Coolest Things that you will only see in Dubai

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Dubai, the popular destination has evolved into a mega-urban empire in the world. The city is offering grandeur and unparalleled luxury. From mind-blowing architecture to fancy cars, there are plenty of things to see in Dubai that you can’t have access to anywhere else. 

Dubai offers cool and crazy things that prove how amazing this city truly is. As this city is home to the unique experiences, ultra-luxurious hotels, expensive items, and most unbelievable skyscrapers, let’s have a look at a list of some of the coolest things you can only see in Dubai.

A library Shaped Like a Book

Do you want to immerse yourself into a book and live the life of your favorite character of the story? It is fascinating to know; The Muhammad Bin Rashid Library offers that.  But, instead of a single storey building, you’ll enter into a world of a million stories. It is located by the Dubai Creek. The MBR Library’s design is significantly inspired by the shape of the Rehl. A massive seven-storey library features over 10 million books in numerous specialized sections. There are multiple interactive zones and a 500-seat theatre too.

A Fleet of Luxury Police Supercars

Luxury sports cars on Dubai roads is a novelty sight. However, the police force in Dubai has its own fleet of supercars. From Lamborghinis and McLarens, it’s fascinating to know, the Dubai Police cars a kind of visual treat. You’ll be surprised to know, the city holds the Guinness World Record for having the world’s fastest police car, one of the best records held by Dubai.

High-speed car chases will never be a worry because the perpetrator doesn’t stand a chance. Just imagine yourself getting pulled over by a Bugatti Veyron, one of the coolest things you only see in this city. However, some of the popular places for spotting the Dubai police supercars are The Walk JBR, The Dubai Mall entrance, and City Walk.

Unique Modes of Transportation

Spotting a Lamborghini cruising down the roads of Dubai is a common sight. When it comes to transportation, there are some cool and unique things to see in Dubai. Are you interested to take a helicopter instead of the taxi? If yes, use a cab-hailing app to choose your very own helicopter. Along with this, Uber also offers riders the option in order to book an UBERchopper. It’ll takes you on a 15-minute excursion around the Dubai’s landmarks.

If a chopper isn’t enough to suit your style, you can also make a James Bond-style entrance in a seaplane just contact some of the popular tour operators for finding out about availability and permissions. Soon, Dubai will have the world’s first-ever commercial hyperloop capsule. The pioneering technology allows travelling at whopping speeds of 1,123 km/h. It’s one of the most anticipated developments in Dubai. Moreover, the RTA also plans to introduce Sky Pods that means residents will be able to use high-speed sky cable cars in order to avoid traffic on the road.

Floating Villas and Hotels

Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers, it’s a home to the world’s tallest building. However, you can view and spend your precious time at floating hotels or villas. How cool will be this experience? Look out from the window and enjoy scenic views of the beach. At this time, find yourself figuratively standing on the waves. Most importantly, you can’t buy this experience anywhere else.

Museum Holding Your Future Items

 As we know, museum is for hosting artefacts of the past, but not in here. Dubai is all about the future and there is also a museum dedicated to it. The Museum of the Future is located next to Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s an incubator for ideas as well as a driver for innovation too. It is fascinating to know; the museum provides the best opportunity for its visitors to enjoy cool and distinctive experiences along with future technology. The entire structure is an engineering marvel with a facade ornate Arabic calligraphy. 

Flying Rescuers

The authorities in Dubai have followed the recommendation, “Modern problems require modern solutions” and made the best use of modern technology for serving the residents. The unbelievable addition to coolest things you’ll find in Dubai is the first life-saving drone of the world.

The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is known as Flying Rescuer. It is significantly programmed to help troubled beachgoers by dropping lifebuoys. The flying rescuer can provide emergency services arrive along with further help. Each drone flies along with four lifebuoys. They can carry a raft inflating the moment it hits the ocean. There is a great need to know, the Flying Rescuers can be operated manually as well as can also fly to a predefined location by using an automatic pathway. Each drone is equipped with twin cameras, one is for live transmission and the second one is for facilitating the launch of the buoys.

World’s Highest Tennis Court

Who can forget the day Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played tennis at the world’s highest tennis court? The patch of green is a helipad. But in Dubai-style innovation, the management at Burj-Al-Arab decided to convert it into a tennis court. In terms of safety, practically it’s impossible to fall off the court chasing a backhand. However, all the safety arrangements are foolproof. A well-timed serve can ace down the 1,000-foot building for the eyes of predatory birds. Remember that, world’s highest tennis court is the best thing you only see in Dubai.

Isn’t it surprising that a lot of unique and cool things are there in this city? Along with this, there are also some incredible facts about Dubai that you would be aware of.

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai, the highest and largest vintage wheel of the world, promises to offer 360 degrees of panoramic views of the city along with its coastline. You can be sure that the Dubai eye wheel is more than 167 meters tall, surpassing all the observation wheels across the globe. Book the tickets now to experience a magical ride in Dubai.

This magnificent height of Ain Dubai offers the visitors numerous awe-inspiring views of the attractive landmarks of Dubai like the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab.  In addition to the height, the weight of this giant structure is also awe-striking. The Ferris wheel Dubai weighs 25 per cent more as compared to the Eiffel Tower of Paris.  The engineers worked very hard on this project to make use of gigantic cranes along with a 3000-tonne lifting capacity for moving the sections of Ain Dubai.

Ain Dubai has 48 capsules with the capacity to accommodate approx. 1700 people at a single time. Each capsule measure 30 sq. meters made of glass with a LED screen providing important information about the surrounding views. The Dubai Eye Ferris also features VIP capsules to accommodate up to 12 travelers as well as offer private fine dining options too.

So, book the Ain Dubai tickets now for a world-class experience and riding lavishly against the breathtaking skyline. 

While that concludes the list of coolest things that you can only see in Dubai. The best is always yet to come in Dubai. With a commitment to innovation, there are a lot of other exciting attractions coming soon in Dubai.

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