Bigg Boss Season 15 – Winners of 15

Bigg Boss Marathi is a popular reality show in the country that features real people as housemates. Mahesh Manjrekar is the new host of the show. Mahesh is also the director of the film Antrim: The Final Truth. The Marathi version of the show will feature real people in the house, including Shiv Thakare, who was the runner-up in season 14.big boss season 15 marathi

Season fifteen of the Bigg Boss show has different rules, including the house rule of AdgalichiKholi, which is basically leaving the contestants back and then walking away with the prize money. Unlike the Hindi version, the Marathi version of the show will feature 15 celebrities competing for the title of the Marathi house. The criteria for contestants to win the Marathi house is different, but if they have talent and are willing to give it their all, they are likely to win.

There are many reasons to watch Bigg Boss Marathi. The show’s high ratings and wide appeal have helped make it a popular choice among viewers. Despite the high stakes and controversial nature of the show, the contestants have entertained fans all season long. Now, only six contestants remain, and the audience can’t wait to see who will emerge victoriously! This is a good sign for the show and the industry in general.

When Big Boss Announced Their Results

Abhijit Bichukale is a well-known Marathi leader and has been an active member of the Marathi community for many years. He will be competing against Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai. The competition in the Bigg Boss season is set to be fierce this year, and the results will be announced on April 15. You can catch all the action on the show on the official website and watch it live on the television.

BB Marathi season three premiered on September 19, 2021. The show was hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar. During the premiere episode, the top 3 contestants were announced. This is the first time a Marathi version of the show will have a TOP 5 cast. In addition to the contestants, the season also features several special guests. The celebrity housemates will be chosen from the general public.

After the first two episodes, the show will return to Marathi on October 29. The finale of the Marathi version of Bigg Boss will feature a new ‘Temptation Room’ where the contestants have to give something up in exchange for access to the room. During the finale episode, Vishal Nikam will be the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi season 3!

In the Marathi version of Bigg Boss Marathi, Mahesh Manjrekar has promised surprises for the contestants. He has also promised to make the contestants feel that the show is not just a reality show but a “real life” one. The cast of the show is based on the Dutch Big Brother format and has a total of 15 housemates. The main cast of the show is composed of a mix of celebrities, including Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee.

Bigg Boss Marathi is the second season of the show. The first season aired on 15 April 2018. The show featured 19 housemates and ran for 98 days. The winners were Megha Dhade and Pushkar Jog. They had similar personalities and were chosen by Mahesh Manjrekar. There are also different cast members from the Hindi version. The Marathi Bigg Boss Marathi is broadcast on Colors TV and Voot.

It has two seasons and Mahesh Manjrekar is the host. The Marathi version of Bigg Boss is also being broadcast in Hindi. The cast of the show is the same as the Hindi version.

Big Boss 15 Poston Due To Covid Problems

Mahesh Manjrekar is the host of the Marathi version of Bigg Boas. It is a popular reality show that has been running for two seasons. The Marathi version of the show is hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar. The series has been translated into five languages, including Marathi. As of the present, it has five contestants and the final will be on December 26.

Bigg Boss season 15 Marathi will debut on April 15, 2018. The Marathi version will feature actors and celebrities from the Marathi film industry as housemates. The actors are known for their roles in movies such as Dakkhancha Raja Jyotiba and Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji. Mahesh Manjrekar will also appear on the show as a mentor and scold the housemates.

The show follows the same format as the English version, with the main difference being the language. In Marathi, the contestants have to meet the criteria to win the house. The show is hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar. Each episode will feature a celebrity interview, and the contestants will be nominated every week. The viewers are also asked to vote for the contestants they want to save from the eviction process. The contestant with the least number of votes is evicted and sent home.

In the season 15 Marathi version of Bigg Boss, 15 marathi famous personalities will compete for a chance to win the grand prize. The show is being aired on Colors Marathi, and the show’s cast has been revealed. Each contestant is expected to face challenges as they compete for the title. For Marathi viewers, Voot is the place to go for all your Bigg Boss Marathi updates. You can also visit the official website of the show to learn more about the upcoming seasons.

All Contestants Checked COVID-19 Test

The rules of Bigg Boss Marathi are similar to the rules and eviction procedure. The housemates are prohibited from tampering with electronic equipment, leaving the house without permission, and discussing the nomination process. Nominations can be for many reasons. If the reason is grave, the housemates may be directly eliminated from the show. There are also a number of controversies that the show has been involved in.

As the last two seasons featured the top six contestants, Bigg Boss Marathi’s season 3 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 virus. In the meantime, season 3 of Bigg Boss Marathi will feature 16 contestants. The series will feature two wild card entries, new games, and different areas of the house. The producers of the show are planning to make this year’s finale the most memorable yet.

Bigg Boss Marathi season 3 premiered on September 19, 2021. The show was hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar and has an interesting theme of ‘Roya’. This season’s finale will see Meenal Shah and Shiv Thakare as the winner of the show. These two contestants have made it to the Top Three. The winners of the show will be announced on September 25th.

The show’s first season premiered on 15 April 2018. It ran for 98 days, involving 19 contestants. The show’s theme was ‘Roya’ and the house was constructed in Gurgaon Film City. Megha Dhade, who won the season, was the first runner-up, while Pushkar Jog, who finished second, took second place. The Marathi version of the Bigg Boss Marathi premiere has received a huge amount of votes and is inching towards the trophy.

The Marathi version of Bigg Boss was launched in Colors in Marathi in April 2019. The show is produced by the same team and is broadcast on Colors Marathi. The show consists of daily and weekend episodes. Each day features the main events of the previous day, while the weekends focus on the interview of the evicted contestant. Each week, two contestants are nominated by the housemates. The viewers vote for the contestants they think should be saved from eviction. The contestant with the least votes is the one that must go.

Winding Up Discussion!!!!

The Marathi version of Bigg Boss Marathi has 16 contestants, including a wild card entry. The show also features different areas in the house. In addition to the contestants, the Marathi version of the show includes a host of celebrities. During the season, the competition is fierce and a lot of people have a hard time choosing their favorite. Its popularity is rising day by day.



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