About Sickle Cell Disease

The iron that you use in the gym is very much different from the iron that is present in your blood. It is very essential to keep a check on your iron levels when you want the body to be functioning properly. There is still no clarity of this situation among people. Some don’t have their iron levels normal and do struggle with low bp, pale color, and fatigued feeling all the time. 

According to the best hematologist in Karachi, iron is one of those nutrients that takes the oxygen across the blood vessels and makes the flow smooth to the tissues and muscles of the skin.  This deficiency if occurs later in life is called anemia, however, if it is genetic and keeps affecting the red blood cells then it is said to be Sickle Cell Disease. People stay very confused about these two and link a lot of misconceptions with SCD. 

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The number of myths and misconceptions being spread has caused misinformation to spread even more. The health complication related to SCD is often not recognized and hence not treated timely by the experts. To understand it properly let’s have a look at what is true and what isn’t by looking at the myths related to sickle cell disease. 

Myth 1: Sickle Cell Disease is Contagious

Sickle Cell Disease is no doubt a disease that is by birth present in your body.  It only ours to someone if they get a gene that is of sickle cell diseases from any of their parent. The child is more likely to suffer if both of the partners are suffering from abnormal genes that cause hemoglobin. People think that if they take a blood transfusion from a person who is suffering from this particular disease will also get it.

This is never the case as the disease only spreads when the gene is inherited. A blood transfusion can never cause a person to suffer from SCD. However, there are other blood-related diseases that you can carry if there is some kind of blood transfusion is taken place brscutil

Myth 2: People die after a very short period of their diagnosis

It is humanly not possible that a person when gets to know about their disease dies immediately. Sickle cell is however a very serious disease that is most of the time recognized when it has been too late. However,  children do survive till their adulthood. In some of the severe cases, it has been seen that people usually don’t get to see their teenage life too. It is always emphasized to get your children checked for the disease, as the treatment gets easier the earl it gets diagnosed. 

The life expectancy is no doubt limited if we compare the affected person with a normal human being that is completely healthy. There has been working done to improve the treatment options for a disease like that. There would be new forms of treatment introduced where it will get easier for people to at least manage their symptoms along with a healthy lifestyle gcsecloud

Myth 3: Black/Darker Skin people suffer more from Sickle Cell Disease

The skin color has nothing to do with this disease at all. People related to any race or any region of the world can suffer from sickle cell disease as this is caused by the transfer of genes from two of the parents. 

The ethnicities like that have no role to play here. People who suffer from such diseases have bad luck in getting the wrong genes on their part. Ut it is very essential for the parents to get themselves checked before getting married so that it is easier for them to take a decision of bringing a aby that is already suffering or they change the decision of getting married altogether. 

Wrapping it up!

There has been a surge in the number of myths and misconceptions spread across the globe with the introduction of the internet. It is very essential to keep a look at the correct information to know the truth about several diseases. One f them is sickle cell disease that is mostly mixed up with anemia. However, this is a genetically transferred disease that can be treated timely.

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