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Today, many people turn to online shopping in Pakistan for convenience and comfort. Really, what’s so beautiful about shopping in front of your computer without first leaving your home? But this setup can also lead to buying incentives, so you are often trying to buy the first thing you find. Learning to compare prices effectively is one of the best online shopping skills that anyone should learn.

There are many online comparison sites available on the internet today that are designed for this purpose. Every buyer wants to get the best deal and the price for the product they want to buy. So you can compare these websites for the price before you decide to buy something. Your purpose in using these sites is primarily to gather as much information as possible about the specific products you are considering purchasing. Then review the information you have gathered about different products to determine which offers the best price and features.

If you are new to online comparison sites, you can search for the best site you can compare to online prices. Don’t just think of every site you find and then go for online celebrities to make sure you have the right information that will help you choose the best option. Be wary of affiliate marketing sites that are advertised by advertisers because their reviews or statements convince consumers to choose products that their customers have, so that they can get jobs.

Below are a few tips you should keep in mind for how to effectively compare these sites with online prices:

Choose a site that will allow you to compare prices with different prices of product options. This will ensure that you review a large number of products and find the best one.

You can save a lot of time by using online comparison sites since you can collect your data from one site, instead of going from one website to another. This enables your service to compare product features with faster prices as well as better performance.

Look at any type of offer the seller offers, because you can open a loan or contract that will get you what you want at a low price.

The fact that you can effectively compare the price from the comfort and safety of your own home is one of the biggest advantages of using shopping comparison sites as you review product prices together. So this avoids the risk of getting an article, just because you are too lazy to look elsewhere.

It is part of every consumer’s ability to benefit from the best products and offerings. So, you need to compare all the information you have with the price and get the best deal, so that you can get the most out of your money.

Online Shopping is Safe and Secure:

As more and more online merchants shop to win, buyers should follow these ten step-by-step instructions to ensure they have a safe and secure shopping experience.

Research shows that credit card accounts make many merchants use online shopping sites to earn money in their purchases. As more and more shoppers go online, security is becoming an increasingly important issue. Here are ten key safety tips to help shoppers have a better shopping experience and safety.

Statistics show that the growth and confidence in online shopping is increasing rapidly, which is considered a fact that many shoppers have not been affected by the attack, simply because they are already happy and not because they already know the horror of using an online store. As consumer confidence in the safety of online shopping grows, experts warn that users and online retailers should be wary of threats to criminals becoming more and more popular and their way of life is improving. Here are ten tips to use when shopping online:

1. Make sure the site is safe before you buy

  • You can tell that the site is safe by using several methods. Please note that not all lines and paths should be applicable or displayed in order to provide a secure site:
  • Look at the top of your screen where the website address is displayed. Here you will see https: // and not http: // – know s added at the end of http.
  • This “s” appears on the protected website. Often, you will not see https: // until you visit the checkout page on the website.
  • Closed locks at the bottom or top of your web browser are also another way to check if the site is secure.
  • If the lock is open, you should assume that the site is not secure.
  • The last mark you need is the key symbol.
  • The unbroken key identifies the saved site. When a site is protected, the information transmitted between you and the customer is encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing the relevant information.

2. Check the digital certificate

When possible, use only websites that have a secure digital certificate Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The site has a good digital document that will enable internet security and allow strong SSL encryption for anyone who comes to the site.

Digital certification is usually identified by a check mark on the page when making a payment, you can click this icon for more details about the certification and to verify it is true. There are several big names that offer digital certification including Verisign, Thawte, GeoTrust and more.

3. Check the payment method

Some websites may not accept some credit / debit cards. In these cases, it is better to avoid these websites and find another one that offers similar services / products.

When it comes to paying for products and services online, using a credit card is one of the safest ways because your credit card company is looking for scammers and you will probably get insurance for no money if you are torn apart. Avoid any website that requests money transfers through MoneyGram or BAC transfers.

4. Protect your PC

  • Protect your PC by using the latest browser features as well as good anti-virus and spyware software.
  • Not only that, but make sure the auto-update settings are enabled, to get the latest protection against new attacks.
  • Make sure you are using the latest browser type, because the new browser will have updated security management to prevent attacks and notify you when the site is unsafe. There are also many anti-virus and anti-spyware anti-virus software available to consumers.
  • Check out AVG Anti Virus and Microsoft Security Essentials – they are both free and provide real security for your computer.
  • Personal fire extinguishers are also supported and can prevent unauthorized access to your machine. If you have a broadband router or modem, chances are you already have a firewall installed inside the router / modem. Check the manual and confirm that this is turned on. Windows 7 and some other operating systems also have a firewall installed, so make sure it is turned on again.

5. Use a low credit card

The best way to pay online is with a credit card as they come with additional security as well as a maximum as mentioned in Chapter 3. When using a credit card, it is best to use a small credit card. do if the card is damaged. Debit cards are a different ball game because they are like a money transaction because when used, money is withdrawn almost immediately. If you use a debit card, have an account with a small balance for online business.

6. Check your credit history and your credit card charges

It may seem obvious, but be careful with your credit history and your credit card charges. If your identity is stolen and you do not complain immediately, you may affect the chances of protecting and terminating other businesses. Check your statement for purchases you have not made or one that is not obvious then follow up. 

7. Do your research

  • Buy only from online stores of trust and confidence.
  • Do some business background research;
  • Check the seller’s name – Office for Standard Trading is ideal for this
  • Seek customer reviews or specifications
  • Do some web search on google and see what happens
  • Call the store and ask the person on the other side to check that the transaction is genuine. If Something goes wrong, do not be afraid to ask questions or go somewhere else.

8. Keep a record

  • Write down all the confirmation numbers and order numbers.
  • Keep the following records for all online shopping business:
  • A web page displays the seller’s name, email address and phone number;
  • The publication of a web page explaining what (s) ordered
  • A web page printer or pop-up screen that provides the seller’s order
  • Impact of all electronic information (e.g., confirmation information) of sending or receiving from a vendor. This includes:
  • Those who can show that the seller has indicated that this product will fit your needs
  • The ones you tell the seller about the problem with the product you got
  • Those who demonstrate your true faith are trying to settle your debt with the customer whom you feel should not be charged on your credit card. Notes or email confirmations of any phone conversations you have with the vendor. Make sure all records are up to date

9. Watch out for emails on phishing sites

Be careful of all emails asking for personal information, even if the email directs you to a website like the company you are dealing with, it is easy to make a website authentic by copying the HTML code.

The legitimate business does not send emails about problems with the system or account or ask for usernames and password information. If you are concerned, call the contact number on the shopping mall to inquire if there is a problem with your business. Inquire any email messages that come in anonymously asking for financial information. If in doubt, call the company for confirmation. 

10. Take your time.

Take your time regularly and be in the best position when sending personal data online. Do not rush into business and get to know exactly what you are buying, where you are buying it, and how you are buying it.

Pay attention to all messages and warnings, not just click OK. The online shopping system is growing and becoming an important part of our daily lives. Therefore, it is very important for online marketers to be aware of the potential risks of online shopping in order to make their experience rewarding.

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