Beard Transplant: 5 Tips for Growing Your Permanent and Natural Look 

Get a quote for beard transplant cost if you are interested in restoring natural facial hairs. This is the safe and most effective beard growth treatment you may want.

Nothing looks more beautiful and elegant than growing a thick and healthy beard. Being a man, the beard will boost your personality and gives you a true sense of masculinity. Though, producing a thick and dense beard requires time and maintenance. But, due to some genetic problems, you might not be able to have full facial hair. So, you can consider getting surgical beard transplant treatment in such a situation. A surgeon would implant healthy grafts into your facial skin by extracting them from the scalp. The implanted grafts would grow back with full potential, making your beard thick and strong. A Beard transplant costs less than a scalp hair transplant, which you can easily afford. So, consulting with a hair surgeon is what you need to do for the treatment. However, unless you are a lucky fellow, you must require some work to grow a natural-looking beard. Here are five tips that you must follow to improve your beard growth.

Embrace your beard

The style, thickness, and growth rate of a beard vary from person to person. So, comparing your beard style with others would not make you confident. Therefore, you must seek your specifications when holding the kind of beard. With a beard transplant Los Angeles, you can get a healthy beard by discussing your growth goals. If you want the correct beard pattern, then frequent shaving is not the solution. A surgeon carefully implants donor hairs into your facial skin during beard implants. This would undoubtedly grow your beard in the way you want.

Work on patchy beard

Having a patchy beard on the face will affect your looks. It would be helpful if you worked on patches to cover your facial skin with a beard. For this, you can consider facial hair restoration as a critical solution. Alopecia, genetics, and hormonal imbalances can cause patchy beard growth among men. So, consulting with an expert is the best thing you can do for yourself. It helps you cover the bald patches on your face to give full hair coverage. Hence, you can get a beard with total growth and expand it to the correct length.

Get the seamless groomed look.

Remember that the beard will look natural when it matches the existing facial hairs. It would help if you only oversaw a solution that fits precisely the naturally grown inches. Hence, you can get the results when you opt for facial hair restoration. An expert surgeon would take the donor hairs that match your facial hairs. For instance, chest hairs can match the requirement for curly beard hairs that can blend with natural facial hairs. Using follicles behind the head will be enough for straight coats. However, using hairs from other body parts can increase the overall beard transplant cost.

Find good surgeon

It is needless to mention that transplanting a full beard needs the utmost precision and skill. The hairs must be implanted with the right angle and pattern to match quality results. Full beard implants need coverage of cheeks, goatees, mustaches, and sideburns. Thus, you must visit the best hair transplant surgeon to serve the purpose. A skillful surgeon can understand your needs well to form the right treatment plan. Therefore, the donor’s hair grafting will be executed by extracting healthy follicles to grow the beard thicker. The surgeon can also remove flaws such as scars by using different numbers of hair follicles.

Follow the guidelines

After getting the service of beard transplant Los Angeles, you need to follow the aftercare guidelines. It is an outpatient procedure, so that you would return home the same day. But the surgeon would give instructions on how to care for implanted facial hairs. You probably experience some pain and discomfort during the initial phase of beard implants. But you will be prescribed pain medications to relieve the symptoms. Also, you will be advised to wash your face carefully after treatment. It takes around 6 to 9 months for total beard growth after transplantation.

To sum up

A Beard transplant is a standard procedure accessible for men who have uneven and patchy facial hair growth. It is a proven treatment to grow facial hair speedily with total thickness. You can consult the hair surgeon to discuss work, benefits, and beard transplant costs. With these five tips, you can get the beard of your dreams to personify your looks.