Four Tips for Creating Amazing Facebook Landing Pages

If you’re still not making use of Facebook advertisements, (followers on facebook) then you already are It’s affordable and the reach is massive and the targeting capabilities are awe-inspiring.There’s more to Facebook Ads beyond only the advertisements! If you want your ads to be successful, you’ll require great Facebook page landing pages. While creating visually appealing advertisements to the Facebook campaigns is essential but it’s only half of the battle . Your landing pages must be as effective (if not stronger) in order to make sure that your customers succeed in converting.Click Here

Facebook Landing Pages

In this article we’ll look at all you need to know regarding Facebook landing pages that range from the best way to ensure consistency of your messages from the ad to the landing page to what factors you should to think about when creating landing pages. At the end of this article you’ll have the knowledge to design your own Facebook landing pages So let’s begin.

What do you mean by Facebook pages that are landing pages?

Before we move on it’s essential to be clear on what we’re discussing when we talk about Facebook websites that are landing.

In the past, Facebook landing pages were pages that advertisers could build with third-party platforms in order to encourage users to take an action. It could be like “Liking” a page, or more complex actions like filling out a form on a website. The following example is one of these pages for Coca-Cola:

Facebook landing pages Coca Cola example

This is a fantastic illustration of what’s referred to as an “Like gate,” a pop-up or webpage designed to encourage users to Like the page prior to giving them access to the information they’re interested in. There are many variants of this “landing page,” such as contests, special offers that are limited-time downloads and online tie-ins with real-world promotions including coupons for redemption of digital products, etc. 

For the purpose in this article we’ll be discussing the actual landing pages. Facebook land pages can be described as websites which a user is directed to when they click on an Facebook advertisement. It’s possible to think that there’s little to differentiate Facebook websites from paid search counterparts, however there are a few things that you need to take into consideration prior to starting your campaigns.buying followers on facebook

What is the significance of Facebook landing pages so important?

With the amount of organic and paid information Facebook users consume when reading their News Feeds and scrolling through Stories, grabbing their attention and convincing them to interact with your company isn’t an difficult task.

You put in a lot of effort to increase clicks by tweaking ads, playing with different formats for images and sharing videos there and there. These are serious investments of time and cash. If only a few of those clicks result in profits for your company What’s the point?

This is why Facebook websites are so important because they determine if you’ll get any results from your efforts or ad expenditure. Even the Facebook user is truly enthralled by your advertisement but doesn’t find any interest or value after having clicked through, she’ll have no incentive to make a purchase, regardless of what actions you’re trying to motivate her to take. 

There’s a reason that marketers speak about their “customer journey” so often as people have several steps before they become paying customers. If you don’t interact with customers and offer genuine worth at each step and every step, they’ll move the business to another place.Read more

4 Tips for Creating Amazing Facebook Landing Pages

Are you ready to convert clicks from advertisements on your Facebook page into sales for your business like you’ve never before? Take a look at our top four strategies for creating stunning Facebook websites for landing.

1. Take into account the user’s intent when designing your Facebook landing pages.

One of Facebook advertising’s greatest advantages is the fact that they’re visually appealing. Since Facebook limits advertisers to using only 20% of an advertisement’s real estate to display the text that they use, Facebook ads often look stunning, making them more appealing to the eye and much more likely to be clicked. They also blend more efficiently with the organic content that users see in their feeds of news stories and provide a more enjoyable experience for the user.

But, it also means that advertisers will have more work to do or, at the very least there are more issues to consider. Text ads can direct users to any page you want (as as long as it’s related to the advertisement) however, when you’re using Facebook ads, you need take into account the experience of users once they’ve clicked your advertisement. Let’s look at a few examples.

Here’s an advertisement, taken from my Facebook feed to advertise the sale of a winter coat from Duluth Trading Co. (a coat that I own already and have purchased on the internet and proving that there is potential for improvement, even with Facebook’s highly targeted options):

  • Pages on Facebook that are landing Duluth advertising
  • If I click on this advertisement, I’m taken to this webpage: 
  • Facebook landing pages Duluth landing page
  • It’s obvious that this page is ad-hoc and features exactly the same product as was advertised in my feed on Facebook (a huge plus in terms of importance) however, it doesn’t give me any reason to visit should, for whatever reasonI choose that I’m not interested in new winter clothing, or this particular coat.

Pages on Facebook that are landing HubSpot advertising

The ad clearly promotes the CRM software offered by HubSpot. The advertisement features compelling copy that highlights the benefits of the product like “100% free forever” and “Unlimited users and contacts.” The ad includes its “Sign Up” call-to-action button which allows users to convert directly from the advertisement. If I were in search of an CRM system it is likely to draw my attention and I decide to click the advertisement only to land on this page:

Pages on Facebook that are landing HubSpot landing page

Woah, woah woah! Wait for a moment, HubSpot. I clicked the advertisement hoping to learn the details about HubSpot’s CRM system, and not to join any kind of service. Sure, the site tells I that the CRM offered by HubSpot “is the flexible, intuitive solution for managing your prospects and sales pipeline,” however, the copy isn’t telling me anything of value. It’s exactly the kind of text I’d like from any CRM company. In all the information I realize the landing page’s an insanely high conversion rate, however, it’s not exactly what I expected. 

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2. Make sure that there is that your ads have visual continuity between them as well as your Facebook landing pages.

Make sure that you have visual continuity between your landing

Remember when we mentioned among the major advantages of Facebook ads is that they’re visual rich? This creates both opportunities as well as challenges for advertisers since the visual consistency between your advertisements and your landing pages is becoming more vital, particularly when you’re on mobile.

Let’s look at a different example to understand what I am talking about. Here’s a Facebook advertisement for a clothing seller Five Four Club:

Facebook landing pages Five Four Club ad

This ad makes good use of text, despite Facebook’s 20percent rule and it even sneaks into some branding by the use of the company logo. After the ad has been able to grab my attention due to the promise of fashionable clothes with a 50% discount I click on the advertisement, which brings my to the following page

Facebook landing pages Five Four Club landing page

Notice how well the ad as well as the landing page match in terms of design and aesthetics? It’s the perfect transition from advertisement to landing page and exactly what I’m expecting when I click the advertisement. The landing page is also a good example of many other good practices, like highlighting the advantages of the service, such as appealing language that is simple to read and a coupon code for that 50% off discount offered by the to get followers on facebook free

There’s the opportunity to improve this but. The Facebook site could have promoted the offer that was that was featured in the ad more strongly . It’s evident that the landing page was not designed specifically to complement the Facebook advertisement and that’s why Four Five Club opted for the temporary banner that was placed beneath the navigation bar of the page. However, it’s an excellent illustration of how the visual continuity between ad and landing page can prove successful in the eyes of Facebook advertisers.

3. Make your Facebook landing pages optimized for mobile devices

Nearly the entire Facebook’s 1.49 billion active users access Facebook through mobile devices. Take that into your mind for a moment. This implies that 655 million people more than the people in America United States – NEVER access Facebook on a computer. This trend is likely to persist the way it has been since the last two years.

With this type of information it is clear that failing to improve your Facebook landing pages for mobile users could make your campaign fail. It’s unlikely to see major companies making this error however, when you’re a small-scale brand or are just beginning to learn about Facebook advertisements, the possibility of not implementing landing pages that are mobile-friendly is greater.

Let’s look at an example of an smartphone Facebook landing page that is properly designed. Here’s an advertisement to SundanceNow Doc Club, a streaming service that offers subscriptions to new documentary films that are independent (think about it like Netflix for those who love documentary): 

Landing pages on Facebook SundanceNow advertisement

This advertisement is most certainly relevant to my interests, consequently, I click the ad, and it takes me to the landing page: 

Facebook landing pages and SundanceNow landing pages

The entire mobile Facebook landing page is in line with the best practices. The layout and message are in line with the advertisement, the text is concise but persuasive and makes the advantages of the service obvious and the call-to actions is bold easy to click and well-written. Although it’s quite image-heavy the mobile landing page was very fast to load even on an older Android device.

4. Use best practices for your landing pages on Facebook

Contrary to Google, Facebook does not provide advertisers with any guidance on the best practices to use with its landing page. 

There is a lot of resemblances between the search as well as social pages the primary distinction between them is that on Facebook you’re searching for users , they’re seeking you. Therefore, you should consider Facebook ads as part of your landing pages or the first step of a long-term process. Some campaigns could be able to provide users the simplest, most direct route to conversion straight via Facebook However, others may require the use of a more lengthy, indirect path to conversion, that is where the Facebook advertisement is only the beginning of the process. 

For instance, one of our most effective Facebook ads was for downloading content. Here’s the advertisement:

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