Do babies need insurance?


Parenthood is that time of life when you experience a whole new world. The arrival of a newborn baby is a very precious moment in your life when you have to be extra careful and responsible about your child. The role of a parent while a newborn baby comes into the world is making adjustments in your life and taking care of the baby, and attending to the needs of the baby. Health insurance should always be at the top of your list of priorities when you think about the well-being of your newborn child. Health insurance plays a very vital role in your life for a newborn baby after their birth because emergencies of medical are very unpredictable and take you off into the pool of debt. You should purchase comprehensive health insurance for your baby to protect your newborn baby from any medical emergency. Your newborn baby will be protected from the unforeseen event after you add him or her to the existing plan of the health insurance you are registered with that covers only the basic immunization cost to add your newborn child into it. Most insurance companies have fixed plans for the inclusion of a baby after the newborn baby completes 90 days which is called the waiting period

The benefits of the insurance for a newborn child are the following:

  • The overall expenditure the medical get reduced by the use of medical insurance.
  • Emotionally you are at peace after you take the insurance for your child because after the insurance you know that you have the protection and security for your baby in any kind of emergency.
  • There are premiums covered under the health care that substantially costs less money after purchasing the insurance for your child.
  • Without the worry of finance and security, you can enjoy and celebrate the fullest the arrival of your baby.
  • It covers all the medical expenses by providing comprehensive coverage under the insurance.
  • During the claims, you don’t need to wait for work of insurance as well as there is no deduction also either your pre-existing diseases are disclosed to the policy before buying it.
  • It enables the annual health checkup that allows you to monitor the health of your newborn baby.
  • The coverage for the medicines like Ayurveda, yoga and homeopathy are covered under the insurance of a child subjected to the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • With the vast network of hospitals, there is the availability of cashless hospitalization under baby insurance.
  • During the pandemic, health insurance covered the treatment of coronavirus for newborn babies under the insurance claim.
  • Under section 80 D, you can claim tax deductions that give you the advantage of the saving.

Work of newborn baby health insurance.

If you select the health insurance plan for maternity, the newborn will be automatically covered under this. There is no waiting period for the health insurance plan for medical care. From the first day of the commencement of the policy, the coverage of the newborn under the claim is started. Mitigating the rise in medical inflation and costs of healthcare, the plans of healthcare insurance for the newborn baby play a vital role; these are some of the points why health insurance is important for a newborn baby:

  • Insurance and after insurance the medical facilities ate available at an affordable cost.
  • The expenses for the medical get reduced.
  • There is security of the health of newborn babies under the insurance plan.
  • In case of any medical complications or emergencies, there will e no worry about the financial needs


A child’s birth is bliss for every couple. The joy of becoming a parent comes with a host of responsibilities financially and care for your child. With the necessary costs for raising a child, the healthcare benefits of a child through the insurance policies are equally important for the parents to avail for the newborn child right after their birth. It is a fact that right after the birth of a child, medical care is the requirement and need of every child there is a weak immune system in children in comparison the adults. They go prone to catching infections, hence the insurance of a child is imperative for tacking unforeseen expenses of healthcare. Newborn babies are at higher risk for medical issues as compared to adults. They may eat items that are non-food that increases the illness chances among children. Therefore insurance for a child becomes essential these days


The continuous rising inflation and rocketing, costs of medical care in our country make parents more concerned about the health of a newborn child and buy the insurance policy. The health insurance takes care of the infants and the healthcare requirements of the child by covering wide expenses including hospitalization, injury and illness the child. The child is included under the health insurance plans for covering the expenses and treatment of the child. Most of the plans of insurance cover even the health checkups of a child under which infants of at least 3 months old and children up to 20 years of age are covered.

mansi kapoor
mansi kapoor