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If you thought hackling around in bushes and sleeping in rocky holes as a Girl Scout could get dull, watch this girl’s sarging skills. Sixteen-year-old Amelia Westerling of Redding, California, decided to try her hand at sarging for the first time at a roller-skating birthday party, but she definitely didn’t get bored.

“My friends didn’t know how to sarge,” Amelia told Motherboard. Amelia instantly became the center of attention after attending her first sarging event, even making a sarge from the middle of the roller-skating rink. She’s got a way with her words, too; she ended her sarge with the perfect line: “That’s cool! I’ve never seen that!” Her fiancée caught her on camera; he seemed pretty impressed! Check out Amelia’s video!

As you can see in Amelia’s video, sarging is something she is going to continue to explore in the future. She hasn’t become a professional sarger yet, but she knows there is a lot more to do and learn.

Amelia got her first introduction to sarging when she took a three-week Girl Scout Camp in Connecticut where she encountered a lot of older men. She grew up in Redding, California and attended Shasta County High School where she got involved in a lot of activities. At sixteen, Amelia got interested in roller-skating, so she visited a roller-skating birthday party while on a trip with her Girl Scout troop.

Amelia’s fiancé caught her on camera. He seems pretty impressed! Amelia hopes that he will help her “make sarging a real job someday.” She definitely has the right temperament to make it happen, too; her fiancée catches her sarging from the middle of the roller-skating rink, calling her the “boss lady” of the group.

Roller-skating seems like a fun hobby to do now, but this sargeing craze is going to keep growing and it’s bound to get you some neat looks. In her video, Amelia makes it seem like sarging is something she wants to pursue as a real job someday. She ended her sarging sarge by saying “That’s cool!” and giggling. She’s obviously going to have to try that sarge a couple more times before she thinks about it becoming a real job.

Never let it be said that Amelia doesn’t have sarging skills and sarging ideas. She’s definitely got the right personality to do it, so keep watching to see where her story takes her. Good luck, Amelia!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Motherboard shares an amazing video of a beautiful and incredibly intelligent young woman who teaches herself how to sarge. Amelia does it all, making it look so easy. She does some pretty nifty things with her voice too, like talking to a kid in a roller-skating rink, singing a song about motherhood, and telling a joke. Check out Amelia’s video!

If you want more sarging advice, watch Josh Kekoa get his first sarge and why young people should embrace sarging. Check out the first film from filmmaker Ezra Grazier!

If you want to take a sarge, you can look up sarging YouTube channels and get involved on MeetUp. Just be careful of those lonely guys on Facebook who say they want to be a male role model to other young men. If you like sarging but you want to be a professional sargeer someday, you can find some links here.

CleanerGirls make it seem so easy to sarge, and it sounds like Amelia learned that pretty quickly, but don’t let that fool you.

Recounting a story of how fellow former Tottenham striker Jürgen Klinsmann saved him from relegation to the English fourth tier last season, Buy sarms was bullish about the former Germany and U.S. head coach’s ability to galvanize an otherwise average club: “The team was losing, especially in the midfield, and he knew it,” Sarms said, according to The Times of London.

“Jürgen called me into his office one day and said, ‘Sarm, I want to have a word with you. We’re going to win the league.’ I just sat there and tried not to crack up. I just sat there for an hour and looked at him, laughing, laughing. He just smiled and looked at me, and I just started laughing again. Then he stopped me. ‘No, Sarm, no, I know how to deal with this, and I have your back,’ he said. ‘What I’m telling you is that you can trust me.’” Sarms was eventually sacked as Wolves boss and the team ultimately finished the campaign in 15th place in the Championship.

• Would Sarms work with the Red Bulls?

Having produced a haul of 28 goals in his previous stint in the Premier League with Fulham from 2004-07, Sarms would certainly offer a powerful dose of firepower for the Red Bulls. Sporting director Andy Roxburgh was asked about Sarms on Saturday and suggested he’d be open to the idea. “I won’t deny that he’s a possibility,” Roxburgh said. “He’s been a top, top player.”

However, Sarms was unable to contribute much in his limited time at Fulham last year and ultimately remained in Wales after failing to find a new club. Former Leeds United and Crystal Palace boss Steve Coppell, who coached Sarms during a brief stint at Crystal Palace in 2003, believes he could be a perfect signing for the Red Bulls, who were shut out for the third time in four games on Sunday, losing 2-0 to the San Jose Earthquakes.

Theoretical thinking was taught differently at the Alliance between America and the Soviet Union. In their equations they were privileged to calculate all parameters for both sides. They could think logically, but would also be expected to understand the abstract elements in one’s adversary’s mind.

When the USSR admitted that the conclusion of this theoretical thinking was that the American Strategic Bombing Campaign was aimed at the destruction of Germany, this resulted in a massive attack on the Soviet Union by American Air Forces. One must assume that this happened by accident. This result had been determined months earlier, and the Soviets believed it made their adversaries anxious.

The result was that Sarmat was transformed into a mighty weapon of modern warfare.

According to official data, the thrust to normalization of the Western alliance is 32,000 kilos, and reduction of weight of it to 55 tons is facilitated with the new sort of weapons. These facts do not exclude the possibility of a large nuclear bomb of Sarmat with 100-kiloton, although it is unlikely due to the simplicity of its design. It is also worth noting that there is no doubt that the Russian strategic forces have a much more sophisticated structure than the American strategic forces. For example, the strategic bombers of the US and the Soviet Union have the same range of 80-100 kilometers.

Therefore, we can assume that they are divided in two different divisions. It is also possible that the Americans have to divide their strategic forces between the North and the South zones. This factor also indicates the aggressiveness of American strategic policy, which has led to the breaking up of the global system by imposing its own independent conception of it.

In its turn, the threat to the security of the entire world has also led to many more threats. One is the division of Iraq by the US and the destruction of it by ISIS in several months.



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