All One Need To Know Before Starting A Career In The Child Care Sector!

All One Need To Know Before Starting A Career In The Child Care Sector! post thumbnail image

Many people often misunderstand the term ‘early childhood education. Some do not know what early childhood is and what teaching is required to become an educator in the child care sector.

Early childhood education Adelaide refers to teaching children from their birth to the age of 8 years. In such times, the young minds of children are very vulnerable and impressionable; it requires a teacher to support and develop them emotionally, physically and mentally.

Early childhood education aims to prepare young children for school and give them a good foundation for a strong lifetime of learning. It also helps understand the nature and mentality of children at that ripe age and assists them in various problems.

What Is The Work Of An Early Childhood Educator?

Early childhood educators help children develop at the early stages of their lives. One must ensure that children are provided with an overall curriculum that helps develop them in important areas. One could be working directly with children to help execute the curriculum or acting in a managerial role to help put the framework together.

  • The role and responsibilities of an early childhood educator certainly help address children’s health, including aspects of family networks and nutrition. The early stage in childhood is very important in life. So these aspects must be in place to ensure children can successfully join primary education.
  • One of the important differences between early childhood and traditional education is a bigger onus on development over teaching. This means one needs to flag concerns and work with service networks to ensure children’s physical and mental well-being are supported. This is considered an addition to educational needs.

What Skills Does One Need To Be An Early Childhood Educator?

The most apparent one is that one must enjoy working with children and have enthusiasm for helping the children learn and grow. Working with babies and small children can sometimes be difficult, and even the most adorable little children in childcare can throw huge tantrums. But as one gets to watch them develop in different ways like improving social skills, learning new words and understanding activities, one can understand the importance of their work.

Some of the skills that are needed to be a great childhood educator are-

  • Flexibility
  • Enthusiasm
  • Patience
  • Authenticity
  • Proper communication skills

One could think if they have these skills needed to work as an early childhood educator.

Where Do Early Childhood Educators Work?

Early childhood educators work in different public and private childcare centres. In this role, one could also work from home as a member of the community family daycare. The community daycare could be run by a local organisation like the church or the local government.

Is The Childcare Industry Good To Work In?

The childcare industry has a high demand and has been growing consistently. As per the government’s job outlook site, while the average wage for childhood educators is below average, they also work shorter weeks below the national average. The average wage of childcare educators is $953/week for full-time workers, but they work 41 hours every week.

A very big struggle in the childcare industry is that there are fewer numbers of qualified workers. So for those who wish to start a stable and fulfilling career in childcare could join ChildCare courses in Adelaide. These courses can help one prepare for the childcare industry.

Working In Childhood Education

To be a childhood educator, one does not need to study extensively compared to other traditional teaching routes. One can study Certificate III in education support and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Adelaide through the OC as online courses. This means that one can study the two courses whenever and wherever they want.

Both the courses are great starting places if one thinks to begin a career working alongside children. Childcare courses qualify one to work with other education professionals in a supporting role.

How To Be Qualified In Early Childhood Education?

If one has a passion for early education and has the necessary interpersonal skills, it might be a great time to get the proper qualification needed for a career. With some nationally recognised courses, one can build the foundation to start working as a teacher. The dual qualification comprises online studies and some hours of practical work; this will provide one with real-time experience working with children in a classroom.

Differences Between Early Childhood Educator And Child Care Worker

A childcare worker works in a daycare centre looking after various children. The centres could either be privately owned centres or public centres. It could also be a family daycare centre in a private, professional home.

The role of a childcare worker includes interacting and supervising with children under their care. The childcare workers help children develop social skills and prepare them for kindergarten.

An early childhood educator has a role that includes similar duties as a childcare worker. But the educators help create and implement plans that help children develop. The plans could include less formalised or structured learning. Early childhood educators like childcare workers encourage children to help develop social skills. But educators also help children to read and write; they also monitor children with behavioural and learning issues.

How Can You Take The Course?

There are two options available to take Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care Adelaide. You can either go for on-campus classes or e-learning.

  1. In-class study: Students can attend classes in a specific location in Adelaide. You have to check that on the official website of that particular institute. Classes are generally held on 4 consecutive days a week, from Monday to Thursday, beginning at 9:30 am and subsequently end at 3:00 pm, with a lunch break of half an hour. The expected duration of the course in the case of in-class study is 7 months. The classes can be held on school holidays, but not on any public holiday.
  2. E-learning: You can choose to study online according to your choice. Generally, the course lasts for a maximum period of 18 months. How early you can end will exclusively depend on your pace and potential. You can interact with the trainer either face-to-face or through phone, fax, correspondence or e-mails. You should attend practical training and also maintain monthly contact with trainers.

Career Outcomes For Early Childhood Education

Once a qualification is completed in early education and care, the doors are open for exciting career opportunities. After completing education, some of the jobs one can apply for are elementary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, family daycare educator, children’s advisor, and many more.

Other options are available, like working in public or private schools or even at early education centres. There is a great demand for early childhood educators, and it only keeps on growing.

Enrol In A Childcare Course

Witnessing the massive demand for workers in the childcare sector, one cannot help but think about various job opportunities. Those interested in securing a good job in the childcare sector could enrol in a Child Care course in Adelaide. The courses there can help mould students into the early childhood educators of tomorrow.

The Child Care Course Adelaide is a great entry point to a rewarding career. There are plenty of colleges that offer this course. For specific requirements, you must take a look at the websites before your application.

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