Can A Girl With The Same Rashifal Marry A Boy?


Can A Girl With The Same Rashifal Marry A Boy?

In marriage, two people come together to share this beautiful bond for their whole life. Sometimes a couple faces some troubles in this harmonious relationship. To know the harmony and compatibility with each other, kundali matching is preferred before any marriage. In Kundali, many factors are identified to match the couple. You can also connect with ‘SUVICH : The real astrology’ for better prediction and matchmaking. 

In kundalini matching, the most doubted question arises: Can the same Rashi marry each other or can the same nakshatra marry each other? Then the answer is Yes. A girl or a boy can match the same Rashi and Nakshatra. And the second pop out that how and why? Don’t worry; we will clear all your doubts about the same Rashi marriage and same nakshatra marriage. Before the questions why and how let us talk about rashifal and Nakshatra and how they are identified? 

What are rashifals and Nakshatra? 

Rashifal is also known as the zodiac sign, and it is connected with astrology and historical astronomy. The zodiac belt is a circle divided into 12 parts at 30 degrees of celestial longitude. These celestial centers are present in the center of the ecliptic where they rotate from month to month for the whole year. These zodiac signs or rashifals carry the description of your personality, your drawbacks, your nature, strength, and professional life. 

The zodiac sign, which arises from the eastern horizon at the time of birth is called Lagna, and this zodiac sign helps astrologers predict their past, present, and future also. 

You all must know that the moon rotates around the earth, and during this rotation, it also crosses the orbit of the sun 28 times or sometimes 27 times in a year regularly. These 28 or 27 crosses are known as Nakshatra. 

The Rashi name of the newborn baby is decided based on the Nakshatra of the child. Each Nakshatra has four pada with four sounds. Nakshatra represents the direction of the flow of energy in any person, which helps identify the person’s hidden mental state. Nakshatra also plays a vital role in kundali matching. In case you’re going to marry soon, you can connect with ‘SUVICH: The real astrology,’ for some expert advice on marrying a person with the same rashifal. 

How to predict someone’s rashifal and Nakshatra? 

There are 12 rashifal that are distributed to millions of people. You can predict someone’s rashifal by examining their kundali. The moon’s sign observes Rashifals. You can also use the position of Nakshatra to predict someone’s rashifalThere are a total of 27 types of Nakshatra that has different properties and specialties. Before expecting rashifal, you should know each Nakshatra. 

How Rashi plays a vital role in marriage? 

Marriage is the most beautiful and spiritual occasion of someone’s life. Husband and wife share a strong bond with this ritual. Most of the marriages are held according to their horoscope. Before a couple ties the knot, their kundalis are matched to check their compatibility and the future of their marriage. During the matching of kundalini, many factors have been checked. Rashifal is one of them; before marriage, astrologers study their Rashi and Nakshatra. 

Which Rashi is good for marriage?

In Hindu dharma, marriage matchmaking is done by examining their kundali. There are a total of 12 zodiac signs in astrology that are given below.













Among these Rashi, the best Rashi most compatible for marriage is the fifth, seventh, and ninth Rashi of your own Rashi. This Rashi makes the best compatible couple. If you belong to MakarRashi, then Mithun, Sinha, and Tula make the perfect couple and lead a happy life. 

How can a boy or girl marry the same Rashi or Nakshatra? 

As you read in the first paragraph, the couple with the same Rashifal and Nakshatra can marry each other. But before marrying the same Nakshatra and rashifal, you should take care of some facts and Graha positions of your kundalini. Now we will tell the conditions that one should follow when the Rashi is the same for boys and girls. 

We will explain it to you by using an example of marriage matchmaking. 

Let us see Ashwani, which has four parts that are

      Ashwini path 1

      Ashwini path 2

      Ashwini path 3

      Ashwini part 4

 And now we will take one rashifal. Let us take Mesh Rashi.

Mesh sign has Ashwini 1 to 4, Bharani 1 to 4, and Krutika only one for marriage matchmaking.

      Boy can only marry when his birth star leads the girl’s birth star in 27 nakshatras.

      The boy’s star path shouldn’t be vice versa to the girl’s star path.

      If boy and girl both have the same star, they can’t marry each other. For example, if the boy and girl both have the same star Bhirani, they can’t marry each other, even if their star path leads each other.

      If the girl and boy have the same Rashi but different Nakshatra, they can marry each other. But they have Ganadosha in their Rashi; then the marriage may become a trouble. 

In humans, there are three Ganas given below:- 




Now let us talk about what are the criteria for marrying the same nakshatra boy and girl.

      Many same nakshatra marriages are successful, but you should follow some grahas position in your kundalini before marrying the same Nakshatra.

 If boy and girl both belong to Rohini, Ardra, Pushya, Magha, Vishakha, Shravana, Uttarabhadrapada, RevatiNakshatra, then they can marry even if they both have the same rashifal.

     If there is an Ashwini, Krutika, Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Chitra, and Anuradha, the same Nakshatra can marry each other.

      Other than the above-given Nakshatra may lead to unsuccessful and unfavorable marriage.

      If the Rashi and the Nakshatra are both the same, but the padas are different, the marriage will be lucky. There will be no NadiDosha or GanaDosha.

      If the Nakshatra of the bride is Ashwini, Krutika, Mrigashira, Magha, Hasta, Swati, Vishakha, Shatbhishakha, and before the Nakshatra of the groom, then the marriage will be prosperous. 

In this modern world, kundali matching and marriage matchmaking according to the kundalini or Rashi and Nakshatra may sound like orthodox, but it has great values in terms of future prediction. Nobody knows about the future, but you can predict your future and can also talk to astrologerat ‘SUVICH: The real astrology.’

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