairs, like the and a Seat Fanatic Edition (opens in new tab). While it may not be a draw if you’re working in a smaller area or want your desk to fade into the background when not in use, these chairs fit a broader variety of body types and shapes, even smaller persons can sit comfortably in the bigger ones. For optimal ergonomics, choose a chair that fits you.


The gaming chair vs. office chair argument hinges on frame ergonomics. Ergonomics is how much you can alter your setup to get the right angles and heights for your frame or activity.

Gaming chair vs office chair Gaming chairs prioritize customization. Detachable and height-adjustable lumbar and headrest support pillows relieve lower back strain during extended sitting and seat T-Pro Series 2 does this well. Budget office chairs seldom include lumbar support pillows. A 2013 research indicated that a lower lumbar cushion improves posture and comfort, so it’s worth the investment.

Office chairs with equivalent lumbar support cost far more than gaming chairs. However, materials and support quality will also improve.

Even a cheap office chair’s limited recline might assist maintain a good posture. Gaming chairs have 180° locking and additional mobility. Having additional reclining choices helps you find the right position, but it’s not suggested for desk work.

However, the armrest makes the gaming chair ergonomic. The winged racing back and elevated seat sides are mostly cosmetic, but the armrests may enhance your enjoyment. Even inexpensive gaming seats include armrests that can move up, down, backwards, and forwards, while mid-range ones can swivel and rotate.


One of the greatest problems in the gaming chair vs. office chair discussion is whether the former’s look meets most chair customers’ demands. As more people work from home, tastes are changing and even gamers can’t bring themselves to put a big, colorful chair in their living rooms.

A gaming chair’s lofty headrest and branded cushions may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re streaming, they’re standard. Pink gaming chairs are now on sale (opens in new tab). An office chair is more versatile for a home office.


Gaming and office chairs differ in price and value. Office chairs are cheaper than even basic gaming chairs. Office chairs cost $40–50, while gaming seats start at $100.

Gaming chair vs office chair though office chairs are cheaper, entry-level gaming seats provide superior value. At $100–150, anticipate memory foam cushions, customizable support, a bigger structure, and a stronger frame. If you can pay a bit more, you’ll receive much more.

The arena flattens after $250. Premium office chairs provide a better experience but cost more.