American Lithium Announces Financial and Operating Results for the Period Ended May 31, 2022

American Lithium Corporation is a leading firm that is pleased to announce its operating and financial results report. The financial results for three months ended on May 31. Otherwise, the Company stated that all amounts would be presented in Canadian dollars. 

The reports have clearly explained that the Company’s financial year was extremely busy with the ramp-up in drilling and launching of the final phase of work needed to complete the maiden PEA or TLC project in Nevada. 

Also, the Company has announced that it had generated good momentum in its projects in the last couple of months. In addition, the pre-feasibility of work is underway at the targeted Falchani process and outcome. 

Besides this, at the location of Macusani, the fields continuously identify the additional uranium anomalies and the targets at the TLC company. Also, the Company presents the LICAF stock and anticipates several milestones this quarter, and looks forward to keeping its customers constantly updated.

Important Highlights During The Quarter:

Some important highlights during the quarter involved the launching of the final phase of PEA compilation at TLC and the acquisition of water rights for the TLC. The appointment of DRA global as a leading engineer, along with ANSTO minerals, has deep collective expertise in lithium processing and resource calculation in mine projects and designing construction. 

Moreover, the agreement to acquire the 431 acres of privately held agricultural lands constitutes the 1468 acre-feet of water rights owned by the Company. It brings the total water rights owned by the Company to approximately 2,500 acre-feet. This water is expected to provide sufficient water for at least the initial phases of future production at TLC.

About American Lithium Inc:

American Lithium is a member of TSX Venture 50 that is actively engaged in the development of small and large-scale lithium projects. With mining-friendly jurisdictions throughout America, this Company is currently focused on enabling the shift to the new energy paradigm.

With the continued development of the strategically located TLC lithium claystone project in the richly mineralized Esmeralda lithium district in Nevada, the Company is continuing to advance its Falchani lithium and Macusani uranium development-stage projects in southeastern Peru.

Both Falchani and Macusani corporations have been through robust preliminary economic assessments, exhibit significant solid expansion potential and enjoy strong community support. Pre-feasibility work has now commenced at Falchani.

American Lithium Inc is presenting its common shares under LIACF Stock. The recent price of this stock was 1.51 US dollars. In the previous five years, LIACF Stock held the maximum value of 6.05 US dollars on January 3, 2016.

Moreover, the lowest price of this stock in the previous five years is 0.80 US dollars. Also, the long-term assets cover the long-term liabilities and much more.