AbelMed Vs UroChart EMR: All You Need To Know

AbleMed and Urochart are two of the most popular EMR systems for urology practices. Both are cloud-based, and both offer a wide range of features and tools. They also both have their pros and cons, and we’ll go over those here to help you decide which one is right for you.

Urochart  EMR  is a newer system than AbleMed, and it offers more features at a lower cost than AbleMed does. However, because it’s newer, it also has less of a track record with users compared to AbleMed. In terms of functionality, though, Urochart seems to be at least as good as AbleMed in most areas.

Urochart EMR Features

EMR interface customization: The software comes with multiple pre-built themes, but you can also customize the look and feel of the application according to your own requirements.

Patient Portal: With Urochart’s patient portal, patients can view their charts and results online. This feature is particularly useful for patients who need to share their information with other doctors or specialists. They can also request prescriptions and make appointments directly through the portal. All this can be done without the doctor’s intervention!

Advanced Charting: Urochart EMR offers advanced templates with multiple fields and options to record notes, orders, images, and lab results. It also has a built-in report generator that allows users to create reports instantly.

Electronic Medical Records: Urochart EMR is compliant with federal regulations such as HIPAA and Meaningful Use Stage 2. It supports both paperless and paper-based workflow in order to adapt to your practice needs.

Automated Coding: You can automatically code all of your patient encounters with a single click using our built-in coding engine. The system also supports third-party coding systems such as ICD10CM or LOINC for even more flexibility.

ePrescribing: Urochart EMR allows you to send prescriptions electronically through our integrated ePrescribing module which integrates directly with major pharmacy management systems such as eScript eRx or Caremark RxConnect.

AbelMed EMR Features

AbleMed EMR is a feature-rich practice management software that provides all the tools you need for running your business. The software can be integrated with a variety of other solutions, including practice management, electronic medical records, billing and coding, scheduling, and more. Below are some of the key features of this EHR system: 

Practice Management: AbelMed EMR helps you manage all aspects of your business, from insurance billing to patient registration, appointment scheduling, and accounting. You can also customize these features to fit your needs.

Electronic Medical Records: With this feature, you can store patient information in one central location so it’s available whenever you need it. The system also allows for easy transfer of data between hospitals or other facilities where your patients may receive care.

Billing & Coding: AbleMed EMR includes an extensive billing engine that facilitates all aspects of billing for your practice. It’s also compatible with several third-party payers so that you don’t have to manually enter data from each insurance company into your system.

Patient scheduling: This enables providers to schedule appointments for their patients over the phone or computer.

Patient registration: where new patients can register themselves using the software.

Charting: This allows physicians to maintain patient records and notes in one place.

Account management: where providers can create accounts for other doctors or staff members in their practice.           

Cloud backup: This protects your data from accidental loss by automatically backing up all your files on a regular basis.

Urochart EMR Reviews vs AbelMed EMR Reviews

User reviews for Urochart EMR are mostly positive. Most users say that the software is easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly. Some even call it “the best EMR” they have used. However, a few users have also complained about glitches in the system and its inability to manage multiple physicians at once.

AbelMed EMR has received mostly positive reviews as well. Users say that the software is easy to learn and offers many features that other systems do not have. However, some users have complained about bugs in the system which make it difficult to access certain areas or perform certain tasks.

Urochart EMR Pricing vs AbelMed EMR Pricing

AbleMed EMR is available in two different packages: the Basic Package ($1,995) and the Premium Package ($4,490). The Basic package includes all the basic features required for a small medical practice. The Premium package includes all the features of the Basic package as well as additional features like electronic prescriptions and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Urochart EMR also offers two pricing plans: Standard and Pro. The Standard plan comes with a free trial period of 30 days and costs $149/month after that. A Pro Plan can be purchased for $249/month with no long-term commitment.

If you want to get started immediately, try our free demo version of Urochart EMR. This version is limited to three patients, but you can still use it to get familiar with all the features Urochart EMR offers.

Urochart EMR vs AbelMed EMR: The Verdict

Urochart EMR and AbelMed EMR are both excellent choices for your practice. However, there are some key differences between them that you should consider before making your final decision.

Urochart EMR has more robust features than AbleMed EMR. It allows you to document notes with attachments, create templates and collaborate with other users. Urochart also has an eClaims module to help you submit claims to insurance companies.

AbelMed EMR is cheaper than Urochart EMR which means you might be able to afford it if your practice is small or growing slowly. It also offers more customization options than Urochart EMR so you can tailor it to your practice’s needs exactly how you want it.

Urochart EMR vs AbelMed EMR: Which is Better?

Both software packages will help take the stress out of billing and coding so that you can focus on providing quality care to your patients instead of worrying about coding requirements or insurance reimbursements!