7 Things That You Should Know About Custom Popcorn Boxes before Designing

7 Things That You Should Know About Custom Popcorn Boxes before Designing

When the hot popcorn popup in the kiosk, the delicious popcorn spreads anywhere. But with the pleasant and appetizing aroma of popcorns, the packaging also contributes to captivating the customers from long distances. Due to this, brands either sell uncooked popcorns kernels and cook warm popcorn kernels; they use custom popcorn boxes. Furthermore, making a packaging box for their popcorn kiosk is not an easy task. Owners need to pay attention to multiple factors likewise, budget and quality standards. But many other factorsneed your attention that you must consider before packaging. Let see what points you need to consider before design your popcorn packaging boxes.

Consider QualityParameters of Cardstock for Custom Popcorns Boxes

The parameters of cardstock for popcorn boxes matter a lot. Sometimes, your customers hold the popcorn kernels in their hand when the box is tearing due to the heat moist of warm popcorn. At that moment, you need to pack your popcorn kernels in durable cardstock of boxes. Therefore, you need to pickcustom popcorn boxes that are available in various materials.So, the selection of Kraft and cardboard is better than low-quality premade boxes. Next to this, when we buy boxes for edibles and food items,they must pass from FSC certification. Moreover, it must be eco-friendly and safe for cook items.

Choose Memorable Logo for Branded Popcorns Boxes

The logo is a tool of communication and helps people to understand your values. For this purpose, custom printed popcorn boxesare the best choice to place your text information on the boxes that make your brand recognizable in the clusters of competitors. So, you can make your products branded by printing the logo, and it’s available in various forms so you can choose as per your interest. Here is the list of logos that are commonly used by brands

· Text-based logo

· Monogram

· Abstract

· Illustrative

· The Emblem

· The Combination Mark logo

Apart from this, if you go for the text-based logo, you just need to use a unique font style that shows the uniqueness of your brand. Plus, the font style must be attractive, readable, and unique.

Pick Custom Sizes of Popcorn Boxes and Buckets

Only customization offers you the option to choose the sizes of popcorn boxes according to your demand. On the other hand, the use of premade popcorn packaging boxesdoesn’t allow you to choose the sizes per your demand with desired customized options. So, know your target audiences before designing your popcorns box sizes and then choose the custom sizes to serve them. And, this rule is the same if you can go for boxes, buckets, and cups.

Color Selection Must be Unique and Engrossing

The trend of traditional red and white strips boxes is not enough to catch your audience. You need to cross your thinking borders to pick the appropriate choice to make your popcorn boxes colorful. So, if you want to choose the unique color combination that looks awesome, you need to get the help of experts that provide the perfect shade of customized popcorn boxes with CMYK and PMS color models. Here is the list of some color patterns that help you to choose the right shade for your packaging.

· Muted shades

· Bold shades with foil

· Nudes brown shade for box

· Citrus hues shade

· Lime hues shades

· Cool shades

User-Friendly Box style for Your Delicious Popcorns

To make your popcorn boxes esthetic, it doesn’t mean that you choose stylish boxes that are not easy to open. Instead, you to consider the customer’s experiences as your priority. So, always choose a custom popcorn packagingstyle that is secure and easy to consume for customers. For this purpose, you can choose 1-2-3 auto bottom, seal end with an open-top, and scallop popcorn boxes are best. Plus, pillow shape boxes are also an adorable choice for caramel and sweet popcorns.

Insertion of Handles in the Popcorn Packaging

Many kids are not able to catch the popcorn box in their hands with other things. Therefore, you can add the handles on the top side of popcorn packaging’s so it stay convenient for kids to easily carry with other items. However, the use of handles with popcorn box increase the value of your products as well as it is best for popcorn favor boxes for events. You can also order these wholesale popcorn boxesat affordable prices for your valuable customers.

Add 3D Effects to Boost the Quality of Popcorn Boxes

3D means to give a real look to your product packagingdesign that givesa three-dimensional view. So, as a popcorns seller, you give a real look to your printed popcorn boxesto increase the value of your brand. Plus, such sort of boxes surpasses options for your brand to make the place in the heart of tier customers. Only you need to contact an expert designer who guides you about features and imperative chunks of designing and can create wow popcorn boxes to serve your clients regardless of any age difference.

Wrapping Up Discussion

The above discussion revolves around the essential chunks that you must consider before design your custom popcorn boxes. In this regard, you need to pick quality cardstock, customize sizes, color combinations, user-friendly boxes, insertion of handles in the box, and apply 3D effects on the popcorn boxes as per your choice. Now you can pick the style and design that you want to give to the popcorns cases as per your interest.

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