Detailed Case Study of Jollibee Marketing Strategy

Jollibee is a Filipino fast casual Chicken restaurant that has been in operation for over 50 years. They have branches all over the world. It’s no wonder why they are one of this country’s most beloved businesses!

The following case study will explore how Jollibee’s marketing strategy grew from its humble beginnings by focusing on solving people’s needs. Delicious food at affordable prices, which makes them popular among Filipinos as well non-Filipino customers.

It is a unique marketing approach. When you analyze the Jollibee marketing strategy, you will come to know that writing a case study is crucial for your business to talk about your success and show your potential prospects how you can help them fix their pain points.

The main key point of Jollibee is:

  1. Good, Cheap and Clean food
  2. Good relationship with customers and reliability over all its outlets.
  3. Using Caters for local support
Jolliee Clown

When you analyze the Jollibee marketing strategy, it is essential for your company to share with people how they can benefit from what makes businesses like yours successful.

To do this an effective case study would be perfect. because that way prospects will know all about what goes into running one of these types of restaurants and why their needs are met by someone who has already done so well in such a tough industry. For any business, you always check reviews just like here CJ Affiliate Review.

When analyzing our business’s success through writing up case studies on point-of-sale systems or menu development methods; not only does analysis provides insight as to whether each approach works best suit us. But also helps prospective clients see themselves ordering food.

However, writing an unmatched case study is not a simple task. This is the reason many students struggle to write a compelling case study.

Here are some steps about how to write case study

Set a clear purpose for your case study

Let’s consider Jollibee’s marketing strategy as an example. The primary purpose of writing a successful case is to ensure that your targeted readers see the benefit of your specific product.

Thus, your case solution should show how your service or product can help them fix their challenges. Also, it is essential to know who your ideal customers are and what they are interested in your case solution.

Select the right customer for your case

Choosing the right customer adds credibility to your case study. To get your client’s approval and write a case study earlier, you can send a letter or call your customer with all crucial details.

After selecting the appropriate customer for your case solution, you need to highlight all the problems that your product helped people reach their goals.

So, interview your customer and ask open-ended questions from him.

Start writing your case study

After collecting all the necessary details, it’s time to write a top-quality case study for your business. Follow a standard structure for writing your case study. Write an engaging title, supporting subtitles, introduction, challenges, goals, ultimate goals delivered by your product or service, and a call to action.

Publish your case study and share it

Ultimately, it is best to publish your case study and share it on social media channels.

It’s always best to share your successes with the world. And, of course, it doesn’t get much more successful than publishing a case study that landed you major new clients!
A lot can happen in just one year – all while keeping up appearances on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter where subscribers will see what they’re interested in viewing without having to go through any additional effort or trouble themselves.

Pricing Strategy of Jollibee

The primary goal of Jollibee marketing strategy is to provide clean and cheap food for everyone. So, everyone can get it as much as they want.

Jollibee Menu 2021 Philippines Super
Source from EllamaeKoury126

Here are some steps of the price strategy of Jollibee:

  • JDC mainly focuses on teste and favorable brands in target consumer groups by using premium pricing for some of its product lines.
  • They know about the psychology of  customer and attract customers by premium deals.
  • They are also known for the popular bundle and off deals.

Jollibee Digital Presence

Jollibee is now an iconic brand all over the world. Customers can easily browse them in most of the famous plate forms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and instagram, but as internet is expending malware and attack is increasing. Read this topic to find out what is ransomware.

Let have a look on their network:

  • Facebook
Jollibee Facebook
Jollibee Facebook Page

On Facebook, Jollibee has more than 8 million followers. and it keeps increasing.

  • Instagram

Jollibee Instagram Page

On Instagram, Jollibee has a different page for US, CA, etc. This page has almost 436k followers. and it keeps increasing. If you need tips on how to increase follower on Instagram check here.

  • Twitter

Jollibee Twitter Page

On Twitter, it has more than 500,000 followers

SWOT study of Jollibee

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, Opportunities and Threats. We will try to cover all of these 4 points. if you are looking for deep details you can check SWOT analysis of Jollibee.

Strength of Jollibee strategy:

  • Multiple variety of Food
  • Campaigns
  • More Advertizement
  • More Deals and offers

Weakness of Jollibee strategy:

  • Working with old market strategy.
  • Lack of technology.

Opportunities of Jollibee strategy:

  • Spreading networks means more Jobs.
  • Working world wide.
  • Online support and marketing.

Threads of Jollibee strategy:

  • New competitors with advanced market strategy.
  • Awareness of healthy food.

Poster Analysis of Jollibee:

Poster Model was introduced in 1979 by Michael E. Porter. The main purpose of it is to evaluate the competitative posotion and stenght of any business.

These forces shape the competition within any industry. The overall industry competitiveness declines when these forces reduce profitability. Porter found SWOT analysis lacking in rigour. Many new companies use the Porter Five (5) Forces Model to decide whether it is profitable to enter in a particular industry.

The Porter Five forces model is a way to assess and evaluate the competitive position of business organizations. It categorizes competition into five categories: buyer power, supplier power (or rivalry), threat from substitute products or services.

  • Threats of new entrants
  • Rivalry among existing firms
  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers
  • Bargaining Power of Buyers
  • Threats of subsituttes

These include: threat from substitute products or services, entry by new competitors (i.e., startup companies), rivalry among existing firms for customers’ business.

Strength in terms of bargaining power between buyers and suppliers with respect to price/quality tradeoffs – called “buyer-side”.

Bargains(threat): as well as supplier-“side.” The vertical axis shows how strong each one makes their position through these factors while horizontal represents different regions within which this occurs around world wide.

Visiul Diagram of Poster Analysis:



When you think of fast food in the Philippines, Jollibee is usually at the top of your list. With global tactics and excellent service for a friendly atmosphere plus an enticing menu with social causes they support throughout Asia-Pacific it’s no wonder Filipinos love this brand so much!

Jollibee is the market leader in Philippines and it’s done so on a global scale. They’ve been able to influence their position from home by incorporating basic strategy, excellent service with an inviting atmosphere all while supporting many social causes within the country as well as abroad through online media outlets like Facebook or Twitter where they share posts about what’s going down at your local Jollibee store!. When there is a new space opened overseas people from long queues without fail are ready for some delicious food!

Shauna Garcia
Shauna Garcia


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