Some online stores request email addresses upon the time of exit.

But, if your primary purpose is to boost Facebook likes rather than subscribers, you could create the Facebook pop-up in place.

Alternative Monster is a well-known pop-up application that lets you generate prospects and can be used to increase Facebook likes.

It is also possible to create a timer that a pop-up will appear when a user is on your site for a set amount of time.

Do not add excessive pop-ups on your site since they could be overpowering on mobile devices and make people leave quicker.

If you decide to include a similar Facebook pop-up on your site, ensure it’s the only one.

Try Out Facebook Live

The most popular videos are Facebook Live videos.

Facebook Live offers businesses a real-time platform to engage and interact with customers. For most users, Facebook Live is the ideal opportunity for companies to build their relationships with their customers by providing behind-the-scene views of their operations and news and updates about events.

Check out Facebook Live to stream your launch event. When selecting a guest, ensure that you choose an industry expert bigger than life. They ought to be able to provide you with more perspectives.

You can grow your Facebook followers by telling your customers and fans that you stream live every Tuesday, for instance click here.

Each Facebook Live video gets shown on the Facebook Live Map, so the more people watch your Livestream, the more you appear in the feed.

If you’re getting inspired, it’s time to go out and test it out for yourself. While you are brainstorming concepts for the first Live stream, be sure to keep these points in your head.

Take advantage of interactivity: Some videos on this list invite Facebook viewers to post comments, ask questions or even guess at trivia questions. Engaging in more words will not harm your algorithm, and it can give your viewers the impression that they’re an integral part of the live video experience. So, why not play with this approach?

Consider a series: If you have an ongoing show, viewers who love the first few episodes could follow the next. In time, you’ll build an audience looking at your content regularly. Suppose you have recorded the video before recording and don’t have an interactive element. In that case, you may be able to gain some attention from loyal fans who’ve seen your earlier videos.

Consider mobile formatting: If you don’t need narration for your video, think about creating music-based content that can still be watched and enjoyed thoroughly without audio. If you need narration, you can include subtitles on the lower right of the display. Apart from the background noise, you can also learn from Anderson Cooper by launching vertical streamers compatible with smartphones. These elements allow the video to be more consistent with the device and may prevent users from turning it off in a noisy, peaceful, or crowded area.

If you’re ready for it but are still convinced that you’ll need some help, read this post about how to broadcast using Facebook Live, how to examine the performance of your live video, as well as the best strategies and tricks to make maximum benefit from Facebook Live.

Create a partnership With an Influencer

If you’re looking to learn how to increase your Facebook customers, the answer is often in the influencer partnership. To ensure that your Facebook posts turn into new fans, you should try to find an influencer who can assist in driving traffic to your site. The more people you’ve got, the greater exposure you’ll receive through other platforms, which will give you an advantage in search engine results.

The majority of companies select sports personalities or musicians as influencers.

Are you aware of niche-specific pages that post unique products or exciting pieces in a specific area? They’re everywhere on Facebook. They usually have enormous audiences. They’re typically less expensive as an influencer.

This strategy is excellent for those on a limited budget. If you’d like to collaborate with an influencer who has influence, there are also influencers within your area of expertise.

Get Tagged by Other Facebook Pages

Getting organic shout-outs from Facebook pages with more followers can aid in getting more Facebook fans.

For a chance to be featured, seek out brands that regularly highlight their customers or other non-competing companies on social media.

Select the brands with the same audience as you or are at least a little related.

Learn about tweakvip and bottled and jarred packaged goods

For example, if you sell watches, you could post a photo of your eye and a brand’s sunglasses and include the brand name in the image. This may encourage them to share the article with their customers.

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