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Don’t you have a desire to score high in your university exams? YES! That’s good to hear. It is the dream of every student to score high marks and get good grades. But did you ever think why only a few students remain to be successful in this struggle? Well, the answer is quite simple, they make mistakes. They do mistakes while writing their exams. Hence, to perform exceptionally, one needs to avoid such mistakes. So, if you are looking for the mistakes you should avoid while taking the exam, then this guide is for you. Don’t go anywhere and give this guide a fine read. I hope next time you will ace your exam.

Mistakes to Avoid

Though there exists a whole menu of mistakes that you should avoid in exams. But here, I will discuss only the major ones. The most common mistakes a student should avoid are as follows;

1.     Not Prepared for the Exam

The mistake that most students do is not getting prepared for the exam. As a student, preparing for the exam is your first and foremost duty. Unfortunately, most students go to universities just for fun. They don’t prepare for the exam and hence fail. You need to prepare for the exam; in this regard, you can seek help from your colleagues and teacher.

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To avoid this mistake, try preparing using online sources available. You can also make use of the library of the university. Hence, no matter what happens, you must prepare well for exams.

2.     Not Reading the Question Properly

The second most notable mistake that students perform is not reading the question properly. Sometimes, the examiner would confuse you with the statements. Sometimes, your teacher can ask you about something similar he taught in the class. Your brain will take the question exactly the same as in the class. But, in reality, the question is not the same. You will end up doing it wrong. Hence, reading the whole question paper before starting an exam is always recommended.

3.     Leaving the Easy Question Until Last

One of the biggest exam mistakes of all is leaving easy questions behind. However, it seems sensible to leave easy questions as you can solve them at the end. But no, it is a mistake. This is because if you will try solving difficult questions at the start. You will end up with no time in the end for easy ones. The difficult questions will eat up your whole time, and you will be able to notice nothing. So, it would help if you attempted the easy questions in the first place. It will help you in grabbing enough marks to score high.

4.     Plan Out the Time

Many students fail exams because they do not plan their time for the exam. A university exam typically consists of sections. It would be best if you gave equal time to each section of the exam. It’s a classic mistake that most students make. They spend much of their time on the first questions of the paper. In the end, when they are running short o time, the handwriting will also become dirty. The dirty writing will be annoying for the examiner. He might fail you. Hence, planning time is very much important.

5.     Leaving Questions Blank

Leaving questions is not a mistake but a blunder. Students leave questions about who’s the answer they don’t know. You should write an answer to every question. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answer. Just touch the question and write an answer related to the keywords present in the question. Don’t leave anything blank.

Also, some students leave questions in the multiple-choice section. Multiple choices are free marks. If you don’t know the answer, start deducing the options by eliminating wrong answers. Students lose easy marks by leaving multiple-choice questions.

6.     Using Passive Study Strategies

Reading over class notes is the most popular study approach used by most students. Unfortunately, this method of studying is ineffective since it is highly inactive. Students that employ this method openly confess that they can read through a page of notes and have no idea what they’ve just read! How could they possibly hope to answer questions about the exam if they don’t remember it soon after reading it? They will learn the content more effectively if they use more active study tactics to engage with the material.

7.     Memorizing, Rather than Understanding

It is a very big mistake that students often do. They should focus on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing the whole syllabus one night before the exam. No doubt, memorizing works well in primary and elementary classes. But in university, memorizing backfires on you. It would help if you had a clear idea of what is going on in the subject. Students should focus on understanding the concept of things, not just memorizing them. Explaining ideas aloud in your words and teaching someone else will enhance your understanding power.

8.     Not Starting Early Enough

Preparing for last night is not the best strategy for taking an exam. You need to start your preparation a couple of weeks before your final exams start. It will help you gain extra time to learn those topics which are difficult for you. Exam preparation often takes longer than your student expects, so they should get started as soon as possible.


Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone makes mistakes. But only those persons who become successful learn from their mistakes. As described earlier, no one wants to fail their exam. But it also takes some effort to pass it. Successful will not be presented to you on a plate. You have to earn it. And you earn it by learning from your mistakes. The exam mistakes mentioned above are not the end of the road. You can search for other mistakes too on the internet.

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