Few Great Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

In the present time, society has shifted to mobile platforms from computers or desktops that dominate significant industries in current times.

A year ago, Google announced that they are moving to more flexible mobile focusing indexing that directly impacts the SEO landscape. This has elicited the incorporation of responsive web design to an SEO mobile website which affects the positive behavior of your SEO.

The Internet is an ever-changing field that moves in mobile relation with SEO. This mobile SEO thus is becoming the first choice for web browsing.

Creating a successful and optimized web design is similar to throwing your net in the ocean of custom-made websites to catch as many fish as you can. Here you will be required to contemplate several devices that a user prefers to browse the Internet and covers every option that a responsive web design requires for adjusting the screen according to different users.

This is essential as it gives the ultimate user experience to every visitor at your site, no matter what device they use.

Basically, if you are stepping ahead towards a mobile-optimized application or website with google approval, a mobile website often comes with a responsive mobile design. You might feel this is surprising, but responsive web design service has a direct impact on your SEO rankings. 

Here are a few great ways by which responsive web design benefits your SEO:

1. Usability of the site: one of the major concerns for users leaving a website is the hardship they face in navigating pages. Here, Google keeps a record of every second a user spends on your page to determine the value or quality of your website. Having a responsive web design will help you navigate the website and provide a good user experience. This assumes that your user will return to our website due to the quality experience they got from your site. This ensures you will have a repeat and higher number of visitors to your website. With responsive web design, you get to earn a favor from google as a reward (improved ranking). With higher usability to your website, you get highlighted enough. Some factors that enhance your website ranking are positive reviews, searches, and branded searches. They are entirely related to your website ranking. A responsive web design has a massive impact on user experience, which is essential to increase usability for integrating a responsive design.

2. Page load time: google considers one fast page load. Your website ranking depends upon how fast your page loads. With the introduction of mobile principles, google has announced the loading speed of your website will have a direct relation with your SEO ranking. Thus investing in a fast-running page is a better investment for the future. Loading an entire website on a small screen irritates the user, as they are very slow. With the help of responsive designs, you can liquidize your web page by making them small and easy to load. You might face some problems with speeding up your website. There are accelerated mobile pages that are a far better choice as compared to responsive mobile pages.

3. Bounce rates: when a visitor leaves your site after spending a few minutes on your website, it’s called bounce rates. Bounce rates are directly related to visitors’ time on site. Google considers the entry and exit time of users at your website while ranking. Many web development agencies think responsive web designing is a means to reduce bounce rates to improve your SEO ranking. A higher bounce rate means your website is not capable of answering the queries of the user. Apart from site content, the design of your page is also responsible for keeping visitors engaged in your website. When your website stays on the top-notch, with a below-average web design, you will have more bounce rates. Having a responsive web will help you with attractive website design but also helps in delivering organized content to provide a clean and crisp page.

4. Duplicate contents: no matter how advanced google gets, it always requires guidance from SEO to understanding the importance of pages in your website. One of the most vital benefits that you get from responsive designing prevents the possibility of google observing any duplicates in your website and penalizing you for the same. You can also create two different versions for your website, one for mobiles and another for desktops. Google here will see two other sites with similar content. A google website here, with the help of responsive design, lets you correspond one location with different areas. Seeing one link for all your content makes link building much more accessible, thus improving your SEO ranking. Responsive web design is a simpler and easier solution that is more reliable for link building. This is why mobile browsing is relatively new, and backlinks to mobile websites are more muscular than the relative ones, thus saving you from the hustle of choosing the right one.

5. Boosts social sharing: a responsive web design makes social sharing ideal for the users. Social sharing does not affect your ranking directly but is excellent for developing the audience or visitors. A higher audience on your site simply means higher traffic engagement and more search on your demands. Having more visitors to your website enables Google to trust the contents of your website, which are a positive review of your brand website. You must ensure that you have a great responsive mobile design so that you can easily have visitors in mind, and you won’t require higher time to navigate the poorly designed social sharing buttons as they are specifically designed for desktop use.

Final words

In the end, it’s all about providing a seamless user experience to the visitors to your website, which has a relative impact on the SEO ranking and bounce rates of your website. The charm of responsive web design is in its simplicity and time-saving tendency. Thus it is a better choice than any other alternatives available. In the world of completely changing web design, it’s essential to look after the concept of responsive web design for the future.

Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot

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