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Why you should learn Quranic Arabic?
Quranic Arabic is a language that predates all other languages and is considered to be purer than any other language in the world. The Quran contains words that are لا يقرأونها meaning they can not be translated into other languages, while Quranic Arabic only has six words which cannot be translated into English or any other language. Learning Quranic Arabic teaches us about God’s plan for us and helps us understand why we were created, how we should behave in this life, how things work around us, what will happen after death, etc. It also makes reading the Quran much easier as one will understand where certain words are used for different meanings or purposes.

How we can help you make learning Quranic Arabic easy and fun?
It is not always easy to learn Quranic Arabic, but we at Pak Quran Academy make this process a lot easier for you by giving you access to 1000’s of lessons that will teach you how to read and write Arabic, as well as how to understand the meaning and importance behind every verse in the Holy Qur’an. We also have a large library of narrated Quranic stories that will show you how Quranic Arabic is spoken in real life, so you can hear what things actually sound like in their native language. We offer one on one lessons with teachers who are qualified experts in all areas related to learning Quranic Arabic, which means that they know all about grammar, phrases, vocabulary and more!

What makes us qualified to teach Quranic Arabic?
Pak Quran Academy is a one-stop place for all your needs when it comes to learning Quranic Arabic. With an excellent team of dedicated teachers, we make sure that you’re able to learn Quranic Arabic in a fun way with plenty of opportunities for interaction with other students and teachers. This interaction not only helps in increasing your knowledge but also gives you an opportunity to build up a supportive community around yourself which will help you stay motivated towards your goals.

How do I start with Pak Quran Academy?
Pak Quran Academy is a platform for those who want to learn the Holy Quran from scratch or in depth. We provide courses from beginner, intermediate, to advanced levels which are taught by renowned scholars and teachers from around the world. Pak Quran Academy provides live interactive video classes which you can join at any time of day or night, as well as an on-demand library that contains recordings from past live sessions so you can review them anytime you want. We also offer Arabic language courses for those who would like to learn Arabic first before embarking on their journey with the Holy Quran.