fried chicken Artesia CA

Artesia has many fine dining establishments, but their fried chicken can’t compare to ours! One bite of our spicy fried chicken will have you coming back for more and you won’t be disappointed. We pride ourselves on the high quality ingredients we use in our fried chicken and you will be able to taste the difference! Stop by today and let us cater your next event or order some of our fried chicken to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! For an evening filled with delicious food and fun, invite your friends over and try out some of our delicious fried chicken Artesia CA!

Our menu
We specialize in serving spicy fried chicken on the bone for a more satisfying crunch. Our chickens are fresh and can be purchased by the piece. We also offer hot wings, thighs, and drumsticks. For our children’s menu we serve a whole chicken breast that is breaded and deep-fried with celery sticks as an appetizer to keep them from being hungry during the meal. Along with fried chicken we have bistro sandwiches such as our artisan grilled cheese or one of our signature sandwiches featuring turkey or ham with lettuce, tomato, mayo and melted cheese served on a soft roll. We also offer unique salads such as Blueberry Pecan Spinach Salad or Broccoli Slaw mixed with finely chopped apples and carrots served with lemon tahini dressing.

Why choose us
Our fried chicken is great for all occasions, whether you’re having a night out with friends or want to order a delicious meal from the comfort of your home. Give us a call and we’ll bring it right to your door! Call us now for all your spicy chicken needs. We deliver fresh, fast, and hot. Plus we have vegetarian options so everyone can enjoy our food!

Catering & special events
Crimson Coward is well known for the best Fried Chicken Artesia CA. It’s crispy and spicy and many customers love it! They even have catering! Call them up if you need a company that provides high quality food for your next event. You’ll be happy to know they also have a variety of delicious options like chicken sandwiches, fried mushrooms, fried shrimp, or anything else you might want to order. If you’re looking for high-quality cooking that everyone will enjoy then call them up today.

New menu
If you’re hungry for some tasty fried chicken and also want to spice things up a bit with your favorite chilli flavor, then visit Crimson Coward for our spicy and crispy fried chicken. And if you’re in the mood for something a little different than our juicy tenders and wings, then try our delicious boneless buffalo bites. Our food is reasonably price,so be sure to come on by or call ahead and place your order. We are open 7 days a week so you can enjoy some spicy lunch or dinner any day of the week!

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