8 Tips to Hire the best Limousine service Orlando for the Wedding

Transportation is an essential element of any wedding plan. What number of cars will you require? What kind of vehicle should you consider renting? What is the length of time you will need for them? Is Orlando limo service the best option to do for us?

It is crucial to plan your transportation before the event so that everyone is at the right spot at the appropriate moment. An Orlando limousine rental is an effective option to ensure the happy couple has a beautiful time on the day of their lives.

Before booking a stretch limousine for the day, look at the guidelines below. You’ll discover how to maximize your money so that you can arrive with fashion.

1. Create a Timeline for Your Wedding Day

Make a schedule in advance of your big day. Plan the time, place, and length of time you’ll spend in each venue. Every factor affects your travel strategy.

Do you require transport to a salon to get makeup and hair? Where do you plan to take wedding photos?

How far is the wedding location? Are the receptions at the same or another venue?

Ask your vendor if you require assistance estimating the time needed for makeup or photographs. 

Reserve your Orlando limousine up to six months before the wedding. Book your transportation earlier if the wedding falls within the prom season or a celebration.

Rental demand is high during certain seasons. If you don’t book your rental in time, you could miss out on the vehicle you’re looking for.

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2. Take a Look at Your Budget

The majority of limousine companies cost by the hour. Plan for a 3 to 4-hour minimum rental time.

A rental of 3 hours transports the groom and bride to the wedding in different vehicles. The couple then travels in a group to the party.

If you rent the wedding limousine Orlando, you cost for the time you’re not in the limousine.

To ensure your limousine is on the road, it’s unavailable for rental during your wedding reception and ceremony. 

The amount you pay is to be on standby.

If you would like limousine service following the reception, you will be charged for the time the driver is waiting for you.

Find out about discounts. Certain transportation companies and hotels cooperate. You can receive a discount on limousines when you reserve a number of hotel rooms.

Limousine companies may offer complimentary honeymoon transfers to the airport on the day following the wedding and can also stream your wedding live.

Another method to cut down on transportation costs is hiring one vehicle. The wedding party can transport guests between venues by van or bus instead of several vehicles.

Pick a central pick-up and drop-off point to save time and money.

3. Review, Referrals, and Research

Ask for recommendations from family members and friends who have used an Orlando limousine service. Always check online reviews.

Check the safety records of the company as well.

Here are some great questions you can inquire about any limousine service:

How old is the vehicle?

Is a gratuity part of the cost of renting?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Wedding Limo?

Can you explain the policy for cancellations?

Do you provide package deals?

Are any additional items (champagne, other decorations, snacks, sunroof) included?

Compare quotes and alternatives from several companies before making a decision. Make sure to visit the limousine in person. If it’s a Summer wedding, check the air conditioner’s temperature.

4. Take the Time to Read the Fine Print before Signing a Contract

Read the whole contract before signing. The contract should include every aspect of the agreement:

Timely, Overtime, and Hourly rates

Deadline for Deposits

Cancellation Policy

Vehicle(s) Color and Type

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations, as well as Timelines

Gratuity Policy

Verification of Insurance and License

Contact the limousine service to clarify what is and isn’t included. Check the small print, and make sure to ask any questions.

Be aware that certain companies discount rates and put costs on every item.

A good service may seem to be more expensive. However, you’ll save by incorporating the most expensive charges and services.

5. Keep the Groomsmen and Bridal Party on Time

A limousine ride is an excellent bonding opportunity for the groomsmen and bridal party. Also, it ensures everyone arrives on time.

Don’t worry about the attendants not arriving on time by renting a car that can accommodate everyone.

Stretch limousines are lavish for wedding party transportation. Be sure to can have your guests when you require them.

6. Get Creative

The bride doesn’t want to pull on the road to the wedding in their everyday vehicle. This is a day of celebration that requires the elegance of limousines. Your entire event will appear and feel stunning, arriving with style.

After the wedding ceremony, newlyweds can unwind and enjoy toasts. Many newlyweds take the limousine for their photo shoot.

If a limousine isn’t your thing, spend on something extra. A stunning automobile, an SUV for the bride and groom, or an all-inclusive party bus for the entire group.

You can surprise your groom by hiring his preferred car to transport him to the wedding. Another option is hiring limousines to take anyone who drinks too much during the reception.

7. Think about a shuttle for guests

Is your wedding in an isolated location or far from hotels? Are you having your wedding in a city that is crowded? Are the reception and wedding locations dissimilar?

It’s wise to think about the transportation of guests and the wedding reception.

If the wedding is difficult for guests, hire a shuttle service. It’s fun to travel together and also helps keep everyone protected.

8. Snacks and Beverages

Ask every prospective limousine rental service about the food and drinks they serve. Find out what’s permitted upfront.

Certain companies offer drinks at an additional cost. Others suggest dropping the drinks off before the scheduled time. They chill the drinks and then stock the limousine.

Do not assume that the business will provide food or beverages; otherwise, you may be left with nothing on the big day.

Most of the time, the couple is too busy at reception to have a meal. Make sure to load the limousine with food or a full meal to allow them to take a break between venues. They’ll be at the reception, ready to meet and take photographs.