Once you are on the first page of Google with the strength of your keyword, as we discussed in the previous lesson, we will now discuss the key to staying on the first page of Google.

You need to add links to your site to help keep your site on the first page of Google. If other search engine sites have stronger keywords and links, you will be moved down and they will be ahead of you. If they have more backlinks than you, it will be very difficult to get ahead of them.

So how do we get backlinks?

 Indeed, it requires dedication, persistence and consistency. There are several software products out there that you can put in your URL, keywords, ping them and they will send you URL backlinks. But just because you have these link resources doesn’t mean they link to your site.

Even if you ping them with your URL, they won’t be added automatically. I learned this the hard way. I got a bunch of backlinks and kept checking through “Firefox SEO Quake” (free site) to see if they linked to my site. And guess what, even after a month we had no links!!

So, back to the drawing board to figure out how to get backlinks to our site.

 I watched several videos on You Tube, I watched various videos sent to my email and finally… I got it!

See, everyone just tells you to “buy PBN my backlinks” or “support these free site backlinks”… But no one tells you what to do with them once you get them, right?

Today we will explain how to get backlinks and what to do with them. There are several free resources for getting backlinks, such as freebacklinktool.com. You enter your URL, keywords and click the ping button and wait 30 minutes for around 500 free pinged backlinks to appear. And we did that and got our 500 backlinks, and then we waited 2 weeks to check if they were added to the site, but… nothing happened!

But now we know why? Even if you get 500 backlinks,

 You need to go to each of these sites and leave a comment in the comment box of that URL. Nobody told us that part!

Now you can pay someone to link to your site by ordering it from Fiverr dot com for $5.00. But in the end, you have to break up those comments and put them on different websites or blogs yourself to get a link to your site. Do a Google search for your keywords. Enter your keyword in the search box and type “leave a comment”. Example- Travel agency “leaves a comment” and it opens sites that allow comments.

You can also do this in a couple of different ways. Google likes to see links that have your keyword in the URL. You can enter your URL into Google search and it will show multiple listings.

Look at the bottom of the Google page, there are different keywords related to your keyword that you can go to and also leave your comment on their pages.

Look at the bottom of the Google page,

 There are different keywords related to your keyword that you can go to and also leave your comment on their pages. You can also go to guest blogs or guest blogs (don’t forget to enter “leave a comment”) with your keywords and leave comments on their pages. Make sure they have a box asking for your URL as well. It is very important for Google to know your site URL in order to add a link.

Most people who own this site want to read all comments before posting them on their site. It might say “your comment is awaiting moderation”, which means the site owner needs to approve it before it can be posted. Make sure you don’t advertise your site in comments or leave your URL.

People who just advertise their site are considered spam

And your comment will likely be trashed by the site owner. Your time is valuable. If you take the time to leave a comment on the blog, try to get it accepted the first time. Don’t be disappointed, take your time and enjoy!

Look at other posts, and if you see other sites leave your URL after your comment, you can leave your own (but some sites won’t accept your post if you put your own), so check it out first. This reduces your chances of getting your comment approved and getting a link back to your site if they don’t accept URLs. Just be polite. Read the article that the owner put on the site and comment on it. Leave your name and URL, email address in the boxes shown. Your email address will remain private.

You may or may not agree with the site owner.

 You can add a nice comment about why you disagree with what they posted. But if you’re ugly, argumentative, or rude, your comments will definitely not go down well, so be honest and polite. After all, you take the time to go to these sites, leaving comments to get backlinks, right? You might as well spend your time and approve the comment to get a link to your site. For more information visit our website https://www.digitalmarketing1on1.com/guest-posting-blog-posting-networks

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