Benefits Of Studying A Professional Year Program In Australia

In a recently conducted survey, Australia was the third most preferred study destination in the world. Global universities, advanced academic structure, friendly local people, highly qualified faculties, and pleasant weather throughout the year have made the country ‘Down Under’ one of the hot favorites among overseas students.

However, many international students graduating from Australian universities are still not aware of the Professional Year Programs offered by several institutes. From this blog, you can understand the importance of the Professional Year Programs.

Professional Year, more aptly called the Job Preparedness program is a structured career development designed to enhance a student’s ability to obtain employment in their chosen discipline by applying technical skills and knowledge in the Australian workplace and culture.

What Is A Professional Year Program?

A Professional Year Program is an organised one-year program that provides formal learning and workplace training to international students. Who have completed graduation from an Australian university. This program takes 44 weeks to approved by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). Out of this total period, 12 weeks are provided for completing a workplace training program. So gaining relevant practical work experience can also help you smoothly proceed through a possible career path.

Applicants must hold, or have applied for, the subclass 485 Temporary Residence visa. They can be on a Bridging visa or Student visa, but must have applied for the 485 visa and provide evidence. 485 visa holders must have a valid visa for the duration of the Professional Year program. Engineering graduates with a positive skill assessment form Engineers Australia and holding a 476 visa (Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa) are also eligible for an Engineering Professional Year.

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Why was the concept of the Professional Year Program developed by the DIBP?

Right now, there is a shortage of sufficient skilled workers in different employment sectors in Australia.
To make sure the supply of skilled workers in industrial sectors like engineering, accounting, and IT meets the demand, the DIBP has developed the concept. Various Australian universities have also extended their help in initiating the program. In addition to the professional year accounting Adelaide, PYPs are also offered in other two disciplines – Engineering and Computer Science.

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What are the benefits of attending a Professional Year Program?

Completing a Professional Year Program in Australia will offer you several key benefits, as discussed here.

  • A Professional Year Program helps to develop communicative skills, practical experience and knowledge of Australian workplace and culture.
  • It also helps to gain 5 migration points towards an international student’s PR application.
  • It adds value to your CV.
  • Develops practical skills through a professional internship
  • Helps to obtain a Professional Year certificate
  • Aids to enhance the career prospects of International Students and broadens their opportunity in the field of IT, accounting and Engineering.
  • It also facilitates networking with peers and other industry professionals.

It will provide internship opportunities

Sometimes, many graduated students find it challenging to get placed in the preferred job role that will suit their own skills and qualifications. But doing a Professional Year Program will make their life easier as it opens a lot of pathways. Which they can also use to find rewarding jobs. So one of the important reasons behind it is that PYPs offers internship programs in a relevant organisation.

Numerous top-rated Australian institutions offer important internship programs in big companies for students attending a PYP. Also, most candidates manage to find a permanent position with the companies after completing this program. In addition, the internship program will also add great value to your CV. To improve your chances of getting placed at other Australian companies.

You can grow your professional network

Another significant benefit of a PYP is that it helps a student expand their social and professional networks. So you will come across a significant number of professionals in your chosen field. Which will allow you to interact with people who may have the same objectives and interests as you.

You will become familiar with the workplace atmosphere prevailing in Australia

When it comes to workplace practice and codes of conduct, every company has its standards. The 12-week internship program in a PYP will help you understand how Australian professionals work and maintain the balance between their lives and work.

For example, if you attend a Professional Year Program in Accounting. So you will get the scope of completing an accounting internship in a business organisation. There, you will learn how Australian accountants work alongside bookkeepers, maintain the cash flow. Use the latest accounting software, and help the business stay compliant with the standard regulations.

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You will earn 5 additional points toward your permanent residency visa application

Successful completion of a Professional Year Program will also help you achieve 5 additional points towards your permanent residency application. There are several points-based visas under the General Skilled Migration Program of the Department of Home Affairs, and to be eligible for those visas. You will be required to obtain a minimum score of 60.

While your age, English language proficiency, academic qualification, and work experience will award you several points, having a PYP certificate will be an added advantage. You can achieve 5 additional points with your PYP qualification. As even a one-point difference significantly matters in these applications, you can understand how important these 5 points will be.

Australia is well known for its friendly locals and excellent environment to live in. If you desire to live here permanently, completing a PYP will not be a bad idea.

Who can be eligible to apply for a PYP?

You will be eligible to apply for a Professional Year Program only if you satisfy the following eligibility criteria.

  • You should have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree by an Australian university. Keep in mind that the degree should not be older than 6 months.
  • Only graduates in Accounting, Computer Science, and Engineering are eligible to apply for a PYP. You need to minimum 2 years to to study at an approved Australian education.
  • Only under 50 are allowed to enrol in this program.
  • At the time of application, you should hold a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. This is a temporary visa granted to an international graduate. Who is allowed to stay, work and study in Australia for 18 months to 4 years, depending upon the stream they choose and their academic qualifications.
  • You should have adequate skills in a specific skilled occupation present on the relevant SOL (Skilled Occupations’ List). You have to undertake a valid skills assessment conducted by an appropriate assessing authority.
  • To prove you have English language skills, you must score at least 6 overall band scores in your IELTS exam.

Final Words

Once you finish reading this blog, you can understand how beneficial it can be to complete a PYP from an approved Australian institute. It will help you in your career development and improve your chances to become a PR in Australia. So, if you are interested in enrolling in a Professional Year Course in Adelaide. Search for the institutes and choose the option that suits you the best. Professional Year Program gives international graduates from Australian tertiary providers the practical job skills and training needed to enhance their career prospects. A practical pathway from university to employment, Professional Year Program ensures that graduates are job-ready.

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