Are CA Intermediate Books Sufficient for Passing the Exams?

CA intermediate books gonna be more elaborative than foundation so you need to cover the whole syllabus in the meantime. Intermediate is the second level, which will be somewhat more difficult than the first, so students need the best CA intermediate study material and resources. The study material issued by ICAI is valid, and most of the students study with that only. Studying from the syllabus issue by ICAI helps students to get better marks in CA intermediate results. After the changes made by ICAI, now there will be eight papers in the intermediate exam, which is divided into two groups, and each group has four subjects. Here are the subjects of CA intermediate.

  • Paper- 1 Accounting
  • Paper-2 Corporate Laws & Other Laws
  • Paper -3 Cost & Management Accounting
  • Paper-4 Taxation
  • Paper- 5 Advance Accounting
  • Paper-6 Audit & Assurance
  • Paper- 7 Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management
  • Paper -8 Financial Management & Economics for Finance

Are Books Sufficient to Crack Exam?

But as it is evident that the goal of the students is not only to crack the exam, everyone studies to get the rank, so will you be able to get the rank just by reading the syllabus? No, along with the books, you will also have to read exam sample papers, mock test papers, and previous exam papers. The topper’s formula is to give attention to extra study material other than the syllabus to be ahead of the average student.

Other Study Material Rather than CA Intermediate Books

Mock tests are conducted to assess the actual test rate or to boost confidence among the students. Because the student has already experienced the pressure of the exam well in advance, it helps him to get comfortable in the real environment. The students appearing in various competitive examinations explain the importance of mock tests and sample papers. In fact, by giving the exam in advance, the student also realizes his weaknesses to concentrate on them. That’s why if you want to crack CA intermediate with good marks, then definitely practice mock test papers.

Download CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers

Download Intermediate Mock Test Papers with Solutions Prepared by Experienced Teachers. On the given link you will download the mock test papers of all subjects in PDF format. All the papers and their solutions have been sorted keeping in mind the students’ medium, in which Hindi and English medium papers were divided separately.

Tips to Clear CA Intermediate

Once you get all the study material, you have to plan it properly and keep in mind that each subject gets time according to the importance. Some tips are being shared here to get good marks in CA intermediate and get involved in studies uninterruptedly, pay attention to them.

Organize the Syllabus and Make Study Plan

Intermediate will be different from CA foundation, and its syllabus is also more vast than foundation. First of all, plan study material according to marks weight and make a smart study plan with more allotted time for subjects like accounting and economics. You can quickly learn conceptual topics by repeating them.

Try to Understand the Topic Rather than Mugging Up.

Aspirants of CA inter exam need to understand the concept of the subject closely to get good marks. Memorizing the answers to the questions is a stupid move. To better understand the topic and chapter, students have to make point-wise notes that will make them easy to understand.

Solve Mock Test and Previous Papers

As mentioned above, it is important to solve previous year’s question papers and mock test papers, so keep attending your coaching institute’s mock tests regularly. This activity will make you aware of your condition and help you correct mistakes. Since time management is one of the main issues in the exam, mock tests also test your time efficiency.

Do Review and Revise

Your reading will be almost in vain if you do not review your studied topic every day. Review is an effective method of repetition which you will be able to adopt by self-assessment. At the end of each day, when you are about to sleep, go through the entire syllabus that you have completed during the day and do a handwritten review in which you write down the problems in detail so that you can tackle them tomorrow.

As a bonus tip, based on the experience of CA teachers and deserving students, we would like to ask you to go through the simple topic first. Often students struggle with a complex subject like accounting initially and lose their motivation to further study if they get stuck somewhere. This kind of behavior can deprive you of completing the CA syllabus.


CA is a complex exam, and each level is more challenging than the previous one, so students need to go through the study material other than the prescribed CA intermediate books. Previous year question papers and mock test papers can be beneficial for the students in their exam preparation. In addition, you can go through the official study material of CA foundation and CA final on the CAwizard blog.

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