Advantages Of Wearing Puffer Jackets


Advantages Of Wearing Puffer Jackets

Whether you are freezing in a remote part of Serbia or are just someone who cannot handle even the slightest bit of cold, puffer jackets are the perfect winter wear. If you Google do puffer jackets keep me warm? You are only going to find one answer and that is yes! It may look slightly inconvenient considering the puffiness of the material but it is a godsend to ward off the winter chill.

It is a must have for anyone living in cold climates and even if you are someone who can’t handle the cold pretty well, we all like the snug feeling of being zipped up in a puffer jacket. So other than just keeping us warm and snug throughout winter what else is there to know about a puffer jacket? Here are some facts and information about the best winter wear.


Heat comes from both layers

Unlike wearing a hoodie or a normal jumper what makes the puffer jacket the King of warm clothes is how it traps in the heat. Initially the puffer jackets were made using goose feathers however over time while some high-quality brands still do some also use other materials such as polyester as an alternative. This material acts as an insulator between the two layers of fabric trapping heat between the layers; therefore, ensuring the inside is kept warm.


The material is waterproof

Puffer jackets are made out of waterproof material, but that was not because it was an easier material. It is especially designed to be waterproof so that it can be worn in rain or snow. The water will not seep in nor will it affect the inner layers. The heat stays trapped in and the cold is very effectively kept out.


The length and style is all brand oriented

If you have ever browsed through winter jackets then you would have noticed the different or rather leading brands all have their own way to promote their jackets. While they all serve the same purpose and are highly effective the cuts, colours and styles are more for branding than effectiveness.

Fashion and utility combined

The most annoying part of packing a puffer jacket is just how space consuming they can be in a suitcase. While some of them are designed in order to be lightweight the longer ones can be a process to roll up and pack.

Hence why they are now made to be space efficient with slits in the sides that enable you to roll it into a small package that can be dumped in a bag with ease. This is especially seen in women’s jackets, so if you want to buy puffer jacket for women make sure to get some that can be stored easily.

However, in conclusion no matter which cold climate you are in a puffer jacket is highly recommended. They are usually long lasting if used and stored right so it is important to choose the right one. A higher quality will ensure you can use it for longer.

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