Dota 2 Account Boosting – How does it really work?

How does Account Boosting in Dota 2 works? What is the price of it? Is Boosting impacting the Dota 2 matchmaking system? I researched everything, let’s jump in!

What is Dota 2 MMR Account Boosting?

Account Boosting in Dota 2 means to manipulate your MMR trough help from others to achieve a higher rank. The matchmaking system in Dota 2 is serving every player with the rank of his real skill to maintain fair games.

Account Boosting creates a gap between the real skill and the displayed skill on a Dota 2 profile, which can have a serious effect on the balancing of a game.

Keep in mind that many people use the word “boosting” in Dota 2 as a common slug for giving the best and improving the account themselves. That of course is 100% legit. 😉

But in most cases when people talk about Account Boosting, third party boosting services, pro friend boosting and boosting organizations are meant, read below how it works.

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How much does it cost to Boost your Dota 2 account?

Higher tiers cost more money, since these games are harder. While a boost of 1000 MMR from 2000 to 3000 MMR costs below $100, a boost from 5000 to 6000 MMR is extremely expensive with around $600.

Which Dota 2 Account Boosting Services are available?

As long as Dota 2 players are hunting for their best possible rank they can get on the ladder from Herald to Immortal, there also will be a demand for Account Boosting. While Steam is fighting against it, Boosters always have to come up with new strategies that work.

Here is a list of some of the best Dota 2 Boosting Services:

Boosting Hero Preferences:

The most important factors are the hero preferences. All of your friends know which heroes you love to play and if you come up with completely new heroes with rampages it will look conspicuous for everyone. Imagine if you are an offlane player with Sandking or Tide and the Booster is playing midlane with Shadow Fiend, Meepo or Tinker. That won’t look normal! 😉

Duo Boosting or Single Boosting:

The second important thing to decide is, if you want to play with the Booster as a party or if you give him the account. Single Boosting is easier for the Booster because he can play at any time, Party Boosting is expensive but often worth because you can keep your playstyle and everything looks normal.

Dota 2 Boost

On Dota 2 Boost you can also choose the desired change of MMR in Dota 2 and choose a role. This site is a bit cheaper if you want to save money but it has less options to choose from.

Can I earn money trough Dota 2 Account Boosting?

If you are an extremely good player or retired pro player with around 6000 MMR, then try to get even better and start a professional career. If you are too bad for that or not ambitious enough, boosting can be an option…

Besides Dota 2 account boosting, coaching is a much more legitimate and reputable income source. Anyway, in my opinion, any day job out there in real life will make more money per hour, but if you seriously want it, you can make money through playing Dota 2.

Is Account Boosting Legal in Dota 2?

No. There are multiple reasons why Valve is not allowing MMR Boosting in Dota 2. Valve officially does not support MMR boosting.

First of all, it hurts the gaming environment. When a Dota 2 beginner with a herald rank plays on an Ancient rank, what would happen except trash talks and blaming? MMR boosting ruins the skills of the players, and they stop focusing on skills and start to concentrate only on ranks.

It’s great that every Dota 2 addict wants to have a cool rank, but getting a much better rank than you are will cause problems later on.

Moreover, MMR boosters do not use a legitimate way to improve the MMR of their clients. They use various illegal tactics for that. Some of the MMR boosters do not play manually: They use bots or scripts on less populated servers to increase their chances of winning. These type of boosters are also ruining their skills as well. The same techniques are used for account buying as well. The boosters upgrade the account and sell it on their website.

Before the eight-year ban policy from Valve, Account Boosters were even becoming emboldened: most of them were streaming while boosting Dota 2 accounts. It was a tactic to improve the earning on a serious basis. However, after a few updates from Valve, when it became officially forbidden, the number of boosting streamers decreased.

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What is Valve doing against Account Boosting?

Valve is applying multiple strategies to reduce the number of buyers. They make it harder and harder to complete a successful transaction. Moreover, they are making the AI stronger: It can detect boosted accounts, because many of them show the same characteristics, like too short matches or single hero abuse. These types of updates are shown to the world in public. Those accounts who have used MMR boosting services receive an eight-year ban. Currently, the number is not high but over time, Valve will come up with more strategies and make the AI even better. Also the report function plays a major part in this, so never give up reporting the bad guys! 😀

The main reason behind doing this is to improve the gameplay environment for the real players.

You might have seen the Dota 2 behavior score feature on your profile. It is also implemented for the same purpose. Changing from a ranking to a grading system from A+ down to F. The recent updates in the Behavioral score also play a major role in finding Smurf accounts. (According to Valve).

How does Dota 2 Account Boosting works?

Getting boosted has two common strategies:

  • Share your account and another player is forcing nothing else but wins and wins.
  • Party with Booster Players and get carried. This often is a bit more expensive than sharing the account, but is safer.

When a Dota 2 account is boosted, it has to be the case that the boosting player has higher skill than the real player. Hopefully. It depends on the skill of that Booster player and his ability to turn games into safe wins far beyond 50%. If you share the account for playing on it make sure to limit the hero pool to those heroes that you played before often.

Dota 2 Account Boosting is more expensive than Account Buying:

MMR boosting on an existing account is way more expensive compared to buying a Dota 2 Account, at least 3 times expensive. You might have experienced that in the Dota 2 ranks update: Valve made vast MMR differences in each medal. It was a tactic to reduce the number of boosters. The bigger the gap the higher the price. It forces people to stop buying boosting services. The prices will always go up over time.

Boost Services Experience Seasonal Peaks:

After every 6-7 months, a new Dota 2 season starts. Valve resets the MMR, and the account recalibration starts again. The time of recalibration is like Christmas for account boosters because in that phase almost every player wants to improve his MMR. The websites start providing discounts throughout the recalibration phase. A quite huge number of players end up buying those calibration services.

Why do people use Dota 2 Account Boosting?

Some players are frustrated by not reaching the next rank and some just do it to push their ego.
People want to show their friends what they can reach. They want a little piece of fame. While this is quite ironic wanting to be better than you really are, MMR business is quite stressful, and not everyone wants to play like a win-forcing-machine. Often players drop in MMR, got a lot of bad luck and a lack of patience. Because of that, some small boosts may look legit…

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