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After sharing it with a few journalists, Aphex sent out a press release via Drummond & Drummond’s agency to clarify it: “The project is a brainchild of Mike Smerdon, an artist who has been closely associated with Aphex for many years. The artwork will celebrate their longstanding friendship and passion for discovering and breaking new ground in experimental music.” The introduction made clear the only connection was that the graphic designer had collaborated on a piece called “Morse Code For Bloodshed,” which had been turned into a T-shirt with Aphex’s label, Rough Trade, in 2006.

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Titled “Black Mirror,” this piece was completed by Aphex’s friend Steven Sarelson in 2008. It depicts a man frozen in time, Buy sarms with the lyrics to “Abdulla Yosuf” on his chest. The finished version, which has since been revealed, was subsequently stolen. The same fate would have likely have befallen the version Aphex contributed to Smerdon’s “Black Mirror” piece.

The catalog for this project is over 30 pages and is available here.

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Aphex Twin and Sonic Youth were friends during their time as icons of Detroit and hardcore. Although the two have been distancing themselves from each other ever since they parted ways, sometimes the closest friends don’t share such an enduring connection.

Aphex spoke to Pitchfork in 2007 about why he’s become friends with Sonic Youth. “How I ended up becoming friends with Sonic Youth is actually not relevant at all. That’s the way it is, you meet people through work.”

After dropping a new drum machine sample every week for more than a decade, Aphex told Rolling Stone the proliferation of sampling was “very frustrating” because it presented a challenge for both him and music critics. “It’s the job of reviewers to find patterns in the future, and when it happens that often you think it’s very frustrating because every one is different. It’s hard to find a pattern.”


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