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If you are reading this post that means you want to earn money apart from Adsense and affiliate marketing and you are searching for any other ad network to monetize your blog.

In this article, I will explain how you can earn $15 to $100 by Flyout.io Sponsored Post on your blog.

What Is Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is a post that contains links that point to the website of the advertiser who pays the blogger to post that sponsored article on the blog.

What is Flyout.io?

Flyout.io is a platform that allows bloggers to earn money by simply putting sponsored content on their blogs or websites.

Flyout.io brings publishers and advertisers under the same roof where advertisers pay to bloggers to post sponsored content.

Flyout.io was launched in 2019 and is owned by Rankz.io. Flyout.io is the best platform for bloggers who want to earn money by simply accepting sponsored posts.

Blog Selection Criteria of Flyout.io?

Each blog is reviewed manually by Flyout before listing it on their marketplace.

You will have to meet the below-mentioned criteria to get approval for Flyout Sponsored Post.

(1) Your blog must be at least 6 months old.

(2) Your blog should have organic traffic of at least 10000 per month. Amazon affiliate blogs that have at least a traffic of more than 2000 per month will be allowed.

(3) Your blog should have a minimum of 100 unique articles that should meet high-quality standards.

(4) Any type of blogs that are hosted on blogger.com are not allowed to join Flyout even if you use a custom domain.

(5) Your blog should have a good blog design and a clean user interface.

(6) Your blog should have a Privacy Policy section, About Us section, Contact Us section easily visible to visitors.

(7) Not all types of blogs are approved by Flyout for posting sponsored posts on their blog. There are some restricted blog categories such as Automated News Blogs, Gambling and Casino Blogs, Adult Blogs, Online Dating Blogs, APK Download Blogs, Quotes / Shayari / Lyrics blogs, Movie Download Blogs, Music Download Blogs, etc.

(8) Blogs that allow anyone to post an article on the blog are strictly restricted by Flyout.

How to join Flyout to Earn Money From Sponsored Posts

Joining Flyout is very easy. You can add your blog within 30 seconds and start making money from it.


Go to flyout.io website and click on ‘Sign Up Now’ button.


Check whether your blog is eligible or not to get sponsored posts from Flyout by entering the URL of your blog with http or https.


Verify ownership of your blog by placing a simple HTML meta tag provided by Flyout by Editing HTML of your blog. It should go between the <head> and </head> tag.
You can also verify ownership with HTML file or with DNS record.


Select the category of your blog, write your contact number and input price per post in $ you are willing to charge for sponsored content, and then click on ‘Submit Website’.
You can select maximum of three categories.


Create your account using Facebook or Google.
That’s all. Now you have successfully signed up for Flyout. You will receive a confirmation email. you will be ready to use Flyout after you confirm your email.


Verify Google Analytics of your blog by clicking ‘Verify GA’ button under ‘Blogs’ section.

How to place sponsored post on your blog?

When an advertiser finds your blog deserving of publishing their sponsored post, you will get their complete article with images and links in the ‘New Offers’ section of Flyout Dashboard.

You will have to publish that article on your blog within 72 hours if you wish to publish it. You can publish a sponsored post on your blog either manually or by the ‘Instant publishing’ tool.

Reasons to Choose Flyout To Earn Money From Sponsored Posts

(1) You can choose what kind of sponsored content you would want to publish on your blog.

(2) Real-time tracking of your earnings.

(3) Block sponsored posts that you don’t like.

Flyout is a platform where you can make money by simply posting sponsored content on your blog. The Flyout recommendation program gives you the opportunity to bring new bloggers and companies to the platform. In the Flyouts Affiliate Program, you only need to invite a third-party sponsor, such as a blog owner, and earn 15 dollars for every blog that is approved for the Flyout platform! Fly out also creates a referral program, which you are eligible for as soon as you join the program. The Recommendation Program encourages the creation of new businesses and the promotion of your business on other blogs and websites. 

Whenever an advertiser is interested in posting a sponsored post on your blog, you can see “Publish New Offers” in the menu. Because whenever an advertiser is interested in publishing a sponsor contribution in your blogger profile, this is the case. When an advertising agency or other third-party sponsor publishes a blog on the Flyout platform, you will see the “Publishers and New Offers” menu. These are the sponsored posts you can see on the Flyouts Affiliate Program and Advertiser Profile page. 

You can simply copy and paste the code into the header of your blog, and the download interface gives you the page-by-page. In fact, we chose this event and introduced the OAuth module in our blog and it introduced us to the blog. 

This way, Flyout can be useful for any blog or website where you create an account that is your own blog. You can add an author to your blog by entering his username, email and secret word, and that’s it. 

You can monitor your content and take appropriate gatekeeping measures to prevent content you do not want to see on your blog. If advertisers are interested in posting sponsored content on a blog, think twice and find out if it’s right for you. Earn advertising and earn money with the advertising network you use on the blog or website. You can also earn money by using ad networks for blogs and sites like Google Adsense, AdWords, and AdSense. 

Using Flyout is the optimal way to earn money for your blog and use it Is one of the best ways to make money. Fly out is a platform where bloggers can list their blogs as accepted sponsored posts and advertisers can get relevant blogs through them to work with. They filter the blogs and place orders in real-time – for blogs that meet the criteria. It is an ideal solution to any problem you have with getting a sponsored post on a blog.

Now that you are satisfied with the content, you can post the article on your blog and update the link to the live article by clicking the “Accept offer” button. Now that the advertiser has found a blog that publishes sponsored posts, the brand can order them and arrange them on its Rankz dashboard. If the blog is listed on Flyout and the Instant Publishing Service is active, you can publish the sponsored post in real-time on your website. We usually publish a few days to a week, sometimes even a few days, but now that we are in good shape, we can post articles on our blog in minutes. 

Decide whether you want to make money from your blog content ideas by starting today. Then read the full article and learn more about how to make money from sponsored content on your blogs with Flyout IO and the Instant Publishing Service. 

One thing I can assure you is that Flyout is a great way to make money from sponsored posts on your blog, and if you’re determined to stop being dependent on Google AdSense only, then you’ll want to try it. If you were frustrated that not many products in your niche are promoted to affiliates, or you want an additional income from your blogs, you can join Fly out IO today. 

At the moment there are already over 2500 bloggers who have chosen Flyout to monetize their blogs, and if you want to make money from sponsored posts, go! It is easier to get a blog on flyout than you think, the only condition is that you have a running blog that should be at least 6 months old. Your blog must meet the criteria for the blog to be included in the Live FlyOut directory. To participate in flyouts, the age of a blog must be at least 6 years old, but if it is more than 6 months, there is no challenge. If you’ve been with the site for more than six years, you’ll have to go through the same process as the rest of the 2,500-plus bloggers who chose Flyout to monetize their blog. 

Because there is so much confusion when it comes to sponsored posts and endorsements, we have put together a guide that contains everything you need to know before you start making money from it. We will tell you how much you should charge for your sponsored post, what rules you should follow when it appears, and more. The FTC has a lot to say about sponsored posts and social media endorsements, so we’ll give you an overview of what you need to know and how to use it. 

Monetizing your blog may not be as easy as it used to be, but sponsored posts are still a viable and valid way to add a source of income to a blog or website. Sponsored posts were my favorite way to make money from blogging, and they helped me become a full-time blogger. Please note that this sponsored post is one of five ways to talk about how to make money on the blog. My preferred way of being sponsored is to get recommendations from my bloggers in my niche. 

Sponsored contributions are a great way to get paid for sharing products you love, but also believe that other people can benefit from them. Sponsored posts provide valuable content and information to your readers and are a great way to make money on your site. 

You never know where the next opportunity for a sponsored post might come from, so put your blog on the radar of companies that want to work with micro-influences. After you have set up your sponsor page and media kit and filled the blog with top-notch content, you will want to start marketing your sponsored posts to brands in your niche. 

If you have friends blogging, ask them if they have sponsored posts that might fit your blog. If so, you’re in luck, because today we’re sharing 7 top sponsored post networks to join paid blogging opportunities. We hope this has been helpful to you and if not, please share it in the comments below. 

Sharing and linking these posts will help standardize sponsored blog posts and be beneficial to the community as a whole. We won’t give you the tools to turn a free Sponsored Post Pitch into a paid Sponsored Posts Deal for your brand, but there are plenty of influencers and bloggers who work with you for free in exchange for products when it comes to sponsoring your post. 

Here are a few examples of me that played a big role in the way I sponsored posts on Let’s succeed. This post was created for an influencer, which is a great example of how it differs from the sponsored postal model. 

Now that you know what Facebook sponsored posts are, what they are and how they work, let’s talk more about advertising on Facebook. Although easy to set up, they do not offer as many benefits as you might find in other forms of advertising, compared to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

The only goal of the conversion is to improve the integration of the post or content and increase traffic to your website. If you are running on a sponsored post with a high level of engagement, it is more likely that your post will drive both traffic and sales. If you don’t build a partnership with your brand, it becomes much easier to get sponsored posts when you work with them and your company. Sponsored posts are great for promoting brand awareness and engagement because when you add a website link to a post, you can control website traffic, but there’s no CTA and you forget about it. 

You only have Facebook News Feed and Instagram to place. Whether or not you should use sponsored posts depends on the ultimate goal of your campaign, but you will only want to use them for posting on Instagram. Instagram sponsored posting is not an ideal situation, and some posts only work on mobile Instagram platforms. You should use sponsored posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media. 

Technically funded posts can be in the form of money, products, or travel, but I would advise against working for money. There are two ways to use sponsored content: you can accept it on your website, and it can be written by either a sponsored brand or a sponsor himself. You can work with an influencer who is willing to publish the sponsored post on their site, and they will not incur any costs. 

If you’re wondering how much of an Instagram-sponsored post is, the best way to find out which individual influencer you want to work with is to send an email. Sponsored post opportunities are when you work with a brand, product or service that pays you to write for their blog. Sign up to a blogger sponsorship network, and influencers and bloggers will receive sponsored posts and blogging opportunities to apply for. 

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