All That You Need To Know About OTT Platforms


All That You Need To Know About OTT Platforms

OTT platforms have suddenly emerged to be the primary source of entertainment these days. From Amazon Prime Video to Netflix, there are so many web-based media streaming platforms that you can enjoy almost any smart device from your smart TV to smartphone, laptop to desktop computer. If you have not been across the term OTT ever before or are not aware of what the term stands for, the post brings you all that you may need to know about the OOT platforms and their streaming services. 

What Are Over The Top Platforms?

OTTs are not something to be confused about, the term simply stands for Over-The-Top. The OTT platforms are known to provide viewers with web-based media streaming services. You can enjoy movies, web shows, sports and a lot more on the OTT platforms depending on the availability and type of the content. The OTT applications work in an integrated cloud setting where the media library is stored. Viewers are provided with an easy-to-use interface to access the library and pick the content they wish to watch. Most such media streaming platforms charge a monthly subscription fee while very few are available free for users’ access.

There are some OTT platforms that are popular globally, e.g., Amazon Prime, NetFlix while some OTT services operate locally to provide regional content to viewers of the native land. These OTT platforms have grown popular with the increasing accessibility of internet services globally. If you want to enjoy the latest movies, web shows and sports in the flexibility of your time and at the comfort of home, you can subscribe to your favourite OTT platform to enjoy your favourite screenplay. In case you don’t want a paid subscription, you have ways to enjoy the free content on your smart devices.


How To Stream OTTs Without Paid Subscription

Look at the number of OTT platforms, they are countless and their monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee – it’s around $10 to $15 monthly for a single subscription. Is it financially feasible for someone to subscribe to all OTT services with so much subscription fee? Not at all. Hacking FireStick can bring endless possibilities of entertainment for the viewers who want to enjoy free media streaming on their favourite OTT platforms.

Streaming your favourite movies and web shows on Amazon’s FireStick can be awfully expensive for the regular subscribers of the OTT (Over The Top) platforms. But if you know how to hack FireStick, you will have the liberty to enjoy free content from different OTT services. If you have been paying for Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Spotify etc. on your FireStick, hacking can unlock unlimited possibilities of free entertainment. 

You Need The Internet To Stream Media On OTTs

When it comes to streaming media, i.e., movies, web shows or music on any OTT platform, you need to make sure that you have fast and stable internet connectivity. The quality of content that you are streaming on the OTTs will depend on the speed and bandwidth of the internet connection. So what’s the minimum speed that one needs to stream the content on the OTTs? The recommended internet speed needs to be at least 25mbps. If you want to enjoy the content on the OTT platform in 4k, a plan of 40mbps internet speed will suffice for the purpose.

There Are No Annoying Ad Breaks With OTTs

Unlike satellite TV services, OTT platforms are free from annoying ads. The ad breaks that are mandatory to watch on a TV will not annoy you when streaming media on OTT platforms. Since a high subscription fee is associated with the over-the-top platforms, you are promised ad-free entertainment. With OTTs, ad break is the thing of bygone days that you had to see while enjoying your favourite movies or TV shows on television.

OTTs Are Accessible From Anywhere In The World

The best part with content streaming on OTTs is that you can access your favourite programs from anywhere in the world. All you need is fast internet connectivity. As far as you are connected to a broadband network, you can enjoy whatever you want to on the OTT platform that you have subscribed to.

OTTs Are Accessible On Multiple Devices

Everyone these days prefer to enjoy entertainment in an integrated setting on multiple devices. Thanks to OTT platforms and easy internet-based media streaming features. All OTT platforms can be accessed from multiple devices. Whether you want to enjoy your favourite shows on your smart TV at your home or want to access entertainment shows on your smartphone on the go, OTTs are just way apart.

Final Thought

OTT platforms have grown to be popular sources to enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows in recent years. The post has possibly put forth everything that you wanted to know about the OTT platforms.

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