Best Ways To Learn Android Programming For Beginners

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Hello everyone, if you are excited about creating mobile games and applications. And if you want to learn to develop android apps or become an Android application developer, you have come to the right place.
In this blog, I share some of the best android development programming languages for a newbie. First, Java was the only language for android development. But when Google announced Kotlin as the standard language for creating android applications, you can now use both Kotlin and Java to develop android apps.
The process to learn android programming for beginners is difficult because of complex coding in Android development. If you are not sure about learning Android, then I want to tell you that this technology will give you incredible reach in the world.


What is Android? 

Android is an open-source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and computers. The android operating system was developed by Google and later by Open Handset Alliance. Java language and Kotlin language are mainly used to write android code. The purpose of the android project is to create a real-world product that improves the mobile experiences for users.
Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly bean, Sandwich, Froyo, Donut, Éclair are all android versions. You can use any of these for your purposes.

Android’s key benefits and features

  • Android operates on many smartphones. The best models are the Samsung Galaxy Z fold3, MI 11 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S20. 
  • Android can do most innovations such as friendly web, email browsing, and touch screen menu. Multitasking is the innovation of Android, which the iPhone has now adopted.
  • More advanced features on the phone depend on the exact model of the phone which you are using. Most of all, phones have the option of camera and video and GPS for satellite navigation.
  • Android phones have their app store in google play. Over one million apps are available in the play store related to games, price comparison, photography, news, and painting.
  • Android is an open-source system and is easily modified and personalized than iPhone. The app store of Android is less restrictive.


Different languages for Android Development that help you to learn Android

You can create android apps using either Kotlin or Java. Please learn the basics of any programming language before getting started with androids such as OOPS and other such concepts. Here are some languages to learn android programming for beginners:


  • Java was the 1st programming language official at that time, which was used to develop android apps.
  • The user base and support community are more in Java. Also, it is older than Kotlin.
  • Android is the structure written in Java language to code an android application. You need to learn Java and make yourself easy with syntax.
  • Java is a main language in which we can make different types androids apps.


  • Kotlin was introduced as an official first-class language for android development by Google in 2017.
  • Kotlin is a programming language that is extraordinary than Java, and Kotlin has a more compact structure and fewer crashes which makes writing code easier.
  • Kotlin was launched by Jetbrains, who invented IntelliJ IDE.
  • Due to the Kotlin language length of code decreased, which makes android development much easier.
  • Nowadays, Kotlin is the choice for all android developers.
NOTE: But for beginners in android development having no experience in any line of code or the programming language. First, learn Java android web development, then switch to Kotlin.

XML(Extensible Markup Language)

  • XML is mainly used to design the UI/UX of an app, its presentation, layouts, etc.
  • It describes data and introduces elements like fixing the layout of things like buttons and images.XML set font, color, and text. 
  • XML represents views in layout, and Java or Kotlin instructs them how to behave. It does not need to learn in-depth before you can learn with practice.

Android SDK provided by google. 

  • Android SDK stands for Software Development Kit, which google generates for the android platform.
  • Android SDK is a collection of software development tools and libraries which help to create android apps easily.
  • It adds necessary utilities to help android developers call different APIs created by google to control devices and services.
  • Gradle, an emulator, build tool, platform tool are all components of android SDK.

Using Android Studio IDE(Integrated Development Environment)

  • There are so many IDEs for Android, but Android Studio is the best IDE for android development. Android studio is for both beginners and experienced Android developers.
  • Created on top IntelliJ IDE developed by google for android application development.
  • On May 16, 2013, Google announced an official IDE for android development, and it comes with great support for most of the many android SDKs.
  • It has tools like memory monitors, CPU monitors, code debugger, helping developers ensure that their code will support high performance on a mobile device.

What is Android Activity?

An activity describes a single screen with a user interface in the same way as a window or frame of Java. Android Activity is part of the Context Theme Wrapper class.

If you ever worked with C, C++, or Java programming language, you must have seen that your program starts from the primary () function. Similarly, the Android system starts its program within an Activity, starting with creating a callback method. 

A chain of callback methods that start an activity and a series of callback methods that tear down activity as shown in the below Activity life cycle diagram: 

Android Activity lifecycle

Activity class describes the callbacks, i.e., events. You do not need to perform all callback methods, and you have to understand each one and execute only those that ensure your app behaves in the way which users expect.

What are Android Libraries?

This category includes those Java-based libraries which are essential to android development. Libraries in this category involve application framework libraries that promote user interface building, graphics design, and database introduction. A review of some key android libraries available to the android developer are as follows:

  • Android. App- is the basis of all Android applications.
  • Android. Content– Helps in content access, publishing, and messaging between applications and application elements.
  • Android. Database – Used to run data published by content providers and includes SQLite database, management class.
  • Android.OpenGL- A Java interface to OpenGL ES 3D graphics providing API.
  • Android. Os-Provided applications run to standard operating system services, including messages, system services, and inter-communication.
  • Android. Text -Used to provide manipulated text on the device display.
  • Android. View −Block building of application user interface.
  • Android. Widget -A collection of already building user interface components such as list, views, labels, radio buttons, etc.
  • Android.WebKit − A set of classes designed to allow web-browsing skills to be developed into applications.

Now, it is time to turn our attention to the C/C++-based libraries in this Android software stack layer.

Conclusion: Learn Android Programming For Beginners

In this blog, we have provided detailed information to learn android programming for beginners. They also tell you what Android is, what are Android’s key benefits and features and what types of languages you must know for Android Development. Android platform is becoming popular with developers and has powerful strength in the smartphone market worldwide. As more companies develop mobile apps for customer satisfaction, android development skills remain in high demand.

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