Cover CA Intermediate Syllabus in 7 Months with VSI Study Plan

Once you have cleared the CA Foundation exam, you will step into the second stage of the CA course, i.e., CA intermediate. After your Foundation exam, you will get seven to eight months to complete the entire CA Intermediate syllabus and give the exams. Although it seems a challenging task to complete the syllabus for eight papers in seven months with proper revision, but it can be made possible with an appropriate study plan.

So, to help you cover the CA Intermediate syllabus with a proper study plan and get a good result, here are some of the fantastic tips by VSI Jaipur. The CA Intermediate study material is huge and with the help of the VSI tips, you can complete the syllabus in 7 months. In this article, we have mentioned the month-wise study plan for the next 7 months that will help you in covering the syllabus. 

VSI Study Plan to Cover CA Intermediate Syllabus 2022

Before starting your preparation, students can point out or list some of the important things that are given below. These points will help greatly in covering the ICAI CA Intermediate syllabus before time:

  • Must study for 10-12 hours on daily basis.
  • Check the CA Intermediate paper pattern to know how to and what to study. 
  • Revise CA Intermediate subjects such as Accounts, Cost accounting, Advance accounting, daily for 4 hours.
  • Do at least three revisions before the CA Intermediate exam for 7, 4, and 2, days for each subject respectively.
  • Make a timetable that includes the revision of subjects such as Law, Eco, and SM weekly i.e. once a week.
  • As you complete the syllabus, start solving the CA Intermediate papers, mock test papers. 
  • Select a proper studying place for yourself where you are going to study daily.
  • Keep your studying place clean and away from all the disturbance.
  • Make your own personal notes of the CA Intermediate syllabus for better revisions and mark the important points.
  • Keep all the study materials, sample papers, previous year questions, compilers and the syllabus handy with you.

Monthwise Tips to Cover CA Intermediate Syllabus in 7 months

Since you will have just 8 months to prepare yourself for the exam, set a monthly plan to complete the CA Inter syllabus 2022. Also, meet your monthly goals to prevent any backlogs at any cost. You can refer to the below month-wise study plan by VSI,

Study Plan for First Month CA Intermediate Nov 2022 

In the first month of the preparation, cover all the theoretical topics of the CA Intermediate syllabus 2022. Also, side by side, make the motes for all the topics and understand the syllabus.

Study Plan for Second Month

Since the first month alone will not be sufficient to cover the theoretical portion, continue with it in the second months. Do regular studies with full dedication and make sure to understand the basic concepts. 

Preparation Strategy for Third-Month

From the third month, start practising the practical questions. Also, continue covering the CA Intermediate syllabus with the regular classes and do not skip any of the topics. Divide hours for theory and practical question practice. You can download the CA Intermediate question papers including mock tests, revision test papers and previous year papers from the ICAI or the VSI website. 

CA Intermediate Preparation Strategy for the Fourth Month

By the fourth month, clear all your doubts, if you have any. Take help from the teachers and the seniors. Make all the topics and concepts crystal clear, or else you will face problems to solve the questions.

Month 5 Study Plan for CA Intermediate Nov 2022

In the fifth month, your main goal should be to master the topics you are efficient at. Do not leave a single point of doubt and seek guidance from the teachers if you need it. Also, list out the topics of the CA Inter syllabus you need to work on and those you have mastered.

6th Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate Syllabus 

Since the exams will be approaching and you are left with the last two months, do not panic. Just stick to the study timetable to cover the ICAI Intermediate syllabus. Do not leave any of the topics in the previous instance. Also, continue practising and solving CA Intermediate question papers and mock test papers.

7th Month Preparation Strategy for CA Intermediate

Now, it is time to focus entirely on the revision and question practice. Do not get nervous or even overconfident during this time. Stay stable and continue doing the hard work, and by this month, you should also have gone through the mock tests.

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How VSI Intermediate Classes can Help You? 

VSI Intermediate Classes are the most preferred classes for efficiently completing the CA Intermediate syllabus and getting good results. This relevancy comes from the proper lectures, study modules, guidance, and many more factors. So, let us learn more about the VSI Intermediate Class that makes it the best in India.

How VSI Helps in covering CA Intermediate syllabus and getting good results

CA Intermediate Syllabus is Completed before Time

The total duration of the CA Intermediate classes at VSI is five months. The expert faculty at VSI tries to complete the CA Inter syllabus 2022 within 5 months so that the students get enough time for revisions and mock tests. Also, the teachers follow the ABC analysis strategy that divides the syllabus weightage-wise, which helps to complete the syllabus on time.

Easy to understand CA Intermediate Study Notes

VSI provides you with easy-to-understand and well-arranged study modules for the Intermediate courses. It will contain the explanation of each topic placed chronologically. You will also find enough questions and types with a proper solution to help you with the answer presentation.

Frequent Mock test before the CA Intermediate Exam

To prepare the students properly for the intermediate exam, VSI offers three mock tests for each CA Intermediate subject. This makes the students aware of the types of questions being asked and proper time management in the exam. As these mock tests cover almost the complete CA Intermediate syllabus, they also help students in revision.

Personalized Guidance for all Students

After the mock test, based on its result, the students are divided into groups of 50. Teachers check thoroughly the topics on which the students are lagging behind and doing good. Accordingly, each student is personally guided and provided a sure success study plan.

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How to join VSI Jaipur CA Intermediate Classes?

VSI Jaipur provides the best CA Intermediate classes in India. If you also want to avail yourself of the VSI Jaipur classes, then follow any of the two steps mentioned below:

For Online Registration:

  • Go to the official VSI Jaipur website.
  • Click on the “CA Intermediate course” in the course section.
  • Tap on the registration option over there.
  • On the registration page, Fill up all the details asked in the form and update the required documents with the scanned photographs.
  • Make the fee payment and complete your CA Intermediate Registration.

For Offline Registration:

  • Visit the VSI administration office and ask for the registration form.
  • Fill up the details asked in the registration form and attach your pp size photographs to it.
  • Submit photocopies of the required documents.
  • Make the fee payment through any of the online mode.

Therefore, following these simple methods will help you join VSI CA Intermediate Classes. For any further information, you can call +91 9901798000 or visit the VSI Jaipur website.

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Therefore, students must have a proper study plan, if they want to complete the CA Intermediate syllabus in 7 months. The above study plan by VSI is the ultimate one that can help you out with your preparation. Hereby, you will get proper time to cover the concepts of every subject and revise them at least three times. So, adopt this study plan and prepare yourself for the best CA Intermediate result with VSI. For further guidance and best materials & lectures, you can join VSI classes following the above-mentioned steps and ensure good marks in CA Intermediate.

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