CJ Affiliate Review – Best Affiliate Network

CJ Affiliate Review – Best Affiliate Network


CJ Affiliate (formerly Commissions Junction) is the platform of choice for more than 3,800 worldwide advertisers and brands in retail, travel, finance, technology, networks, and home services. CJ Affiliates familiar with Commission Junction help reach and connect millions of online consumers every day by enabling fair and lucrative relationships between advertisers and publishers  

The affiliate network is ideal for advanced and high-end retailers that seek high-quality affiliate marketing and advertising solutions. CJ Affiliate is one of the affiliate network websites that offers merchants a solution to get started with affiliate programs.   

CJ Affiliate is a customer network includes well-known names such as Barnes & Noble, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Office Depot. Detailed prices for the company will not be disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. CJ Affiliate Commissions Junction is a leading global performance marketing platform specializing in affiliate programs that promote scalable and profitable growth for businesses across the world.  

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is a leading global affiliate network specializing in paid performance programs that improve results for businesses around the world. Formerly known as Commission Junction, it is a network of online advertising companies operating in the affiliate marketing sector. CJ Affiliate is an online advertising agency owned by Publicis Groupe. It is active in the affiliate marketing industry.   

Once you have found an advertiser you are interested in, you can apply for the affiliate program in question. Advertisers seek the connection between consumers and partners, publishers, website owners, and influencers who produce valuable content for consumers that defines the core of affiliate performance marketing. The challenge for advertisers is to limit their spending on affiliate programs to channels that do not involve them in their overall marketing strategy.    

You have a good selection of major brand names that are present in the affiliate network. Names like Zappos, Verizon, Barnes & Noble, and the IHG International Hotel Group have a lot of influence when it comes to attracting affiliate marketers and other advertisers into their networks.    

CJ Affiliates has a great program of experienced marketers for over 300 brands, including many of the world’s best brands. They show commission growth of 43% year-on-year and are therefore an attractive option.   

Merchants using CJ Affiliate need to know how to implement, track and manage their affiliate program. CJ Power reaches millions of consumers who shop through its affiliate marketing network, enabling fair and transparent partnerships with advertisers and publishers. Affiliates generate 50% commission when they receive payments.   

PartnerStack is great at building partnerships between affiliate marketers and product owners. With pinpoint analysis and high growth potential, you will benefit from PartnerStack. More than 4,000 brands and 70,000 publishers from all over the world rely on us for their affiliate marketing. According to the website of the ShareAsale Affiliate Marketing Network, we host 16,550 trading programs that generated revenue of $182 million in 2020. This resulted in an impressive turnover of 1.4 billion dollars for our customers.   

Owned by Conversant, CJ Affiliate claims that many Internet retailers and more than 500 companies are its competitors. ShareAsale is one of the largest affiliate networks and has existed for over two decades, so it has built a lot of trust among affiliates in the industry. With such a large number of publishers, it is one of the largest networks on the market and its advanced features allow you to deal with high-end retailers.    

CJ Affiliate is part of the Publicis Media Group, one of the largest communications groups in the world, and is part of the vertical media known as Publicis media. CJ Affiliate has been one of the largest affiliate networks in the world since the 1990s.   

This means that the network must maintain a healthy relationship between publisher and affiliate in order to keep the relationship synergetic. A promising number of publishers and potential partners is one of the most important criteria retailers consider when deciding which network to join. 

This is a great way to unlock the enormous affiliate potential of the eBay market. In my previous consulting assignments, some of my former clients used CJ advertising to offer affiliates. CJ rejects affiliates because advertisers don’t want them, and of course, the idea is to use CJ as a kind of money laundering business. 

To help you optimize your partnerships, ShareAsale is an affiliate marketing network that provides real-time insights and notifications. To protect your program from fraudulent payments, CJ Affiliates will check the publisher before making the first payment. By joining ShareAsales, you can create a custom site where publishers can join your affiliate marketing program.  

As far as I can tell, the CJ Affiliate Conversant application process is painless and much less complicated than other networks. The basic claim is that angry types are not us and we will close your account and refund you money.   

When choosing the affiliate tool, it is important that you have everything you need to create a first-class converting program. By understanding the basics and examining modern best practices, our goal is to highlight industry experts who have had tremendous success in the world of affiliate performance marketing. The tools that this network makes available to you are exactly what is needed to launch a world-class affiliate program.

We turned to CJ Affiliate Conversants Sr. Director of Publisher Development Sarah Crosby to ask her a few questions to help us with our discovery. Their vision and leadership have grown to one of the world’s largest and most successful affiliate marketing companies, a company committed to providing added value to its advertisers, publishers, and partners. My name is Sarah Crosby and I am Senior Director of Publisher Development at CJ Affiliates. 

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