Five Reasons Why Students are Always Uncertain in Technology Essay Topics

Essay writing is understood to be a daunting task for students. Writing itself is a complex task. But it becomes more tricky when assigned as a marked task to be completed in a given timeline. When it comes to writing on technology, or related topics, it becomes even more problematic. There are many reasons why these topics are perceived as hard to cover. Mostly, they are more technical than other essays, maybe too vast, or sometimes there is too little or too much information available. Since writing on technology topics remains a difficult task for most students, let’s identify the key reasons as to why it happens so:

1.   They are complex:

Technology topics are complicated to write about compared to other fields’ topics. You need to have complete knowledge and understanding of what you are writing about, which comes with studying lots of technical literature and comprehending it. For example, if it is asked to write an essay on how a robot works, the student will have to understand every bit of information about how it operates. In comparison, when writing an essay about, let’s say, human behaviour in certain situations, you can write it quickly, in context with your own experiences. You may not need to go through technicalities.

However, I believe that it is clich├ęd that technology is challenging to handle. If you have even little understanding of technology, you can study, easily understand, and write an essay.


Students assume these topics to be complex, although they are not. Nothing in this world is easy until attempted. Suppose you have very little knowledge or no idea about the given topic. In that case, you can use multiple resources such as the internet, books, articles to advance your knowledge and write a well-informed, flawless essay.

2.   Broad topic:

In some situations, you may find it challenging to write about a technology topic because it is too broad. Broad topics of technology essays, be they related to technology or any other field, are difficult to cover in one single essay. The reason students become uncertain about technology topics is that they cannot identify where to begin. An essay is a small piece of writing and is not like a thesis or dissertation to cover a topic that has multiple dimensions. For example, if the topic asks to write an essay about Artificial intelligence. It may be difficult for the students to tackle it in a single essay. But if the topic is specified too, let’s say, the future of artificial intelligence, it would be quite easy to write on.


If the topic you are assigned is broad and uncertain which elements to discuss and how to go about the essay, you need to handle it strategically. When you are assigned to write an essay about a broad topic, you are never asked to cover all information that comes under it. You can pick two to three aspects of the topic and write a paragraph on each as a small essay. And you can pick five to seven aspects of the broad topic.

3.   Attention to detail: Deep analysis:

Another problem with technology topics is that even if the topic is simple and specific, you will have to deeply analyze its relevant information and encapsulate it in a few words of an essay. The more you pay attention to details and analyze the essential elements, the more you can write an accurate and complete essay. Paying attention to details is mandatory, which you cannot miss out on. If you miss out on a key element, it will make your essay meaningless and incomplete, making you get a lower grade.


If you are worried and unwilling to study a topic deeply, you may need to break your task into chunks and complete them in intervals so that you do not have to tire yourself and find it intimidating to complete. However, there is no way to get free from deep study as it is highly required for writing technology essays.

4.   Less Information:

Technology is advancing at a high pace; there is always something new that makes a transformation innovation path. In that regard, students may be assigned a topic related to a current innovation that only a few people will be aware of. The problem with hot technology topics is that you will find very little information about them. With very little information, it won’t be easy to write an essay. Moreover, since such a topic is an undiscussed topic, there will be a single notion about it. Students will find it difficult to put forth a different perspective in such a scenario and write an argumentative essay. Because, in technology topics, you need scientific evidence to write an argument.


If there is very little information on a given topic, you can relate the existing information with other aspects such as society, other technologies, etc. You can also put your perspective on how it may affect certain things, what could be its future, and much more.

Finding out the dimensions of a topic can help you write your essay and put a positive impression on the instructor as to how you have critically analyzed your topic.

5.   Lots of information:

While less information is a big problem, an abundance of information is an even bigger problem. Put artificial intelligence in the Google search button and check how much information you get. Or go to a library and search for books related to the topic. And you will get a bulk of knowledge. One of the major problems that cause uncertainty in writing essays with technology topics. And merely another topic, is a lot of information. When there is a lot of information, it becomes hard to filter the most specific information to write an essay.


If there is a lot of information on a given topic. You must first dissect your topic into its multiple aspects. Now pinpoint one specific aspect that you will cover in the essay. Now, if you have lots of information about that specific topic. You need to specify a few resources to study by skimming their content. For example, if you have found fifty articles on a topic. You can read their abstract and cancel all the irrelevant or less relevant articles.

Other reasons:

There are many other reasons students are uncertain about technology essay topics, such as lack of interest and repudiation. Such an approach towards writing essays is generally found in the students, making them disinterested and uncertain in writing technology essay topics.

Bottom line:

In sum, students are always uncertain about technology topics. Because they presume them as difficult and lose their courage to do them before attempting. Secondly, broad topics and deep analysis required to write technology essays are also some of the reasons. Lastly, lots of information and less information about the topic can cause uncertainty in the students. But these uncertainties must never stop a student from writing a flawless essay and getting a good grade.

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