A Complete History Of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are utilized all over the world for various reasons. Cardboard is no doubt a durable and reliable material. These boxes are made in diverse forms, colors, dimensions, and designs. Many packaging companies offer custom cardboard and plain boxes at a reasonable price. 

Product manufacturers use these boxes to ship and showcase their products well. On the other hand, individuals use these boxes to move items from one place to another. Some individuals also convert these plain boxes into gift boxes with the help of beautifying items.

A Complete History Of Cardboard Boxes

The cardboard boxes are utilized in most countries for various purposes, making us feel as if these boxes were around forever! However, it is not true at all! Many individuals use these packages frequently but are not familiar with their history. Because of this reason, we are going to provide a complete history of cardboard boxes.

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Cardboard is a heavy type of paper known for its toughness and durability. In the 15th century, it was created in China. After that, the people of China started using it for various reasons and then spread it across the globe. One of the main benefits of cardboard is that You can turn it into a box. 

Invention Of First Cardboard Boxes

The first cardboard box was designed and created in England in 1817. It was a simple box but not a corrugated paperboard. In the middle 1800s, Kellogg Cereals started using these boxes to showcase and wrap their cereals. In the year of 1856, corrugated cardboard was patented.

Cardboard boxes are produced in the industries and are utilized for bundling items and materials. They are created from the ply of paper, which is sandwiched with the help of a fluted sheet. Glue and other adhesives provide these packages with unique properties like durability, toughness, and insulation.

In the 1870s, the cardboard box was pre-trimmed by accident by an American known as Robert Gair. He was employed as a paper bag maker and printer maker. When Gair was printing some bags, you used a metal ruler to make the crease trim the bags. 

After that, Gair thought he could easily manufacture the boxes by just trimming and creasing the cardboard in one process. In 1874, You created the first machine to create a number of corrugated boards. At the beginning of the 1900s, corrugated cardboard boxes started replacing the wooden boxes used for shipping.

Driving the E-commerce Uprising

Cardboard boxes have shaped how we save and protect our items during delivery. They are of great use to the product manufacturers. With the increase of online stores, cardboard shipping boxes have become a crucial part of the online shopping experience. 

In 2016, online sales in the USA were around 340 billion dollars, which is still growing. From small companies to the big online stores like Amazon depend largely on these boxes to deliver their products in the best way to their customers.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes

The perfect cardboard shipping box is quite durable and reasonable in price. Firstly, it has to protect the item during delivery and managing procedure. Kraft paper is used as the base material, and the corrugated construction adds more sturdiness.

 The modern cardboard shipping boxes are the perfect vessel for the sales of online stores. We will now give you some cardboard box options that will fulfill your shipping needs. Have a look:

Cardboard Standard (Regular Slotted Container) Corrugated Boxes

These are the most common types of cardboard boxes used for shipping. They have flaps in the center that are used for easy sealing. These packages have corrugated sidewalls, due to which they are extra stronger. Some packages have double-corrugated walls so that they can easily protect heavyweight items.

Mailing Tubes

The mailing tubes are the perfect solution for heavy artwork shipment. The spiral chipboard creates the tube structure and provides complete protection for the prints and posters.

Die-Cut Boxes

It is quite easy to get the box according to the size of the product. These are cardboard shipping boxes that are customized according to the product. 

Colored Mailing Boxes

If you want to add shade to the cardboard shipping boxes, then colored mailing boxes are a good option. These packages will make the shipment memorable as well as exceptional.

A Cardboard Box For Every Requirement

The cardboard boxes are a crucial part of the postal system. If you are searching for some cardboard packaging solutions, don’t worry! We have explained below the cardboard boxes for your every requirement. Have a look:

Cardboard Food BoxFor bakery owners and restaurants, cardboard food boxes are ideal for use. The cakes, cupcakes, and Macarons can stay fresh, tasty and in shape in these boxes.

  • Baking Box

These custom boxes are perfect for baked items like pies and pastries. They keep the food fresh and safe from environmental factors for a long time.

  • Moving Box

For the packaging of personal items, these boxes are easy to utilize. You can quickly wrap up your clothes, books and goods. They come in various sizes so you can easily choose the one you require.

  • Wine Box

Wine bottles are delicate items that You must wrap up in strong wine boxes. These packages contain window panes through which the bottle is easily visible. They come in a range of customizations. So, the wine providers can choose the one that suits their needs.

  • Tuck Top Gift Box

The tuck-top gift boxes contain a seal. Because of this reason, they are ideal for bundling mugs, cups, hats, vases and other exceptionally-shaped products in the shipment.



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