Don’t Feel Guilty For Using Kids Spy app: Here is Why


Don’t Feel Guilty For Using Kids Spy app: Here is Why

In a country where 80% of teenagers own a cellphone and roughly 50% of which are smartphones, ever thought about what is your teenager up to on that gadget. Well, he may be bullying someone or get bullied, involve in sexting or watching porn, buying or selling drugs so on and so forth. Don’t get anxious but unfortunately, these are the risks of giving teenagers freehand with smart gadgets. I am sure you might have sensed all this and have taken the necessary measures to handle such a matter. Now, if your are curious and want to know about the teenager and their so-called online life then congratulation for living in the technologically advanced era because we have got apps for it too. Yes, you can simply install an app and find out about every happening in your kid’s life.

No, you don’t have to install the app on your device. Technically the spy app is installed in the target device and that app gives remote access to it to the user. You can check the text record,call history, instant message chat app box details, kids apps installed web activities, and much more.

Here is everything you want to know about the kids spy app usage and myths around its use.
Not A Spyware:

It is not the usual spyware or bug. Typical spyware can be installed on any device remotely. It is like a virus and is meant for evil purposes. Most criminals use spyware apps to hack into the system of the target person. On the other hand kids spy app or employee monitoring apps are different in the sense that it is only legal to use by parents and employers that too for company-owned devices only forthe latter case. You can remotely monitor the target but can not install the app remotely as well.

Must-Have Physical Access For Installation:

At the time of installation spy apps like the OgyMogy obliged the user to have physical access to the target device. So if you are planning to give your teenager a new cellphone,you should install the OgyMogykids spy app before handing over the device.

The Target Device Must Not Be Password Encrypted:

Another thing to specially discuss here is that along with physical access one more major compulsion is necessary to install the app. It is about password-encrypted devices. You can not install the app on a password-protected device. The target device should be free of passwords at the time of installation so that you can install the app easily. Once installed then OgyMogykids spy appswill report about every major and minor thing without any problem.

Adult Supervision, Not Adult Surrvelience:

Now some people may try to push you on a guilt trip if you will tell them you are a spy app user. Don’t listen to them. It is not about privacy but it is about the safety of your kids. A kid’s spy is all about adult supervision than adult surveillance. Although those of the kids who usually hide the truth and don’t inform the parents about their whereabouts will consider it as some kind of hurdle.It is completely your choice that you want to keep the spy app monitoring thing as a hidden agenda or want totell your kid about it. Either way, the use of the Kids spy app canguarantee the safety and wellbeing of your child in many ways and there should be no doubt in it.

GPS Tracking For Safety:

Wired reports that on a viral social media app,a teenager shared a meme complaining about a location tracking app that set her summer vacation on fire. Wired .com states that the video and some other related videosgot a huge amount of likes which means kids thought it was relatable. But on the other many kids also reported that they feel safe about the use of social media spy apps as even if they forget to inform about any sudden plan the parents will know about their whereabouts.

WebFiltring To Avoid Cyber Crimes, Bullying, and Harassment:

Another feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app is web filtering. Access to what your kid is watching on the web or going through can let you assure their online safety.

Just use the kids spy app feature of the OgyMogy and make your parental life much easier and stress-free.

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