Destination Wedding vs Traditional Wedding

Destination Wedding vs Traditional Wedding


A wedding is considered a sacred union of two people. In Hindu culture, Marriages are said to be made in heaven and continue for seven lifetimes. Earlier the weddings used to happen in a nearby place. However, with time there is increasing popularity of destination weddings.

While Traditional wedding used to mean hosting all the wedding functions within your city or state and most of the rituals are done at home. On the other side, in a Destination wedding, you host your wedding functions outside your city or state. Let’s delve deep into it and analyse which is cheaper a traditional wedding or a destination wedding.

1. Better control of wedding planning:

At a traditional wedding, you hold control of all the activities going on as per your demands. You can rectify if any mistakes happen. Also, you can keep an eye if the vendors are proving the facilities for what they were paid for.

However, it’s a disadvantage in a destination wedding as you cannot reach easily at the destination. Thus you don’t know if the vendors are doing right. In this case, you should hire a trustable wedding planner who gives you minute details of every task.

2. Cost measurement in transport:

In a traditional wedding, there is no need for any transportation facility because all the wedding functions are held nearby. Even if some transportation is required it will be surely less than a destination wedding.

In a destination wedding, the transportation cost rises as you choose a location far from your place. You need to hire a transport vendor to take your important logistics to the wedding site. As well as for guests you need to arrange a transport vendor. However, in most of the destination weddings, guests themselves pay for their transportation. All these expenses make destination weddings a little costlier.

3. Cost measurement in providing hospitality facility:

Here’s a place where a traditional wedding loses a point. While arranging rooms for guests to stay, in a traditional wedding it takes a huge amount. As the number of guests in a traditional wedding is quite large. However, if your guests are fewer then it will cost you less.

On the other hand in a destination wedding, providing hospitality facilities becomes necessary for the guests to stay but as the number of guests is less it will be less expensive for you to arrange a hotel for them. Although hospitality in an unknown location can differ in prices.

4. Availability of Vendors

When you are going for a traditional wedding, you get to choose many options of vendors nearby. You can easily consult with your relatives or friends about the review of services they have taken from them. Thus you don’t need to hassle finding the right vendors nearby you.

However, in a destination wedding, which is an unknown location for you, Finding trustworthy and reliable vendors is much concern. If you have any relatives who already live there then you can take help from them is searching for the right vendor for you but if you do not have any relatives residing there then you need to be very careful while giving any vendor the responsibility of your wedding. you must thoroughly research in that area, take reviews from the local people there and then take a final decision. You can also hire a wedding planner who can do these tasks for you.

5. Wedding Package and other options

While arranging a wedding nearby your place, you get the advantage of adjusting the wedding package as per your needs. You have the choice of booking the whole wedding planner or you can book all the services individually without any difficulty.

However, there are many constraints in adjusting your wedding package for alocation wedding package. Also, it will cost you much higher than the traditional one. They will cost you for the number of days you stay at your destination. Here you cannot book individual services.

6. Catering services

Food and beverages are the most important corner of every wedding and finding the right vendor who can match your taste is a difficult task. However, when you are arranging marriage within your city, you can find easily many budget-friendly food vendors. Also, you adjust the food items as per your need.

In a location Wedding, Food & Beverages cost you much higher than the regional wedding. If you want the food of your region on the menu then you have to pay the extra price for it.

7. Honeymoon Packages

When you go with a traditional wedding, then you have to spend a large amount on booking a honeymoon place in a different location as it will take huge travelling expenses.

There is a plus point if you are going for a location wedding as you can spend your honeymoon time in the destination state. You can choose a honeymoon package with a destination wedding. Arranging a location wedding is very expensive but you can still make it to it if you include your honeymoon and wedding together at one location.

8. Wedding Attire :

Wedding attires are one thing where couples can’t compromise. In a regional wedding, if you have any theme based weddings then you can find multiple stores where you can find beautiful attires at a reasonable price.

Although when we talk about destination weddings in Delhi then you choose to buy your attire from your place or to buy it from somewhere that is especially known for it.

9. Return Gifts

In a regional wedding, as the number of guests is many the number of gifts you have to arrange for return will also incur a huge cost.

Although in a location weddingit gives an edge over traditional weddings as you do not have to spend a lot of money in arranging return gifts for the guests as there are in less number.

Thus we gave you here an overall perspective about the traditional and destination wedding. Each one of them has its pros and cons but if you have a dream wedding plan you want to fulfil at a specific location then you can go for a destination wedding but it does incur a heavy cost.

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