Best YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

Best YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

Do you know many You Tubers earn millions of dollars each year like Ryan Kaji and Jimmy Donaldson earned 29.5 and 24 million dolor respectably, in 2020? It means YouTube has a lot of potentials to make a decent amount of money. You need to start a YouTube channel and create high-quality content.

But are you not starting channels because you don’t have the confidence to show up your Face in videos or don’t have a enough budget to afford setup for recording videos? Worry not still; you can create a YouTube channel without showing your Face. Yea, you’re read it rightly. Although, YouTube put some limitations on their monetization policy.

But if you create unique content, you can earn money from this platform using voice-over videos, but content should be quality and valuable for users. And later on, when you have many followers or confidence to expose your Face, you can always switch to doing so. Also, make sure you have an excellent laptop to edit YouTube videos. Keep in mind not every PC is capable of heavily executing heavy graphical work like editing.

The desired laptop should have a fast processor, good RAM, oversized display screen, and suitable GPU. For example, 8GB of RAM, i5 CPU, at least 14inches screen, 256 or 512GB SSD storage, and a dedicated graphics card with 2GB memory are excellent specifications to get desired work. Furthermore, you can check this guide to find the best Laptop for YouTube video editing.

So in this article, we’re going to share the eight best YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your Face.

Creating a YouTube Channel:

First of all, you have to make a Google account. If you don’t have a Gmail, you can make it quickly and for free. Then create a channel and select the name of the channel that represents your niche. Write SEO-optimized descriptions that should be attractive and have keywords that can help rank your channel on top. You can use logo and graphic using canvas free tool. Some other helpful tool tools will help you in your journey.

vidIQ and TubeBuddy: For keywords research and optimization

Camtasia: To record videos

Social Blade: To check channel statistics

Streamlabs OBS – Free Live-Streaming and Screen Recorder. 

Also, you’ll need a good media player to check videos quality before publishing. There are many good free video players for windows 10 like VLC, Got Player, Gom Player.

Seven Best YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face:

1 Make a video on PowerPoint slides:

If you’re you’re a Microsoft Office expert; then you can create a YouTube channel without showing your Face just by creating PowerPoint slides on voice-over videos. Just make an excellent video on different animation and designing presentations. Many Channels are working on this niche and earning then why you cannot you start? Another way to create is Google slides and later them to create videos.

2 Animations on a Whiteboard

You can make videos through excellent whiteboard animation software. It is used to create films and physical drawings. Also, the best way for creating marketing videos for your business and also for educational purposes. In whiteboard animation, we can generally focus on your content to attract your audience. It was time-consuming and required strong artists’ skills to make such types of videos in the past. But now, you can use different software for whiteboard animation like VideoScribe or Doodly to create videos very easily.

3 Cooking Channel

Cooking is a great niche idea to start a channel without showing Face. And there are many successful YouTube channels on this niche, like the Nepal food channel and the yummy food world, who are earning a good amount of money. So if you’re an expert in cooking, it is the best time to show your skill to the world. You need a camera to show up the recipe ingredient and cooking procedure.

4 Videos of travel:

If you travel a lot, then you can make short videos about your traveling experience. When it comes to travel and adventure, people prefer to view actual videos of the location. You can capture the beautiful views using a camera and speak out about your experience. Many successful travel channels make videos of the place they visit with voice narration in the background.

5 Nail Art Channel

Nail art is a creative way of painting, decorating, and attracting the audience. You can make different styles of nails shapes of fingernails and toes. A nail art channel is the best option for you because you only need to show your finger and record your voice. Simply Nailogical is a channel that started with low and has significant numbers of followers. In videos, you can show different nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and the most popular nail polish for the audience according to trend.

6 Gaming Channel:

Gaming is a most famous niche to create a channel on YouTube where you don’tdon’t have to show your Face. You play popular games, record them using a screen recorder and then upload them on your channel. It is simple YouTube ideas that save your time and help to earn money. An excellent example of a gaming channel is shirrako and PewDiepie. Make your clips by adding a funny commentary or show how to defeat a tricky boss. Remember, it’s all about adding value to the viewer.

7 Product Reviews:

Most people check the reviewson YouTube videoand feedback of the product in the online process and make a final choice. We often look at reviews to help us to make up our minds. You done don’t have to show your Face. And select any product and highlight all good and bad quality in it. If someone else wants to buy the same effect, he can see your reviews before making a purchase, and even you can earn through affiliate commission on the product you’ll recommend.


If you are unwilling to show your Face on YouTube, videos should not prevent you from being the next successful you tuber. Hope, so the list of creating faceless video ideas will help you complete your YouTube channel. Remember that you may want to make it easier and attractive for your audience. Success won’t happen overnight. If you’re going to earn a lot of money, you need to regularly upload fresh, engaging and quality content.

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