Does maternity pillow help in sleep?

Finding a comfortable sleeping position becomes an impossible job in the third trimester, but now pregnancy pillows have solved the sleeping problems. Since life is growing in the tummy, a pregnant woman should avoid awkward sleeping positions that can harm the baby. To ensure safe and comfortable sleep, pregnant women should invest in the best maternity pillows. They support your back and tummy to alleviate pregnancy pain because a regular mattress cannot provide the necessary support during your pregnancy. In addition to sleeplessness, pregnant women mostly experience back pains, legs spasms, stiff pelvic, and other uncomfortable physical problems due to the weight gain in the midsection. These specialized pregnancy pillows target these areas to help pregnant women fall asleep with ease.

Benefits of Maternity Pillows:

During pregnancy, women go through many physical, hormonal, and emotional changes that affect their overall lifestyle. A sleeping position is one of them that can make a woman more distressed. Therefore, many imported brands have designed specialized pregnancy pillows to improve sleep with a huge baby bump. When you search for maternity pillows online shopping in Pakistan, you will find many designs and types. All of them offer almost the same benefits for restful sleep. Here we enlist some pregnancy pillow benefits that propel you to invest in it during your mother-to-be phase.

  1. Give a new and comfortable sleeping position: The vigorous changes in body contour make pregnant women uncomfortable, so they feel impossible to get restful sleep in their regular sleeping position. However, sleeping with the best maternity pillow can allow a woman to find and adjust the perfect posture for restful sleep.
  2. Alignment throughout the body: In addition to a relaxed sleeping position, maternity cushions also ensure the alignment of the entire spine. Since a woman’s body has to bear extra weight during her last trimester, their spine affects the most during that phase. However, these pillows help the spine keep aligned to reduce the back, legs, and neck aches.
  3. Help you sleep on your side: Doctors do not advise sleeping on the back during the pregnancy, so the mother should adjust her sleeping position on either side of her. These pillows allow you to get comfortable sleep on your favorite side without affecting your baby’s health. In addition, they also prevent pregnant women from unintentionally rolling on their backs during sleep.
  4. Enhance blood circulation: The side sleeping habit can also improve blood circulation through the womb for better nourishment of the baby.
  5. Alleviate pregnancy conditions: Most women experience acid reflux, nasal congestion, legs spasms, heartburn, etc., during their pregnancy. The maternity pillow helps reduce these conditions by simply placing it under the head. It elevates the head a bit higher than the usual level, which results in ease of heartburn, congestion, and related problems. 
  6. Restful sleep for a longer time: Sufficient sleep during pregnancy can relieve many health problems, but physical changes make a woman deprived of enough sleep. The best pregnancy pillow claims to provide a comfortable position to let a woman stay asleep for a longer time.

Types of Maternity Pillows:

When you go for maternity pillows near me, you may encounter three main types of maternity pillows in Pakistan. It includes:

  • Wedge pillow: A wedge pillow is the most common pregnancy pillow available online. It comes in two shapes, i.e., round block shape or triangular wedge shape. You can place it behind your back or under your tummy to get stable back support. It is also perfect for relieving the heartburn issue if you keep it under your head during sleep.
  • U-shape pillow: If you want full-body support for better sleep with a big tummy, a U-shaped pillow will be a perfect choice. It is ideal for a woman who is overweight or carrying twins. It braces the back, abdomen, head, legs, and neck at a time to keep the mother in a cuddly and comfortable position. You can also use it in your post-pregnancy days for nursing your baby in a comfortable position.
  • C-shape pillow: Pregnancy C-shape pillow is a compact and versatile pillow that keeps the back and belly aligned for relaxed posture during sleep. You can tuck it between legs and under the belly to alleviate the discomfort of the big tummy. It can also use nursing pillows while feeding the baby for the perfect back posture.

Maternity pillow prices:

Maternity pillow price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand. If you go for maternity pillow daraz, you will find cheap price ranges in low quality. However, pregnancy pillow Zubaidas or maternity pillow Mothercare Pakistan may provide high-quality pillows at competitive prices. You can also go for imported Amazon brands for maternity products purchase because they ensure quality and performance. Though, the prices are a bit higher than the local brands or products.

Best Time to start using Maternity Pillow:

Many women get confused about when to add a pregnancy pillow to their nighttime. There is no specific time because it depends on your physical changes. If you are an obese woman, you may need the pregnancy cushion even during the late second trimester. However, most women need it around the 20th week of pregnancy. The simple rule of thumb is to use it whenever you find sleeping difficult with a baby bump. Doctors suggest using it in the third trimester because your tummy and back want the maximum support in the last trimester.

We dedicate this article to all mothers and mothers-to-be who have compromised their lifestyle to bring a new life into this world. With all the related information about pregnancy pillows, we wish every mother get restful sleep every night. Hope! Our literary contribution helps you find your requisite answer about maternity cushions and pillows available in an online marketplace. So, what are you looking for now? Grab the suitable pillow now and make your childbearing phase more restful and relaxing.



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