Find A Quick Way to what is Mono Laser Printer? Buying Guide Tips & Tricks of 2021


Find A Quick Way to what is Mono Laser Printer? Buying Guide Tips & Tricks of 2021

In this modern age, a Laser printer is an indispensable part of the workplace. Laser printers are divide into two parts (1) monochrome or black and white (2) color laser printers. Some of the people are things everything’s better in color, but when it comes to a printer than not all time. Normally a color laser printer has provide great images and graphics and text documents. A color printer needs four toner cartridge, transfer belt, drum unit which is very expensive. But the text documents are very slower than a normal monochrome laser printer. If you are working in an office which has to need print more and more then a color printer cannot take the pressure.

On the other hand, a monochrome laser printer provides the best text quality like company letters, office memos, and invoices. If you have to need a huge volume of print documents (only black and white) then why do you waste your money buying a color printer?

What is Monochrome Laser Printer?

A monochrome laser printer is a type of printer that can print very smoothly and provides crisp and sharp text documents by using a black cartridge only. A monochrome laser printer will be considered more cost-efficient than any color printer. Mono laser printer is most popular for its super-fast printing speed, lower printing cost, and superior text quality. Most of the organization uses a monochrome laser printer for an expeditious printing speed. Though it doesn’t available any color documents.

Color Printer vs Monochrome Laser Printer

There are two major types of laser printers has available on the market. (1) color laser printer (2) black and white laser printer. Both of these printers have their significant advantage and disadvantage. Here we are going to share with you about the color printers and monochrome printers.

A color laser printer is one of the most popular printers than other printers. A color laser printer is a type of printer that can print text documents and high-quality images. Despite that, the color laser printer has a big disadvantage like lower printing speed and price are too high.

On the opposite hand, a monochrome printer is a type of printer that prints only black ink. That means a black and white laser printer can print on images and color documents. But a mono laser printer can deliver high-quality text documents at an affordable price. A big advantage of laser printers can provide class-leading printing speed than any kind of printer.

Printer Cost

Printer cost is one of the most important things to consider before buying a laser printer. We have been seen that normally a color laser printers are more expensive than black and white laser printers. Because a color laser printer uses four toner cartridge (Cyan, magenta, yellow, black) that is very expensive. On the other hand, a Mono laser printer will use a only black toner cartridge which is very cheaper than a color laser printer.

Printing Speed:

For technical reasons, monochrome laser printers can provide super-fast printing speed than any type of printer. An average monochrome laser printer is almost 21 to 40 pages per minute. Some of the LaserJet printers can deliver you 100 (max) pager per minute.

On the other hand, a color laser printer cannot provide a hurry printing speed like a monochrome laser printer. On Average color print speed is almost 18 to 36 pages per minute.

Running Cost per Page

It is really the most important thing to consider before buying a laser printer. A monochrome laser printer is as much cheaper than a color laser printer. Color laser printer typically uses four toner cartridge that is more expensive and it uses more toner to create a document with color graphics. But the monochrome laser printer uses only a black cartridge while the color printer using four cartridges.

Printing Application of Laser Printer:

Though a monochrome laser printer has a lot of advantages over a color laser printer. But you can not create eye-catching colorful documents like a color laser printer. A color laser printer can give you high-quality images like an inkjet printer.

Color Laser Printer Applications:

• High-quality photographs.

• Best business literature.

• School, universities project and presentation

Monochrome Printer Application:

• Best text documents.

• Research papers.

• Other documents, projects, presentations, etc.

High-Quality Printing Output:

Monochrome laser printers will provide the best print quality of any kind of printer. The print quality totally depends on the printer’s Dot per inch (DPI) resolution. The higher dpi delivers sharper printing output. If the printer provides fuzzy and blurry print then it cases for lower-print resolution.

Most monochrome laser printers typically produce a more superior printing output due to the way the pigment is applied to the paper. For this reason, a monochrome laser printer can deliver higher quality printing text documents than any other printer. A normal monochrome laser printer provides 1200 x 600 dpi print resolution. On the other hand, some top-class laser printers can provide 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution.

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