Cape Town holidays tips

Cape Town is an attractive city with rich cultural events and the best five places in all of South Africa. When you visit Cape Town, South Africa, you will need to ensure you are prepared, so your holidays to Cape Town will be more enjoyable. The more work you perform before you leave, the less you have to worry about once you get there. Then you will be free to relax, so inform you and find cheap Cape Town tour packages in advance.

Copies of travel and passport documents

You forever want to ensure you have more than 1 copy of passport and travel documents in case you are to lose them or have them stolen. These are just the only means by which you can return to your country, so save them well.

Sun protection

The sun in South Africa can be harsh, so you will need to wear sun defense lotion, as well as protective clothing like visors or hats to keep the sun out of your face and eyes.

Proper clothing

Light cotton clothing is suggested in the summer. The evenings get cooler so pack hot clothing as well. Dress is typically casual in Cape Town even for evenings at the restaurant or theater.

Best accommodations

My favorite location to stay in Cape Town is the Commodore Hotel. This is a five-star hotel on the waterfront close to the center of Cape Town. While, the room rate is a quite pricey, a warm breakfast buffet and world class service definitely makes up for it.

Safety precautions

Never walk unpopulated streets of South Africa alone.  Do not wear excessive watches or jewelry and keep the amount of cash carry to a minimum. The police emergency number is 10111. Always keep an eye on luggage when doing online bus ticket booking South Africa and travelling by bus.

Money for tipping

South African currency is known as the Rand (R). The Rand is split into hundred cents, similar to the American Dollars and cents. You will need to carry money with you to tip people for service such as taxi drivers, wait staff, hotel staff, etc. Ten percent is a fair up in Cape Town.

Travel insurance

Medical services are accessible at doctors and private hospitals in private practice. You should have some type of travel insurance that covers health expenses. Again, it is excellent to be safe than sorry in case something does happen during the trip away.


While there are no global immunizations required to enter South Africa, you should be alert that Malaria is at risk all through the year. So, save yourself from diseases as you feel essential. It is excellent to be safe than sorry.