Do’s & Don’ts to Find the Best Suitable WordPress Theme


It is always fascinating to talk about WordPress themes. You may feel like going to go out on a limb when it is about elevating the look and feel of your website. There are thousands of WordPress themes out there, and with each passing day, plenty of new free and premium themes are added to the list. There are so many WordPress themes that if you start searching through all of them, it would take many days! 

The point we are trying to make here is that choosing a meaningful and suitable WordPress theme to make your website stand out differently can be a daunting task! The right WordPress theme should not help you keep your website responsive, but should also help you improve WordPress site speed

But how do you choose the best WordPress theme for your website? Here’re a few dos and don’ts you must follow to choose the best WordPress theme for your website.

Do’s to choose WordPress Theme

  • Always make a list of features you want. Before you start selecting a WordPress theme, you must think about the essential features you want without which you cannot go live. You can hire WordPress developers or a WordPress development company to make this process painless. Such professionals can help you customize your search for the themes based on your project. Moreover, it is important to have the theme design in your mind before you start your hunt.

  • Colour is very important! Yes, it is always advisable to keep the color impact in mind while selecting a WordPress theme. Online marketing is heavily dependent on how your website visually appears. And color plays a vital role in it. Moreover, having the right balance of color can help you establish brand recognition efficiently. If you’ve hired a WordPress development company, they can analyze your competitors and come up with various color combinations that you should look for while choosing a WordPress theme for your website.

  • Do keep in mind the simplicity. While there are more than 10k themes available in the market, not all are suitable for your website. There could be some themes that would restrict your website from doing what it would like to do. It is always ideal to pick a theme that can help you fulfill the initial goals and purpose of your site. Choosing a colorful website with a complex layout, flashy animations, or unimportant javascript may sound fascinating, but it would be least useful when it comes to providing information in a meaningful way. Hence, select a simple layout that focuses more on content and information, people would love it.

  • It should support various plugins! Yes, you heard it correctly. Any WordPress theme you select should be compatible with almost all sorts of WordPress plugins. Whether you are using any plugin to improve WordPress site speed or to add any additional features, a theme you’ve selected must be compatible with it.

  • SEO compatibility should be checked. What if your WordPress site is getting listed on the top pages of search engines? It would make no sense for you, right! Thus, it is important to choose SEO-optimized themes for your website. WordPress development company always searches for these types of themes to design and develop SEO-friendly websites. WordPress provides various SEO-optimized themes, so try to dig a little more to find the right one for your website.

  • The theme should provide ample support. Usually, only premium themes provide support. Such themes promise you to support in any condition. And thus, it is recommended to use such paid themes since it provides not just immediate assistance, but also robust security and other advanced features.

Don’ts of choosing WordPress theme:

  • Don’t go for a bloated theme. There are many themes that look stunning, but often compromise the security of your website and may divert your target audience. Moreover, such bloated themes may affect the performance of your site. That’s why you should keep yourself away from such themes.

  • Don’t forget to update your website features. We are all aware that WordPress websites are easy to handle, but it doesn’t mean we just sit and relax all the time. It is crucial to analyze your website and add new features as and when required. You can get the help of a professional WordPress development company to do it for you. Adding new features will help you engage more visitors to your site.

  • Don’t use Widgets more than required. Every WordPress theme brings some default widgets that can help you enhance your website in many ways. But you should not try to use all of the themes. Only a few widgets can really be required based on your site. Adding or using too many widgets will make your site clutter. So, avoid using too many widgets.

  • Don’t try to ignore the security of your site. The security of your website is a crucial aspect since online sites are an open gate for hackers and cyber attackers. But a WordPress theme could be helpful mitigate such attacks. Hence, choose a WordPress theme that is secure and keeps confidential information encrypted to avoid any data or information loss.

Wrap up…

So, there you’ve it! Take your time finding and selecting the right WordPress theme for your site. And make sure you keep in mind the do’s and don’ts discussed in this blog to narrow down your options and find the most suitable theme for your WordPress site. Looking for a helping hand to do it for you? Hire WordPress developers or a professional WordPress development company like us to get things sorted for you!

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