Validation of a degree qualification is the process of making a degree certificate valid by checking it with a government agency. When a candidate successfully completes their university graduation, they are awarded a degree certificate. The  college or university is held responsible for giving the degree certificate. Obtaining a university degree directly from the institution is crucial. The fundamental documentation for higher study and career is a degree card. A degree certificate is used to demonstrate a person’s level of education. Whatever person who wants to travel abroad for any reason must complete the attestation process. When a person wishes to travel internationally for a variety of reasons, they must get their degree Certificate attestation.


Degree certificate verification has a variety of uses, including: for higher education.

  • To obtain a job.
  • To move.
  • To apply for a visa for residents.

People frequently obtain degree certificate verification for a variety of reasons. A degree credential must be attested to pursue higher study or employment abroad. The worth of a degree certificate rises in the destination country after attestation. The person should submit all paperwork without fail.

  • Necessary certificate needed for attestation  include:
  • Authentic certificate.
  • Copy of a passports

For the certificate to be regarded as validated, the documents must be closed and signed by the aforementioned authorities. Validating a degree certificate is a tedious step in one’s profession. These days, every nation needs this legalization to guarantee the legitimacy of the external document. It guarantees protection from entering the target country with unauthorized documentation. The qualification opens up more chances elsewhere. By having your certificates attested, you can prevent legal snags in future transactions and communicate better with the destination countries without running afoul of the law. For visa purposes, authentication of a diploma is also crucial. It is crucial to ensure that the individual’s paperwork has been attested. Only genuine credentials can go through the degree certificate authenticity process. Verification of degree certificates is crucial for advancing one’s profession.

In today’s globalized world, people are traveling without restrictions. Nowadays, moving has become so prevalent that verification of degree certificates is a constant process. Degree certificate attestation is required if you want to use your diploma outside of your country of residence. The primary goals of degree certificate attestation are to establish the submitter’s completion of the required qualifications as well as the veracity of the supplied papers.

The following steps must be taken to certify degree certificates:

  • Initial HRD authentication is completed.
  • The MEA declaration is the subsequent phase.
  • The third stage is an acknowledgment by an embassy.
  • The MOFA certification is the last step.


Attestation refers to providing proof or evidence about something. Attesting such degree certificates means demonstrating their validity. Degree certificates are proofs that show a person’s level of education. The college or university wherein you finished your degree course is responsible for issuing the degree certificates. Degree certificates are authenticated to show that the holder has completed successfully a specific course at a university.

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