Essay Structure& 7 Essentials of Successful Essay Writing

Essay Structure& 7 Essentials of Successful Essay Writing

Academic essay writing means that you are in process of jotting down a coherent set of ideas in the form of arguments. The reason behind it is the linear form of essays, they offer only one idea at a time and the writer should present his ideas in a manner that makes the most sense to its audience or readers. A successful essay structure means that your writing is perfectly attending its audience’s logic.

The main focus predicts the essay structure; it elaborates the information that your audience need to know and the information is presented in the manner that they can understand well. That is why your essay structure is essentially unique to the main claim that you are making. Although every classic essay type has certain guidelines for the essay structure but still there are no set formulas. 

Parts of An Essay Contributes to A Good Essay Structure

A typical essay includes various kind of information that has been specified in different essay parts.Best essay writing service can provide essay help for better understanding.

In order to have a good essay, you should adhere to an essay structure. There are three major parts that contributes to a perfect essay structure. They are:


· The introduction of your essay includes the main idea or the topic of your essay.

· The introductory section also provides the background or the context.

· It also carries thesis statement.


· The main body of your essay contains core arguments and analysis about the topic of your essay.

· It includes evidences and quotes in order to support the topic of your essay.

· Only one point should be explained per each paragraph.

· Every paragraph your essay should start with a topic sentence.

· All of the paragraphs must relate to your thesis.


The last and the important part of essay structure is the conclusion part.

· The conclusion part ties together the core points of your essay.

· It also demonstrates why your arguments about the topic matters.

 Answering Questions

In order to draft the perfect content of your essay, it is of great help if you start thinking about various essay parts while answering the series of questions that your reader can ask when he is encountering your essay writing. Your essay should be simply an observation of facts rather than an arguable claim for your reader. Your reader will have questions if your thesis is an arguable claim.

All your ‘whats’, ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ should be answered properly in respective section of your essay structure. The sole purpose is to make your reader understand the topic in best possible way.
Map Your Essay as Per Your Essay Structure

Having an essay structure aligned with the logic of your reader means examining your topic and getting ahead of your reader’s questions and the order of those questions for the sake of making your reader completely understand your point through your writing. the easiest and the best way to do this to map the idea of your essay through a written narrative.

Mapping your essay helps you in predicting where your reader will be looking for the background information, deep analysis of your primary source, counterarguments, and a reference to the secondary source. Mapping an essay has more emphasis on parts of the essay instead of the paragraphing. The parts of your essay are the core of essay structure as they predict the main argumentative moves you expect from your essay to make. Recommended way to map your essay is as follows:

  • State your hypnosis in a few sentences, then explain in next point about why it is important to make that statement. Then, indicate through your words what your reader would learn while exploring the argument with you. By doing so, you are describing the answer to the ‘why’ of your reader which will eventually be fleshed out in your conclusion.
  • Start your next statement in a manner that convinces your reader like “To agree with my point, you should know…” then mention why that’s the first point that your reader would prefer to know, and mention one or two evidences you think will make the case. This will help you answering the ‘what’ questions.
  • Start every following sentence like “The next thing you will be needing to know…” and once again mention the why and list down some evidences. Continue the same practice until your you are done mapping out your essay.

Your essay map should naturally walk your reader through some preliminary answers to all their ‘whats’, ‘hows’ and ‘whys’. However, it is a hard rule; the order in which your ideas should be presented are not rigid ones. Essay maps are flexible as they develop with your ideas.


7 Essentials of Successful Essay Writing

Following 7 essentials of successful essay writing will help you prepare an essay that will make a long-lasting impact on your audience.

1. Read similar essay as of your topic and perform a thorough research about your main idea.

2. Do consider your vocabulary and use words that your audience is familiar with in order to make your audience understand your point in a perfect way.

3. Add references and quotes for strengthening your arguments and points.

4. Match your tone of voice in your essay writing with the tone that suits. Reflect your individuality in the content you are writing and avoid being too generic.

5. Maintain the quality of your content through perfect spellings, correct grammar and right punctuations.

6. Organizing your content around bullet points help making more sense to your reader and keep the audience reading through the content without losing focus because of the usage of paragraphs throughout your essay writing.

7. Revise your content, proofread it and make necessary modification where needed.

Your essay writing must make an impressive impact on your reader along with your supervisor or instructor. You should map your essay perfectly using the recommended essay structure so that your essay writing makes the perfect impact that it is intended to. After you have prepared the content as per the recommended essay structure you must validate that your essay must make the right sense through comprehensive research before content preparation, tone of voice, vocabulary and grammar, references, quotes, content organization and the quality.

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