7 Famous Temples of Lord Ganesha in India

Lord Ganesha, knowledge, prosperity, security, happiness, education, good fortune, and the destructive God of obstacles are Lord Shiva. He is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesha worshipped first and is above all Hindu gods. Devotees should visit several temples dedicated to the elephant god in India at least once a year.

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List of 7 Popular Ganesh Temples in India

#1 Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple, Pune

It boasts a rich legacy that lasts over 100 years. Around 8 kilograms of gold are adorning the idol, which stands 7.5 feet high and is 4 feet wide. A sweet-fragrant trader and rich businessman, Dagdusheth Gadewite lost his son in the plague epidemic at the end of the 1800s. Dagdusheth and the wife were both left in despair. Shri Madhavnath Maharaj, their guru, suggested building a Ganesha Temple to get rid of the depression. In 1893, the construction was completed. Lokmanya Tilak, a social reformer and leader of Indian Nationalists, was a close friend of Dagdusheth. Lokmanya Tilak got the idea of enjoying the Ganesh festival here.


#2 Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

The temple was built in 1801 and is one of the most valuable in Mumbai. It is also known by the name ‘Navasacha Ganpati, which means ‘Ganesha that bestows when sincerely worshipped for a wish.’ Laxman Vithu Patil built the temple funded by Dubai Patil (a childless woman who wished for God to grant children to barren women). Bollywood stars and politicians often visit the temple. In 2016 When Apple CEO Tim Cook began his India trip from this temple. Online portals have been created by the trust committee so that devotees can make darshan online, book pujas, and donate to charity.


#3 Ganpatipule Temple in Ratnagiri

Above the 400-year-old Ganpati statue stands the West. This is different from other idols that face eastwards to protect the Western gates. The temple’s idol is self-evolved, it is believed. The temple is designed so that the sun directly hits the idol from February through November. As a way of paying respect, devotees make a ‘pradakshina” around the hill.


#5 Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple, Jaipur

The temple was built on the top of the Moti Dungri hill in 1761. It is surrounded by a fort bearing the same name. According to the inscription, the statue is 500 years old. The temple’s structure is constructed in Nagara style, and it is modeled after a Scottish castle. The temple complex also contains a Shiva lingam, which is only open once a year during Mahashivratri.


#6 Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple in Chittoor

The Chola King Kulothunga Chola II built the temple in the 11th Century. It is well-known for its historical structure and intricate designs. It has three colours on its forehead: yellow, red and white. The holy water from the temples is said to help with sin and problems. Brahmotsavam, the annual festival of this temple, is honored during Ganesh Chaturthi.




#4 Rockfort Ucchi Pillayar Koil Temple

Temple is located at the 83-meter long rock fortress of Tiruchirappalli. Legend is that Varishana (the younger brother of Asur King Ravana) helps Lord Rama Sita from Ravana straps. Ram presents him with an idol to worship Lord Ranganath as a token of his love. The land will always be a sculpture. An Asur was not allowed to bring an idol to his state. Lord Vinayaka was asked to assist them. Vibhishana, while on his way, came upon river Kaveri. He decided to take a swim. Lord Vinayaka disguised himself as a cowherd boy and offered to help him. Vinayaka holds the idol in place on the sand as Vibhishana jumps in the water. Vibhishana becomes furious and chases down the boy who climbs the rock next to the river. Vibhishana grabs the boy and hits him on the forehead. One can still see the mark today. He later apologizes for his actions when he discovers that Vinayaka is the boy. The Lord forgave him and revealed that the idol was destined to remain there. The Indian Archaeological Department now manages the temple.


#7 Kalamassery Mahaganapathy Temple

It is located in North Kalamassery in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, including Subramanian and Navagrahas and Shiva, Parvati, Rama, Shiva, and Parvati. It was built in 1980. It has a simple construction. It covers a space of about 5,000 square feet. Ashta Dravya Maha Ganapathy Havana has been organizing Aanayootu and Ashta Dravya Maha Ganapathi Havana since Karkidakam, the Malayalam month. Once in a fours year, Gajapuja is also held here.





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