YouTube is a famous video streaming website that has lots of educational, informative, and entertainment assets. Unfortunately, YouTube does not have a characteristic that allows users to directly download or convert videos on their computer or phone.

YouTube MP4 converter is a tool that allows you to bypass this reduction. However, there are many online YouTube video converters; not all produce high-quality videos or enable you to download podcasts and channels or offer great user skills.

We have tested most of them and searched these as the best YouTube to MP4 converters you should use. Downloading YouTube videos with these tools is free. But the premium editions will offer you advanced characteristics like batch download, unlimited podcast, and channel download. Following are some tools to convert


Best tool for Converting YouTube videos and cutting irrelevant parts on Windows, Mac, and Android

iTubeGo is a YouTube MP4 converter that permits fast HD video download from more than 10,000 websites. The software produces different video formats and qualities that you can save on your computer or phone.

With iTubeGo, you can cut and download important clips of a video that you want. It also comes with an in-built browser that gives you effortless access to different video streaming platforms.

iTubeGo enables you to convert to many other video and audio formats.

4K Downloader

Best for Downloading YouTube videos up to 4thousand resolution on Mac and Windows

The 4K downloader application is one of the best YouTube MP4 converters that allows you to save videos from YouTube on your computer in high-quality MP4 format. You can download these videos in resolutions up to 4thousand and 8thousand.

As one of the best YouTube MP4 online converters, the 4thousand video downloader allows you to save Youtube podcasts and channels on your computer with a simple click of a button. You can also extract subtitles and audio in their best features.

By Click Downloader

Best tool for your YouTube to Mp4 converter videos and Downloading on Windows

By Click Downloader is one of the great YouTube to MP4 converters that offers simple schemes for downloading and converting videos from platforms like YouTube. The converter has a single interface that gives you avail to all the features of the application.

You can set up the Auto Detect formats so that you get an alert to download a video when you are on YouTube or other supported platforms. With a single click, you can download the whole video on a YouTube channel or podcast in high MP4 resolutions.

YTD Video Converter

Best tool For Converting YouTube videos to MP4 on Mac, Windows, Androids, iPhone.YTD Video Converter is a fantastic YouTube video converter that you can download for free. Just like other converters, you can save all the videos on a YouTube channel or on a podcast in MP4 features through the software.

One more strange quality of this application is that it supports video conversion to many other features and qualities. You can use the ‘Cut’ feature to remove unwanted parts of a video during conversion.

Snap Downloader

Best tool For Searching and saving YouTube in MP4 in volume.

Snap Downloader is one of the best YouTube MP4 Convert that has rapid download and conversion speed.

This YouTube to MP4 converter allows video download on about 900 websites, and you can avail some of them on the built-in browsers.

Videoproc Converter

Best tool For Downloading and converting short YouTube videos to MP4 on Mac and Windows

Videoproc is the best YouTube video converter that has other formats like a video editor, screen recorder, and webcam. The tool has a simple yet broad interface. With just a click of a button, your target videos will appear in distinct downloadable features.

VideoProc converter supports video shortening without loss in quality. It also boasts 24 times faster video encoding and decoding because of an in-built GPU acceleration format.


Best tool For Downloading and Converting YouTube videos at once.

Vidjuice is also one of the most reliable online YouTube MP4 converters/downloaders accessible. It permits you to download and convert videos simultaneously from up to a thousand video websites.

The program also allows multiple files download and can give a video quality output of up to 8 thousand HD quality. You can save the videos in your favourite channels and podcasts with just a single click of the “Paste URL” button.

YT Saver

Best tool For Windows and Mac free YouTube Converter

YT Saver is a free video downloader and converter that carries MP4 formats and other video and audio features. The program permits you to download and convert your favourite videos from websites rising to 10000 in number.

It also has a built-in browser for each of these video streaming/flowing platforms for easier availability. With its Turbo rapid feature, you can set your wanted download speed. It also allows batch and podcast downloads.

Conclusion of YouTube to MP4 Convertors

Since there are so many YouTube to MP4 converters available, restricting your inquiry to only one is almost unimaginable. Picking a YouTube to MP4 converter is a complicated cycle, and there are numerous interesting points. Each device has its own interesting arrangement of elements and characteristics, and the YouTube to MP4 converter might be chosen in view of its attributes


What are the Best YouTube Converters?

Following is our list of the best tools for YouTube to MP4 converters suitable for Windows, Mac and smartphones.

  • iTubeGo
  • 4K Converters
  • By Click Downloader
  • YTD Video Converter
  • Snap Downloader
  • VideoProc
  • VidJuice
  • YT Saver

Why Use YouTube MP4 Converter and Downloader?

You want YouTube MP4 converters for the following reasons:

  • To download YouTube videos in MP4 features
  • To convert YouTube videos to other features like MP3, AVI, M4A, etc.
  • Use YouTube video converters to improve or demote the quality of videos.
  • Use YouTube MP4 converters to download entire podcasts or videos on a YouTube channel.
  • With such software, you do not have to be upset about watching videos with ads in between

Why Should You Save YouTube Videos to MP4 Format?

MP4 is the most versatile video format because it comes with some tempting formats. Here is why you should save YouTube videos in MP4 features:

  • It carried on many video players like VLC, GOM Player, and Windows Player.
  • Video subtitles can effortlessly be integrated into MP4 features because it supports the features.
  • MP4 format is not only compatible with modern technology but also produces HD video output.

What are video formats supported by YouTube MP4 downloaders?

YouTube MP4 Downloaders Support Many Video features Like:

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • WMA
  • M4A
  • WEBP
  • 3GP

However, a single downloader may not support all these file features at the same time. Each has the features they support.

How do I Save YouTube Videos to My Phone?

Follow these steps to save YouTube videos on your phone using the itubego application.

Step 1) Go to and download the application. The real one is not on the Play store.

Step 2) Install and launch the application.

Step 3) Copy and paste the YouTube video link you want to download

Step 4) Permit the download process to complete

Alternatively, click the YouTube icon on the interface. Find and download your wanted video through the download link provided.

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