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Downloading torrents is one of the most popular online activities. This activity becomes more dangerous if you are using a public network. You should keep yourself protected while downloading or uploading files using torrenting software. You can secure your online presence by using an Extratorrent unblock proxy list, which provides security to your online privacy.

ExtraTorrent Unblock in 2016

ExtraTorrent is a torrent website that has been blocked in many countries. The most popular and working ExtraTorrent Proxy and mirror sites are given below:

  • ExtraTorrent.cd
  • ExtraTorrents.com
  • Extratorrents.subscene.com

ExtraTorrent Proxy List

1Extratorrents Proxy 1✅
2Extratorrents Proxy 2✅
3Extratorrents Proxy 3✅
4Extratorrents Proxy 4✅
5Extratorrents Proxy 5✅
6Extratorrents Proxy 6✅
7Extratorrents Proxy 7✅
8Extratorrents Proxy 8✅
9Extratorrents Proxy 9✅
10Extratorrents Proxy 10✅
11Extratorrents Proxy 11✅
12Extratorrents Proxy 12✅
13Extratorrents Proxy 13✅
14Extratorrents Proxy 14✅

Unblock Extratorrents by VPNs

VPNs are the best way to unblock Extratorrents. VPNs encrypt your data and hide your IP address, so they’re the perfect tool for accessing blocked websites.

If you want to unblock Extratorrents with a VPN, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to a website where you can purchase a VPN subscription – I recommend using NordVPN (if you sign up through this link, they’ll give me some commission money).
  • Install the app on your phone/tablet or computer and log in. Your internet connection should be secured by now! You can check this by visiting ipleak.net

Get a VPN account with a reliable service provider like NordVPN or PureVPN. You can also use Proxy sites to unblock Extratorrents by changing your IP address location as needed, but we strongly recommend using a VPN instead as they are more secure and faster than proxies

Steps to Unblock Extratorrents via Proxy Sites

To unblock Extratorrents, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the proxy site.
  • Enter the URL of your favorite proxy site in the search bar and hit enter. When a list of results appears, scroll down until you see “proxy servers” or something similar. This can be done by clicking on “All Subreddits” and then scrolling down to find “Proxies” on a list of subreddits.
  • Once you’ve found it, click on it to take you to its website where you will be able to access links for various proxy sites that can help unblock Extratorrents if they’re blocked at school or work (or anywhere else). Once there, click on any link that says “Unblocked Extratorrent” (or something along those lines) and wait for it to load before moving on to step 4 below which will show how easy it is once everything has loaded up properly.

If you are a fan of torrenting and cannot do without it, then you will love this guide on how to unblock Extratorrent.

If you are a fan of torrenting and cannot do without it, then you will love this guide on how to unblock Extratorrent. Extratorrents is one of the most popular torrenting websites. The main reason behind its popularity is that it provides links for downloading movies, music, software, and other stuff for free. However, many countries such as India and China have blocked the site because they believe that sharing pirated content could be harmful to them.

So if you live in a country where Extratorrent is blocked then here are some useful tips which will help you to unblock Extratorrents:


Extratorrents is one of the most popular torrenting websites. It has been blocked in many countries and you cannot download any file from this site if your location is not the USA, UK, or Canada. But there are some ways to unblock Extratorrents. You can use VPNs or proxy sites to access this site without any problem.

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