Jeans are still the favorite streetwear of modern women. Want to learn more about different denim styles and trends to spice up your outfit? We have listed some types of jeans that you should know. If you are a retailer looking for women’s jeans, be sure to contact Orlando’s best bulk wholesale clothing retailers for an admirable women’s collection.

1) Classic low rise jeans;

Very popular in the 60s and 70s, low-waisted jeans are still a popular bottom in women’s fashion. You can wear jeans at the waist, casual shirts, t-shirts or crop tops to create a very trendy look.

2) Modern high-waisted jeans;

Are you comfortable wearing your blue or black jeans around your waist instead of your hips? Then it’s a great choice with high-waisted jeans, long-sleeved shirts or cropped tops that define the waist and sit neatly there. You can also tuck your shirt into these jeans and try different styling tricks to give your streetwear a more stylish look.

3) Very trendy distressed jeans;

Do you want to wear trendy jeans in women’s fashion? It should be noted that rough jeans are a trendy leg that can be combined with simple shirts, casual blouses and casual tops to add color to your streetwear.

4) Stylish boot jeans;

This type of flared jeans is very elegant for narrow and tall women from the top of the leg to the knee. If you are slim and tall, you will see how these jeans perfectly hug your legs for a sexy look. Do you have an official opportunity to participate? Then, pair your bootleg jeans with a fitted top and jacket for a great formal look.

5) Boho-chic flared jeans;

Wide at the knee and bell shaped to the ends, these jeans are perfect to wear with cute tops for a super chic streetwear outfit. Pair them with striped flannel shirts, crop tops or hoodies for an on-trend look, or pair them with a smart shirt to look trendy on a formal occasion.

6) Super stylish skinny jeans;

Made from a stretch fabric, these skinny jeans are incredibly popular pants for the modern woman. You can amp up your street style by pairing light blue, navy, black or any other colored skinny jeans with your favorite T-shirt, crop top or blouse.

7) Nice men’s jeans

Loose, baggy boyfriend jeans are a comfortable leg that pairs well with your white top for a stylish look. Otherwise, you can wear it with black, gray, red, pink, orange, green, yellow or any glamorous t-shirt to add a stylish look to your everyday outfit.

8) Fashion forward cut jeans;

Short jeans that can end at the knees, ankles or 3/4 of their legs are in fashion among women. These jeans are not the right choice for formal wear. These jeans are a trendy choice for casual, casual street wear.

9) Cut jeans;

Front or side slit cut, slit jeans are a sexy bottom to show off your toned legs. Pair ripped jeans with a stylish blouse for a lush and super chic look!

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