A Detailed Guide to Construct Perfect Action Figure Boxes

An action figure is a play object that is fictional and famous among kids. Most people have an assumption that action figure is made only for kids buy any character that makes for fun and enjoyment bring this category. For example, Star Wars, Marvel, anime action figurines, and dolls are also world-famous action figure boxes. Such action figures need customized and attractive packaging to stand out in the pool of competitors. Using pre-made packaging boxes is not a perfect option for your business. So, pick quality action figure boxes to present your play objects in front of customers. 

Why Action Figure Boxes Matters?

All and one product need to be clean and hygienic for their users. Action figures are formulated using versatile things like metal, fabrics, magnets, and PS (polystyrene). All things need proper care and attention for a pleasant look and captivating the targeted people. Here are some benefits of action figure packaging that you must know.

  • Protect from damaging 
  • Prevent from dust 
  • Protect your action figure from shaking
  • Attract customers 
  • Branding and Advertisement 

Moreover, you can pick custom action figure boxes that are designed as per your choice and product requirements. So, here is a detailed guide for you that you pick to make your quality action figure packaging boxes. 

Pick Strong and Sturdier Cardstock for Action Figure Boxes 

An action figure is a fragile item and needs to be wrapped in secure packaging boxes that securely hold your products. Moreover, the used cardboard, Kraft, and rigid are perfect for your play items. Cardboard-made boxes give a pleasant and smooth appearance to the toys for your customers. Well, you can use cardboard material to construct action figure boxes in any required size. 

On the other hand, you can go for Kraft action figure boxes that are biodegradable and decomposable for you. But the most perfect and durable packaging material is corrugated boxes. This cardstock is perfect for securing your product from damage. Here are some flutes that are used in corrugated cardstock and used according to the range of the products. 

  • A flute ¼” (Triple wall)
  • B flute 1/8″ (Double wall) 
  • C flute 11/64″ (Double wall) 
  • E flute 1/16″ (Single wall) 
  • F flute 1/32″ (Single face) 

Choose Protective Style for Your Action Figure Boxes 

Along with the material, the style selection is a tricky process because you need to be unique and best to provide user-friendly experiences to your end-users. However, you have multiple options that you can use for your action figure boxes. So, here are some options that have both qualities of durability as well as ease to unbox. Also, these stylish boxes impart a beautiful look that grabs the attention of your users. Apart from this, some styles superbly work for displaying your products in front of your target audiences. 

  • Window box- These boxes are best to provide transparency of your product in front of your audience. You can use multiple single-sided windows and double-sided windows as per your choice. Also, you choose multiple shapes for die-cut window boxes. 
  • Blister card packaging- This packaging style is best for action figure display cases because it is on a cardboard back with PVC blister pockets that craft according to the action figure. Plus, it has a punch hole on the top of the action figure box to hang on the retailer shop. 
  • Bookend box- This box style combines two styles; book style lid and the other is tuck-end style. Also, this box has a PVC plastic sheet that emerges when you open the book, and tuck-end style is used from the top side of the box. Sometimes, brands use a hanger on the top of the box that looks like a five-panel hanger. 
  • Mailer box- This box has a double wall system and two interlocking flaps that become create a strong mailer box for your action figure.
  • Handle box- Such boxes are best for heavy-weight toys and action figures because the insertion of handles on the top of the box side looks fetching and is best to hold heavy-weight toys. 

If you want to know more action figure boxes and designing aspects like text, font style, logo, and template, you must read this blog. 

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Catchy Design Pattern for Action Figure Boxes 

The design of action figure boxes is one of the best ways to draw the attention of beholders towards your product. The outer side of your action figure cartons must be attractive because it is the first of you with your customers. So, you can use abstract design, fictional character printing, and bold design patterns on the box. Using overwhelming characters makes your action figure display cases enchanting and stunning to make your products distinctive. 

Need To Be Cautious For Choosing Colours for Action Figure Packaging 

Color plays a major role in compelling your target audiences towards your brand. On this subject, the color of your action figure and their boxes must be compelling. No matter you choose a color for a 6-inch action figure display case or any other case. Moreover, you can choose the perfect shade that you want in your packaging boxes with CMYK, RBG, and PMS color models. Mostly for girls, action figure boxes pinks and purple family shades are best, and for boys, action figure blues, red and black are also the best combination. This color selection also differs from one action figure to another as per their demand. 

Choose Mature Printing Devices For Printed Action Figure Case

Must ensure that your printing devices must be mature to print your bulk quantity action figure boxes. On the other hand, if your packaging supplier uses low-grade printing machines that are immature, then you never get quality packaging boxes for your play figurines. Whether you choose a single action figure display case or a multiple action figure packaging box, both must be printed with mature printing machines to provide better results. 

Decide the Printing Information That You Print On Box 

Now it’s time to decide what printing information you need to print on your action figure box. The printing information provides awareness to your friends and makes your memories for your audiences. Here is the list of chunks that your action figure box must-have. 

  • Brand name 
  • Logo 
  • Product name 
  • Barcode 
  • Instruction 
  • Assembling process 

Add-on to Make Spellbinding Action Figure Boxes 

Add-on provides extra beauty and attention to your action figure boxes. However, you have the option to either choose multiple add-ons for your toys box or be minimal for your product. You can give shimmy, glossy, and many velvety touches according to your desire and budget. If you search the plate form that provides the best action figure boxes, you must visit the City Of Packaging for more info. Here is some add-on that you can use for your action figure cases. 

  • Gold Foiling 
  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 
  • Lamination 
  • Cutouts 

Extra Security Material That Increase the Security of your Figurine 

The insertion of extra security material makes your action figure boxes durable and stronger to pack toys and facilitate your end-users. On this subject, you can add inserts, cardboard tray, cushion, Eva foam, and fillings to fix your action figure in one place. Apart from this, products manufacturer use bubble cushion wrap to cover up your figurine’s secondary box for secure shipment. 

Pick Printing Option That Fit In Your Budget 

Packaging suppliers offer multiple options for printing your action figure boxes. So, you can choose any printing information that easily fits your budget. On this subject, you can choose digital printing, offset printing, inkjet printing, screen printing, and flexographic. All types are best and used to print your boxes amazingly according to your affordability. 

Check Action Figure Template and Mockup before Bulk Printing 

One more important thing is to check your action figure template and mock-up before you order bulk printing. It helps you to remove all errors and mistakes on time. So, make your box flawless and perfect with time to time correction. In this process, you can examine the action figure boxes designs if you want to improve them. 

Wrapping up Things 

The gist of the discussion mentioned above is to explain a complete guide to make perfect action figure boxes for your customers. On this subject, you need to pick quality cardstock, esthetic designs, add-on, printing text, and many other options that make your brand worthy. Moreover, you can choose all printing options that are fit your budget and cost-effective for you. Now it is all up to you how do you create perfect action figure packaging with more engaging.  



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